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Karl & Hensoy in: Painful Projectiles

(what happens in which should be painfully obvious from the title)

Idea by hyperknuckles77_tail

by stillhensoy

Oh Em Gee, I'm M.S.P: Shirt

In fact, I'm just too lazy to draw a waistcoat v.v

by shamaela
Battle for the Keys! - Part 4

Let's find out who's better!

by zemutt
The Goofers - Jump and Crash

The vile consequences of jumping on the sofa...

by lintsuf
Neorage - Codestones

Everyone has some neorage once in a while!

by clobert
sanity ltd

Just how deep in thought is she?

by thunderlight314
Misfortune of the Gluttonous Pea Chia

You shouldn't eat so fast!

by aruanahansel


by ssjelitegirl
Restocking Mishap

The real reason most people get shop banned.

by roxanna203
We Warned You Not To Feed Them Carrot

Can you believe it?

by snakesrok3
Funny Closet?

I'm thinking something about Royal Girl Ixi Hat ...

by chak_chak
Alien Aisha Ears - Borovan

Borovan is good for you, it puts hairs on your chest!

by seahorsepond
Neopian Science #1

Density Demonstration

by sang122
Bread and Butter

Featuring Pie from Peppered Reality

by _epiphany_


by spirit_of_stallion
Hidden Wonder: More Time

Games are so hard...

by seraphicbrie
Tayard's Troubles

You hear a high pitched scream...

by _tiger_nose
So Says the Slorg!

Of Jelly W- argghhh! and its location.

by supercheezee
Sassi Comics: The End

Look on the bright side.

by seiya_from_ashes
Some Pets' Owners

She's just embarassing herself.

by minicoopermissy
A Really *REALLY* Random Event


by leaflunch
The Lulz

At the Pound

by leeeeemon39
Cheesy Thrill Seeking

Cheese rolls too slow on the gentle slopes of Meridell.

by frost_faerie
Insert Title Here

Sorry, Hazard, you don't get a childhood unless you're painted baby.

by halloween_luck
The Ginger Sidekick Club

As if being a ginger wasn't hard enough.

by usulblue444
Doglefox Duets: Weather Woes

Pun intended.

by oo_luckey_duckey_oo
Half Cheese Jelly- The Pound

We're going to the Pound!

by galapagospenguin
Fashion Trouble

Happy Brightvale Day! My little Poogle is not a fan of dresses.

by sara1elo
Random Oddness

Have some fun!

by mistyqee
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Why Map Pieces Aren't Numbered

A passing zombie groans and hands you a piece of a treasure map. You take it gratefully (how rude would you be otherwise?) and pause for a moment. Questions race through your mind. Is this sanitary? What's a zombie doing out in Neopia Central, anyway? Are they even supposed to be out in sunlight? Oh, right. That's vampires. As you turn the map over in your hands, noting its ripped edges and wondering how it all fits together, a greater question suddenly...

Other Stories


A Water Plant That Flames Up?
"I have been thinking about making our family bigger," I said as I hugged her. Foxitta stared with wide eyes at me.

by sara_midnight_24


Pabu the Snow-wrangler
The sounds of their footsteps seemed deathly loud as they went farther back in the icy, barren cave. Time seemed to slow down...

by the_kitten_master


Waiting for Usukicon - 10 Essentials to Take
My name is Dreamalia and if there is one thing you should know about my owner it's that she's Usuki crazy, or maybe just crazy; it can be hard to tell.

by daughters_ofthe_moon


The Exhibitor's Usukicon
I have the honor of being the exhibitor liaison for this year's Usukicon, and, as I'm sure you know, the success of this event depends almost entirely on you, our collectors.

by phadalusfish


Dissonance: Part One
"No, I'm afraid that your time is up; your taxes are due," I interrupted, strolling past him into his house uninvited. It was a rundown sort of place...

by lithoxide


Petpet Adventures: Mistress Maxie's Marvellous Circus - Part Ten
"Give it up, brother," a booming voice called.

Eva looked up and realised that she simply could not tell which twin was which.

by rachelindea

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