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Life of Kai #6

Jealous much...?

by katopia12
Why Grarrls Are Bald


by larkspurlane
Why Can't I...

I can't, because...

by sue_sa
Ear Plugged

Taping over the beak also helps!

Script by patjade

by bannai

Thornberry Madness

Are we ready to order?

Art by serebii251

by instructing

Silly Old Bird II

Lilshowron is celebrating 66,666 hours old! :o)

by jadentearz
Infinite Laughs (Volume 2)

When baking meets creativity...

by _x_bjork_x_

Just... no.

Idea by x__polar__x

by minuko

Neohome Decoration

It looks much better now!

by emaciate
Petpet Days

Petpets... *sigh*

by marionickno95
Blah Blah

Mean old Snowy...

by highwind20
The Art Centre

So the Art Centre Studio decided to hire a new Grarrl Artist.

by exspesho
The Horrors of Neoquest, part one

Mmmmm, lunch break!

by kalvaja
Doglefox Duets

Two doglefoxes just can't stay out of trouble.

by oo_luckey_duckey_oo
Extreme Herder Tips

What about.. Petpet Neoschool?

by silver_taurus
Yamisai 2


by yoru_yamisai
The Story of a Wig -- Part 1

So THAT'S why you don't brush that wig...

by mythical_book
Hot Banana Soup: One Person's Trash


Collaboration with kosui

by marymao

Or Something Like It... Flat Rock my World


Art by kittie_orion

by kreepyjess

Meaning to Events

Oops, my mistake! Too late... somebody seems to have taken that item while you were pondering.

by pookeynaut
Slorg Seek

Slorgs are a little easier to find... for one reason or another.

Concept by happyhaz

by taz_241590

Useless Scouts

These scouts are useless...

by mldywong

That's ONE way to cope...

by cables
Fuzzeh Logic

No Kyriis were ever harmed. xD

by jackjack1234

Ever hate it when someone asks you to tell them something, then they change their mind?

by risen_hope11
The "Cool" Life

One of the downsides of ice pets.

by hotsid123
Random Tails

The real Sabre-X!

by vicky1145269141347
Buddings the Knightess


by sappire_charizard
Going Out For Breakfast

What's for breakfast?

by maryfairy_2
Grumpy Old Kings

I always wondered where Skarl and Hagan get to during their breaks.

by yampuff
The Hero Society - #9

...In which Delilah makes toast (sort of).

by bearcatt
Aggro Azzle

Danger! Azzle inside, enter at your own risk!

Also by herrin_der_katzen

by azzletaker

Randomosity; Part 2

Random events are not for babies!

by tyler_vanvleet2

Uh-oh... O.o

by sandythejinglebell
Mutant Halloween over!


Idea by raichu__

by cevierakasky



by mhchristine
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"Nameless" by ayame_23
Of course it wasn't a costume! It was my Defender wardrobe! Yellow, red, and orange. Cape, mask, wrist bands! All of it! These were the symbols of who I was! But who was I really if even this kid didn't recognize me? An imposter. A Lupe in a costume. What did being the Lupe Defender mean if no one knew my name? "It's not a costume," I snapped bitterly, wrenching my cape angrily from his paws. "I'm the Lupe Defender." It was embarrassing...

Other Stories


Wait For Me
The Meridellians had taken him away. For a worthy cause, they said.

by talei11


Costume? COSTUME? That's what he thought this was?

by ayame_23


NeoQuest: Getting Started
Do you know how to wisely spend your skill points?

by eletrostatic


Advanced Stocking Techniques
Daytrading doesn't have to be risky.

by kevy27300


Defenders of Neopia: The Vacation - Part Two
The sun was shining brightly and she could not shake the feeling that there should have been children playing on the lawns, somebody shouting, somebody going to work...

by jokerhahaazzz


The Book: Part Nine
Edna breathed a sigh of relief. "At last!" she said happily. "It's about time we got some luck!"

by herdygerdy

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