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Shoyru Adventures: Chronicles of the Poor pt.2

Some games are pretty dangerous...

by lawrence_189
All in a Day's Work

The old MSPPs think the re-draws were a GREAT idea. =)

by _razcalz_

They may not be the brightest Curious Sticks of Lethal Wax in the box, but I love my grundos.

by easydamsel
Poor Mutant Buzz

A nice little Buzzer tries to cheer up a sad Mutant Buzz...

by silent_hawk_wings
I wanna be....

About Xweezell's wishlist

Also by black_kisa

by ximera

Xweetok Popstar Earrings

Poor Amy just can't get what she wants.

by elexa56575
Bad Influences

The truth behind Tiki Tack Tombola prizes...

by kzoolaur
Baby Tales: The Beginning (Part 1)

Yay! I'm going to be painted!!

by jamloljam
TRAODAF: Fruit Machine

An occupational hazard of working for a game of chance...

by gabeedragon
The Evaluation of Insanity #2

I'm glad we can't.

by the_foster_home235
von Roo


Also by dragon_girl7377_7

by kevinlin1216

Some Fountain Courtesy Please

It is time we spared a thought for the poor Fountain Faerie...

by astrogrilledveggie
Amikarashui #6

"Petpet Ponderings"

by bluecloud300

Ouch... That's going to hurt in the morning...

by amziie
Newfangled- Plushie Problems

Oh! Looks fun...

by dragon_loyalty
Freak-out - Sister Trouble

Get me outta this comic!

by ichigostars
Inkhorn: Outdated

Metal detected.

by akamuse
Cool Rule


by sarika_ambrielle
And thy Jelly Pwns

Never underestimate edible and non-existent beings who can expand their bodies.

by dark_wil
The One that Got Away!

Quick, throw it back!

Written by geneames1

by summerschilde

Kadoatie-Wannabe Woes

Whoever made up the name 'Kadoatie-wannabe'...

by fjant
Ashtar & Mok - Spoon

What's wrong?

by decalis
Uber Fuzzy... Socks!

Don't be silly! Those are socks, not stockings!

by deluxe_cheeseburger
And the Rest...

Okay, that's enough gratitude. o.o

by zutaragirl
Dealing With Lunch

...warning, petpets may disappear.

by neofeather

Well, they HAVE to go too, don't they?

by pichupet101
Training Special


by greenladysoap
Me'o- neo: 15 Ways to Have Fun Part 3

There are so many evil but fun things to do in Neopia Central and here they are.

by montoran
Light House Life

Fun and profit

by louishooper
That's Weird...

How NOT to Haggle

by __cuti3patooti3__
The Gallion Ranch - spinoff

What are the odds?

Also by hakuryu_86

by zewq

Comic Relief (Episode 2.1 - The Snowman)

Join Puck, Zu, and Tod on their (mis)adventures around Neopia.

Also by autbum

by hoeiva

New Year!

This is going to be a good year.

by kittycat517947
Fuzzy Funnies


by miranwestrell
Welcome To My Life

3. Play :D

by jambammer
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Poll Analysis: NP

Although the amount of people with a given amount of neopoints shrank, the total number of neopoints in that group grew. The average neopoints per person was about 415,300 neopoints – a quantity that roughly two thirds had less than. On the other hand, the group with over two million neopoints (about 11% of the sample) had over half of the total neopoints. So roughly a tenth of the population has half of the neopoints. How did these people get so rich? Well...

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