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Santa Sloth


Art by optimystique

by rose_cel

Fire... oops, FYRE

Wishes for the Day of Giving

by _moonsfire_
Have You Been Good?

What happens if you've been bad all year?

Idea by mi_monstruo

by duckiedonuts1


Did you know?

Also by visorak_commander

by kevinlin1216

Magical Marbles: What's the Mystery?

"Snowbloom gets some hands on experience, while Xedria gets a laugh."

Concept by fireyicefly

by mellen48

Progressive Stupidity

Now with 100% more backgrounds! =D

by invader_chloemew
Four Times Z #1

I've GOT it!

by space_angel300
Infinite Laughs

It's not easy being a Slorg.

by _x_bjork_x_
Unadventurous Adventures: Not a little Baby

Flaming Meerca: Defeated!

Art by cherry_sakura

by water_park1993

Unknown Title: Happy Holidays ^^

No Snowagers were harmed in the making of this comic.

by pikemaster1
Feepit Frenzy #8: Season Special

Let's be friends!

by fariy287
Click Here

"Ugg ah-ugh nugga-aka ugg ugg!" - Ugga Uggington, Reader of the Times

by me_like_juice
Neon (#2)

Some people just don't realize how offensive some clothing can be, especially for cute Mallow Grundos.

by zzanniezz

Wanna dress up? Better think before...

by firefree_girl
Faerie Sword: #1

The beginning of an epic tale starts here... who knows what will happen?

by morgie04086
The Sad Life of Dr. Sloth


by maniacally
Paint Up Your Life! Part III

Final part! Enjoy!

by bloodwise
A Lonely Christmas?

Spread a little Christmas cheer!

by shaddykins
The Halloweenie

That's so last month.

by stevenator999
Shad's Present, part 2

Christmas morning has finally arrived on Mystery Island...

by ssjelitegirl
Those Hard-To-Give Gifts...

What do YOU want this Christmas?

Also by sazpunk

by invalid_character

The Coffee Shop

You can't just walk away from Santa!

by aqua_blue_dragonfly
What Do You Want For Christmas???


by ryukshu
Just Sit

Nothing like seeing annoying relatives during the holidays...

by katopia12
The Unforgetable Christmas

I can't WAIT until Christmas is over...

Art by neofeather

by pudao

Salt the Slorg: Holiday Bluez

Happy Holidays, everyone!

by summerchristmas838
The Valley of Spam

Slap some bows on 'em.

by chichikokoyamma
And the Meepits Outgrabe - Christmas Special

Her first Christmas

by kittylin
Two and a Half Gelerts - Holiday Special


by silverqueengalaxia
Neopups and Friends: 12 Pains of Christmas Part 2

No, you can't have a cookie.

by coshi_dragonite
Splattered! A Christmas Special

Have you noticed?

by topaz_snapdragon123
A Dangerously Insane Christmas

"Holiday Poetry"

by leah_51293
Shoyru Adventures Christmas

Remember to go to sleep on time during the holidays!

by lawrence_189
One Fish, Two Fish

Cool snowmen!

by fish_puddle
Kryonus: Christmas Edition

Say no.

by icesmith
Happy Holidays

Perfect fit!

by satulle
Christmas Crisis

I went shopping with n00bs for this!

by auqua_marine
A Spooky Christmas

*crunch* *crunch*

by ghostkomorichu
No Apparent Significance

Ooooo, Christmas Cookies!

by reikosay
Blah blah -Christmas-


by highwind20
Merry Christmas

Christmas morning...

by silent_hawk_wings
Cherry Trail Mix

Surprise! Oh that was nice, I think.

by lyttleladie
Christmas Sock

Long Socks to Long Petpets

by ladyxzeus
Random Babble

You really like my garland, right?

by scarletspindle
Triple Negative


by sillygirl_543
The Mind of Max ~ Christmas Special

Max's Philosophy

by 0omythical_dragono0
Happy Winter

Season's greetings sounds weird to call out.

by antoinettexblue
What Not To Buy

Gift buying 101, what NOT to get that special friend. :3

Idea by pineapple_apple

by xo_madison_ox

Qnde & Szoo: Christmas Special Episode

A story about this year's gifts...

by shubi5
Bits and Pieces - Happy Holidays

The Portrait

by random_ness_me
Motley Crew

After the morphing potion...

by stuckinspace

How to get Christmas gifts from the Snowager!

by emberthedragon_
My Favorite Time of the Year!

The season of... giving?

by christa_iz_cool
Who IS Santa....?


by akamuse
Evil Feepit #27

Not so evil this time... but it's Christmas! <3

by fmoura_98
The Madoatery

It's the thought that counts, right?

by fishsoups
The Different Gelert: Where's your Holiday Spirit?

All I get is a cup of Hot Fly Cocoa...

by uniqqued_
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Easy Holiday Feasts

The hard part is figuring out what to prepare for your holiday meal and how much you need to spend! If you’re confused with any budget, the Holiday Feasting Guide is here to help make your feast a success! We’ve organized your meals into four budgets, cheap, medium, expensive (25,000+ NP per meal), and super expensive. Each meal includes a main course, side dishes, and dessert with two options each for you to choose from! Read below on what budget fits you and your Neopet for perfect feasting...

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Hyperion: The Holiday
"These cards? They're backed up at the factory. We probably won't have them in stock again till after Giving Day, maybe even after New Year's..."

by micrody


Kristoff's Wish
The Cloud Lenny sighed. It was Christmas time again. Many Pets wished and longed and dreamed of being rich for the holiday season, of how happy all the money could make them...

by taipeiss


The Top 5 Ways to Prepare for a Neopian Christmas
A short, simple but effective guide to anyone wanting to quickly transform their Neopets account into a festive look!

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Top Ten Winter Petpets to Give or Receive for Christmas
What better gift is there for any pet than a cute friend? And for Christmas, why not get in the spirit and make it a cute, if not occasionally chilly, winter petpet!

by twocents


Beginning of a Legend: Part Four
Garin's eyes shot open. He sat up, and found he was still in the alley where he and Bloodhook had fought. He groaned painfully and stood up...

by medit92


Echoes||Syrokai: Part Two
News was sent out to all corners of the small island and by noon of the day following the king's death the entire island was in an uproar...

by freakogamer91

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