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Halloween Special

by plaquenil
Sophie's Stew Meets Petpet Protection League


by christa_iz_cool
A Spooky Halloween, part 4

How were the quests?

by ghostkomorichu
Kadma(i)nia - The Series (Part #3)

At the Snowager's Lair

Also by tinkx

by kazukazue

The Trouble With Backgrounds...

Would you like that coffee with cream, sugar, or snow?

by minuko

What an eyeful.

by kevinlin1216
Neotwins - Halloween Episode

Hmmmm... I wonder who ate all the candy... o_0

by sloan8222
Halloween Crumpets

When it's dark and the last trick-or-treaters leave...

by ssjelitegirl
A Bori Story: Surprize?


by pikemaster1
Azzles and Bananas

Even Lupes can go trick or treating.

by aqua_blue_dragonfly

Thinking means nothing without common sense...

by chibikatza
A Visit To The Second Hand Shoppe

Virat seeks some fashionable clothes from the Second Hand Shoppe...

by pencil_cases
Evil Feepit #23

Spike is just outside, btw... =D

by fmoura_98
Sketchy Halloween - Part One

It'll go bad!

by _finnavair_
No Game Here - Hallowe'en Special

Measure seven times...

Also by hello5346

by kamikatze24

Comical Nonsense

But Mom!

by iloveartalot
A Meridell Halloween

Marcus likes to trick or treat in Meridell for one big reason!

by xandurh
Just Click to Read

What do you do when you're out of candy and there's people at the door? Wreck something!

by buzzbuzz_g27
Qnde & Szoo: Halloween Special

This week: a very bloody and scary comic...

by shubi5

If you keep Petpets in your Safety Deposit Box, it's your own fault.

by xx_wolf_xx_cub_xx
Where's Albert?

Having trouble getting the Mutant Graveyard avatar?

by cynnick
Darkest Corner : Have a Spooky Halloween!!!!


by dark_elfa
Diary of a Mad Neopian: Kiko Epiphanies

Oh, so that's why...

by strangeperky

Take it or Leave it!

by qibbo
TFFW- Pant Devil

*Shrill Scream*

by bakery_fresh_bread
Don't Eat That Candy!!

Darigan pets get a *little* carried away on Halloween...

by greyska
Knick Knack - The Pumpkins Revenge

Knick Knack meet Island WG

Script by pokemon_lunatic

by siri_magatsu

Ham-IAm 3: Morphing Potion pt. I

Part one

by pettamapossum
Ill Effects

How often does this happen? o.o

by sketchychik
<3 Ketchup :: Company

Maybe he should check the Neopedia instead...

by dustbunny586
Costume Mishaps

I wonder what's taking so long...

by sapphireflames
Twisted Tales

Th-three headed Gelerts?

by dalmatiansrule2
That Halloween Aura

Why do some pets glow?

by shaddykins
Halloween Special

Make sure, when you dress up in costumes, to be aware of scaredy cats in your Neo family.

by eternalxdestruction
Ghost Tales - Ghost Pets And Halloween

*hand goes through head*

by hannah_armin_kanrik
Neopups Halloween

Scare it this way...

by coshi_dragonite
Random Espionage: Halloween

Trick or Treat!

Also by kazenkori

by silvermare200

Trick or Treat

...Happy Halloween

by neofeather
The Mind of Max ~ Halloween Special!

Happy Halloween!

by 0omythical_dragono0
T4U: Trick or Treat

"Hey Anza, how'd you get so many treats...?"

by sheep_416
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Halloween Bashes

We're here to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly—the parties to hit and the parties to miss. If you're lucky enough to receive exclusive invitations to any of Neopia's biggest Halloween bashes, still waiting on your empty mailbox or are planning to sneak into any of them, this is the guide for you! Plus...

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The Dare and the Doll
As I crept through the back door of the dilapidated cottage, I was having second thoughts. No, scratch that, I must've been at third or fourth thoughts by then..

Also by extreme_fj0rd

by dan4884


The Halloween Draik Drama!
"It's not a costume..." he replied, sounding a little taken aback...

Also by chivo

by anjie


Fantastic Trick-or-Treating
In order to get the best treats, without having to endure any tricks, you must perfect your Halloween plans!

by giggilogalmewmew


Discoveries of Professor P. Shaw: The Meepit
So. The Meepit. The first great discovery, as the professor likes to call them, is the fact that Meepits are not a threat.

by mithril_mithrandir


The Petpet Detectives: Case of the Exported Eustabees - Part Three
Quick, ragged breaths made Damien's ears prickle with interest. Two large, yet empty boxes faced him...

by playmobil_is_my_life


What Am I?: Part Six
"KITRON!" The door of the treehouse had been torn right off its hinges, and the ground outside had been shredded...

by sarahleeadvent

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