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Meh. I'm So Bored.

No, really! I insist that you go first!

by springflowers270
It's Never Too Late to Quit

Can I see?

by captain_oxley
Exciting Fishing!

Warning: Fishing may be hazardous to your health!

by silver_taurus
Neopia Magnified: Sickness

It has its advantages in Tyrannia...

by coco_dog_92
Something Has Happened!


by techocrazy03
Define Idiocy

Say when.

by darkness1300
Akhmin's Antics #3 - Crazy Golfing!

There he is now.

Also by cougars8888

by akhmin

Oxymoronic Changes 2.0


by yellowflower7
Change Seats?

She asked too many questions...

by redish_green
Tiny But Tough

Can I go berry picking?

by crazy_kathy
Double-edged Blade


by ssjelitegirl

Sloth made a funny.

by oo_l3ubbles_oo
Respect the Elderly

Teaching manners through everyone's favourite game, NeoQuest!

by ahchoo2000
Yooyuball 2


by lacreamosa
Raining Kougras and Gelerts

Aw shucks.

Also by pow3rful_destroy3r

by x__broken_dreams

Bad Stress Levels

It's not like random is bad, but...

by _youani_sesshoumaru
Shoyrie and Jetsie: Cleaning Blues

Then they took it too literally...

by mark_yi2


by bluefrog656
Omg!! Shiny Object

Shiny convinces Wudgie to spin the Wheel of Misfortune...

by eatmoresushi

What REALLY happens on Jubble Bubble...

by spooky_cookie
Gothic Tails - Precious Petpets...

NEVER paint a petpet you have found in your room...!

by sacred_darknezz
Unknown Title: Warning

Whoa... 0_o

by pikemaster1
Evil Feepit #18

Who needs a Neohome...? >.> <.<

by fmoura_98
Slorgarific Adventures: New Neighbours

It's time for a change.

<>Idea and words by monkeybytes

by jellybeanott

The Uneventful Adventures of FRED & DEMITRI

Maybe he is a little over-enthusiastic... nahh.

by xtreamerider01
Blah Blah - Altador Cup Madness

Beating the Techo at his own game... goes too far.

by highwind20
Altador Cup - Choosing Teams is Difficult!

Yay team!

by cevierakasky
The Power of the Altador Cup

Oooh, shiny.

by snicklefritz400
Pick a Side

It's your choice, really...

by _vinegirl_
Lost Integrity

I guess it's a good thing that you can't switch teams this year...

by _demon_master
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"The Reckoning" by __beren__
All the Gangees (roughly six thousand) drew their small Gangee blades with a swish, their dull metal reflecting in the moonlight. On the other side of the field the Meepits did the same, many gulping slightly at the sheer numbers of the Gangees. But it did not matter. They were MEEPITS. No floppy eared wanna-be could possibly defeat THEM...

Other Stories


Colonel Cobb
"How dare you question me!" Colonel Cobb yelled. Around him the world seemed to shake...

by mjrinella


'We're locked in," someone wailed, and they all fell to pounding on the door, scratching and screaming, "LET US OUT!!!"

by kione_moondust


Stinky, or Just Skunky?
An issue that has gone unaddressed for way too long is Skunk pets and the way they are treated!

by neo_grl51


A Guide to Guide Making
In this guide you will learn how to successfully transfer your Neopian knowledge into a guide fit for a king.

by lemonlovingcutie


Curse of the Werelupe: Part Five
Minotaur slapped his paw to his forehead. Could they be any more stupid? They were in the Haunted Woods for Fyora's sake. You weren't supposed to go crashing around...

by rachelindea


Smurdnunoc: Part Three
"They're steel drums!" Lennert replied, annoyed that Hawkins didn't even know the name of an instrument he hadn't even known existed two hours ago. "They're drums and they're made of steel! Thus, the name!"

by buddy33774

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