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Snow Blumaroo: I'm alive?

by coshi_dragonite
Oh My Flying Faerie Cookies!

Never trust faerie ovens.

by wrongnamesorry
A Luminous Situation!

So... just how many Grarrls does it take? @_@;

by marshallmathers_111
Better Than a Draik Egg

Believe it.

by ooorianeoo
Neopet Parties You Should Have Skipped!

There are some parties in Neopia that you probably should have skipped.

by loubie_04
What so Ever

Please don't eat me!

by rubia_flame
Sophie's Nightmare

Sophie, great chemist, but physics?

by explorer_253
In the Shadows of Neopia

Something that vaguely resembles the start of a plot...? Yeah. Probably.

by morrigan_a_aensland
Snowball Madness

Training in the Battledome...

Idea and Script by neowizard1287

by keitaro8982


Don't you even think about it!

by sharkies
Almost Insane: Unraveling Curiosity

A Kougra's curiosity can be a very dangerous thing...

by vehement
Grundo: Sledding

Aw, you're just a sissy.

by aquarocket
You Know Your Pet Is Smarter Than You When...


by pyrodragoness
DOOMed Adventures

The reason why DOOM does not have a petpetpet.

by ladyash782
The Tale-Tell Tails: The "Hole" Thing

Digging up some pun. (Oh, that was just plain terrible!)

by nezreeze
Kadoatery Kaos #2 - The 1337-est of them all

Binary has been fed!

by twiddl3d33
Don't Ask!

It's just his hobby... not a plot quest.

by snowcat737373
Earn Your Stripes

Pay attention in science, children.

by yellowembers
The Mind of Max


by 0omythical_dragono0
Neowned - "That's Cheating!"

There's more than one way to get blessed by a faerie...!

by neowner3

There's no harm in having some to spare.

by ssjelitegirl
Mr Snowman

Small snowman... big mistake.

by petfriendgirl
Normal Abnormalitys #2: Blame It On Your Brother

At least it wasn't like the Kadoatie incident last year...

by comatose_slumber
Just Sit

A charmingly inappropriate Christmas gift...

by katopia12
Cloudy Issues

That is why Cloud Jubjubs should not be in Terror Mountain at the Month of Celebrating...

by correctoraline
Decoration Difficulties

Jouelle and Pearl attempt to put the star on the top of their tree...

by lotrgirl88888


by twilight_wind_

Come to reason this fine season.

by ravenatore
The Neopals

I'm giving you something as a token of our friendship.

by roxanne_vergara99
Christmas Chronicles #2

What do you want to get this Christmas?

by liane_ly

An amazing object!

by princton_fan
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"Spelling Bees and Bullies" by cutiefluteyelephant4
She sloshed through the snow unhappily, feeling embarrassed at the looks all her classmates had given her. She should have let Lucy won. She'd had her fame for the last eight weeks. Jen looked up from her self-scolding, and saw Lucy hurrying around the corner of the street, draped in a small, thin, torn cape, clutching a Tatty Notebook and a Tatty Pencil...

Other Stories


The First Time I Flew... Almost
Trugmorik batted Daisychain away with a paw when she tried to grab at his cape with her beak. He knew the White Weewoo had a point, but he needed to get up to that branch near the top of the tree...

by elfwick


Watching the Sunset
Even though it became a habit, the sky didn’t always assume the same color scheme every time. Sometimes it had more purple, sometimes more red, and the inconstant routine made the sunset, if possible, more beautiful...

by precious_katuch14


Neo's Law
However, there are also the unwritten rules; these are just as daunting as those set before us in easy-to-read vernacular. You know they're there but rarely ever give them much mind. And whenever your thoughts are directed to the topic, it's usually in exasperation...

by 4zure


Neopian New Year Resolutions
There are articles about what’s the best gift to give to Frank Sloth and how to make a Kiko snowman (a hint, you only need to roll one snowball). I’m looking a little bit further ahead, though, for soon after the holidays is the turning to a New Year and that means it’s time to sit down and think about your Neopian New Year Resolutions.

by summerschilde


Cylara's Journey: Part One
It was at approximately the same time that the faerie was gazing up at the stars that Keija suddenly sat bolt upright in bed - instantly awaked from a very odd dream - with a rather different type of smile dawning upon her face...

Also by denimsweetheart

by doughnut215


A Very Feepit Christmas: Part Two
Athena opened her mouth to plead her sister's case but, catching a glimpse of her owner's face, closed it again. She had enough sense to recognize that was the end of it; there was no changing Elspeth's mind once she got that determined look...

by rainpaint

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