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Mootix Itch

The Mootix just dropped on Eamann's Babaa!

by autoc007
A Spooky Halloween, pt 3

Tonight, I've made a special meal!

by ghostkomorichu
Meridellian Mischief

"Mote Magic"

by moon_wolf21
Random Something

Who do you think is the most evil being in Neopia?

by silvermare200
It's A Peasy Life

Give your opponent a little seasonal cheer!

by sweet_card
Rejected Reality

Um... run?

by refira
Demon 1

In the end they sold it. (-_-')

by ookami_mangetsu
Underwater Fishing - Woes of a Worm

Day after day, the worm gets thrown in to the pool... doesn't anyone ask the worm first?

by auscabrin
Why the Smugglers are REALLY in Trouble

Oh dear.

Art by linnipooh

by danman111111

Fountain Faerie Quest

Guess what? I just got a fountain faerie quest!

by zelda2222
Only in Neopia...

Aw, Sayanoko would never REALLY kidnap anyone... I think...

Story by angelkitten1314

by aokajin

ER Dilemma: Surf A La Stink

What in Neopia...???

Art by fetedieu

by seadra_princess

Such a Treasure!

Yarr, matey!

by darkadoom
Don't Ask

Woo Hoo, I adore War!

by snowcat737373
The Mind of Max

I wouldn't exactly call it sweet...

by 0omythical_dragono0
Neoquest II

"Growing Pains"

Also by hoeiva

by maivry


Sometimes the innocence of a child can be extremely funny. Kulanah is no exception.

by goldnangl83
Get Rich Quick - Plan #493

"Didn't you say that the last 492 times?"

Also by frynr

by goten__10

Full View

Please insert 100 neopoints to see the next three minutes of your future.

by scar19
Pink Toadstool Inc.

Learn to come prepared.

by toadprincess91
3Dim-Wits - Coping With Loss

Watch what you say around pirates.

by blumaroocrazy21
Operation Zafara

"To Virtupets"

by x_marks_the_spot
Methods for Reaching Kreludor

Moo doesn't realize how easy it is to reach Neopia's only moon.

by jlnmellon_112
Royal Dressing Takes Time

I give my apology to all Royal Girl Zafaras...

by aquana_moon
Totally Electrified

Shouldn't have touched.

by rileyz_maple
HyPer Lessons

No wonder my soup tasted like Blooky...

by luvz_insanity

I had a bad fur day!

by valerie677

Never trust the Wheel of Monotony. Or the Island Mystic for that matter.

by spyonline5000
Not Just Another Comic


by silverwolf_queen
Funny Farm

Why Grey pets shouldn't have Grey petpets.

by saiyukiluva
Hyperbole Blues

In which Tsuki gets pwned...

Also by loriika

by spidersheep

The Oddness of Neopet Owners


by mysticdarkangel
Usuki Crazy!

Get ready to go Usuki crazy!

by jessagirl1
Bowl Of Candy - Vol. 1

Of all the places you chose to hide, you hid in THERE...

by lunkuo
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"A People Deceived!" by lockshensa
Now they lived in peace, thanks to the grace and wisdom of Lord Kass. All her life, the majestic Eyrie had guided them. Posters, speeches, and fellow pets spoke of his greatness. It wasn't something that could be denied; it simply was. Lord Kass's goodness was as firm and unchangeable as the cycle of the seasons...

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Once Upon A Ship
The Poogle quickly ran up and down the cages, looking in each one. They were all empty! Every last one. Each door swung open on its hinges. She knew immediately what she had to do...

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Cracker Wars
"It's no good, Dr. Crumblebum," he called over to the shadow. "You'll never take me alive!"

by silent_snow


A Hot Diggity Dog Countdown
Mmmmm. Everyone LOVES hot dogs. And what better place to get them but Hubert's Hot Dogs?

by soglam


Life of a Lutari: Common Questions Finally Answered
Most of you think we just popped up on a random day, taking the Neopian world by storm and surprise. But this simply isn't the case! We Lutaris have been around just as long as any other pet...

by hannahb23


Rising Shadow: Part Two
"Aside from the mysterious criminal who has been abducting warriors and figures of authority from all over Neopia, you mean," Darigan replied sarcastically...

by sarahleeadvent


They'll Never Hear a Word We Say: Part Nine
When summer was nearly over, Mel, Sam, Kira, and the rest of the gang all went over to Sam's house to open their letters from school that told them which teacher they would have for sixth grade...

by sytra

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