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Dangerous Living

Being a librarian is...

by citadell
Notions and Nonsense

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

Art by meganium94

by patjade

When Life Gives You...

Thanks for completing my quest, little pet!

by ssjelitegirl

Loud Introductions...

by chibikatza
Zeh Cute One: Kittenlap

A yarn ball can provide hours of amusement for a young pet.

by glowing_banana
Balthazar Blues

You are getting sleepy...

Art by jjjellybean121

by boundah



by greysun189
Petpet Perils: Mistaken Identity

Oh no!

by velveteen

Better luck next time!

by ghostkomorichu

What do you call a scared Grarrl?

by ejwarrior08
The Most Annoying Thing that Could Ever Happen to You

The most annoying comic you will ever read!

by 900duckling
Veggies, Anyone?

Scientists all over Neopia have been puzzled...

by medli20
Life with Sparkalar

Sparkalar: I don't like Sloth...

by nestly2552chi
Bad Puns Unite

I should have known...

by wify
Fuzzy Issues

Instant Meepit: An accident just waiting to happen...

by loves2rollerblade
Cruel Life

Somewhere, high above Neopia...

by greennitro
Irony Cafe

He'll get his just desserts.

by ahm6190
Mouth of Treasures

Ohhh how cute.

by destination_180
Neopian Neophyte

HOW do you keep finding me?!

by leedom111
To Zap or Not to Zap


by k_aren_z
That's Just Not Right


by anjie
Bath Time

I told you not to give me a bath!

Idea by fillin

by richnangela005

State of Oddity

Trouble with a petpet... or an owner?

by neemoose
Si and Lur

"Uh... hey, what's with Swift..."

by tiscola
Visit to the Snowager

Dedicated to the Snowager.

by sakurita86
Flarisal's Comic Life: Finding a Petpet

"I wonder if there are any good petpets..."

by akress
Aisha Groove

The Neopets Team is always right!

by discokitten
Weird Things Happen

Not all goals can be reached...

by latonya254
Don't Even Ask - The Painter

Almost done...

Idea by kay_siay

by sarahreye

Two Brothers

Trouble with petpets...

by nuranna020
Petpetpet Morals

One fine day at a game of Mootix Drop...

by isaiahdjkim

Tourists- they have no respect for a sleeping faerie. So many time zones play neo- the crowd may be there a while!

by twilightdestinymai
A Gifted Petpet

This Usul should've just saved her money.

by liquiddragonn
Mad Life!

Can it be?! Is it?! Yes...

by mittens_cute

Something has happened!

by obviousfakename
Visit Altador today!

It's all the rage.

by meiastar
Sibling Rivalry

The green green grass...

by evilpuppyangel
Who Knew?

Jhudora honors her with a special place on her shelf. Who knew Jhudora actually likes Illusen?

by peri0neo
Wanna go Camouflage?

Just when you though it was safe to use a Camouflage Paint Brush...

by pixiepuff
Evil Feepit

The joy of being Clay! *can you read the irony?*

by fmoura_98
Pirate Tales

The story begins...

by ajaxs50


by a_random_user
Humorously Deformed

Creating a Neopet isn't as easy as it sounds...

by zenzika


by respects
Gelert Day

Wow, a new darigan gelert!

by masked_acorn
Zuru Zuru

'Just when you thought it was a peaceful morning...'

Also by chibi_zoo

by mewtru

N00bsy and the N00b Crew

"The Life Store"--Coming soon to Altador!

by master_of_the_n00bs
Mute - Problems of the Faeries

Well, there's always the free cheese.

by pismouse
Slorg and a Half


by warrior20012
Lucky Tooth

Indeed it can happen...

Art by rins_winter

by firegirldesigns

Insanity Management

ANOTHER pet rock joke?!

by neon_neoni
The Pink Cloud


by racoony
LAG - Deal with the Wheel


Drawn by darkdragon_slayer

by xlaxed

DM!: Green Apple

And your horoscope for today: If you're a doctor and a green Gelert... stay away from apples.

by fip
Intelligence?... Never heard of it.

Some neopets have an IQ much lower than 'average'...

by _wind__
Tubular Kikos

This comic reveals why Kikos wear bandages...

by horselover5122
The Pant Devil's Advocate

We love TPOSG!!! *fangirls*

by gryffinrose
Jhudora & Illusen: WHATEVER!


by spock_luvr
Illusen Day Present

What gift?

by la_la_lolly_pop
Chibi Pals

Faerie hunting...

by puffibunni
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"Chiopia" by driv3shaft
It was, in fact, MUCH more different than Katie expected. Lisa got up the next morning and got some Omelette ready for Katie. She went to wake Katie and was very shocked to see that Katie had now a yellowish tinge to her blue fur! "Katie!" exclaimed Lisa. "What happened? You're turning YELLOW!"

Other Stories


Thanks, To and From Illusen
Dear Illusen,

You don’t know me but I know you. Everyone in Neopia knows you. I’m just one lowly orange Shoyru...

by star_29791


Once Upon A Cold Winter's Day...
"Hmm, let's see, why don't I tell you two the story of how the Brain Tree and the Money Tree came to be," she said softly, looking at the fireplace...

by tou403


Strategic Shapeshifting
A Brute Force strategy solves the problem in the most direct or obvious way. Thus, you may end up doing more work than while using any other strategy. On the other hand, this strategy is much easier to implement because of its simplicity.

by autoc007


The Jolly Jugglin' Guide
So you want to know how to become a Jolly Jugglin’ CHAMPION? Well look no further, because this guide will teach you everything there is about this thrilling new game.

by neomaniac1603


Walk the Plank: Part Two
Diran quickly grabbed hold of the mast. Looking upward through the rain, he could see a silhouette of a Krawk up in the crow's nest, letting down the sails. He dove to the left to avoid being crushed by the massive sail...

by puppy200010


The Rise of the Space Faerie: Discovery - Part Two
She wasn't going to play this game any longer. Her strides long and purposeful and her leather sandals smacking against the stone ground beneath her, Laimane confidently approached the cradle...

by desibick

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