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Lenny Sack

The Water Faerie says a few magical words and...

by ickessler
Totodum and Turtumdee: Wake Up Calls

Some Petpets just don't learn...

by tambourine_chimp
Bad Hair Day Babaa, uh?

by fairish
Meridellian Mayhem - Kass's New Job

Kass finally finds a use for his obsession with falling!

by ikkin_with_attitude
Speck the Speckled

Ew, I'm not going over there...

by cheetah_kougra
Happy Family (Almost)

You can't have your cookie...

by 17sk8erdevil17
Neo Cappucino

In the Warf Rescue Team game, do you ever wonder how tall the tree actually is?

by raptor291

Kaus? O_o

by flowercatlover
For Awful or for Worse

Is this the editing room?

by yoshiboy2000

Careful where you sit...

by darkadoom
Unorthodox Teaching

Mr. Bronston finds a good outlet for his supressed rage.

by battlesunn
The Egg Wars Chronicles

I swear! I have NEVER seen her shoes! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TRYING TO HIDE?!! ^^

by moorale
Brain Tree Blues


by alatyr12
Finer Things

Yes, I'm obsessed with Neopets.

by mimiruyumi

Look at that pet!

by confuzerated
My Life With A Teenage Noobie

How was I supposed to know...

by rainbowface94
Two of a Kind

Warning: Snowballs may be hazardous to your health.

by danni_dice
Annoyed Neopians


by xnever
When It Does Not Pay To Play Hero...

You're not afraid of roaches?

by kushbi

What's happening on top of Snowager's cave?

by wicked_dragonite
Little Too Boring

Well, it wasn't TOO exciting...

by bomeekjanet
Life With Your Neopets

Sloth's ray gun works in a different way with Snorkles...

by x_melina_x
Comic Mischief

Never trust a snowball...

by just_plain_tooony
Bargaining With Balthazar

Worthy a try...

by aurigryphon
The Comic Of D00M

Watching the clouds...

by _dratini01_
A Scrap of Reality

I see...

by shikononi
Learning a Lesson

Don't take things from strangers.

by lalafantasy_girl
What Not To Do Around An Evil Villain

Maybe you could try a hat?

by lovart056
Shades of Grey

The annoyance of cliffhangers.

by kantoku
Once Upon A Comic Strip

One percent... Two percent... Three percent...

by tiddle_girl
A Little Odd

Hot dogs!

by doggirl384
Unexpected Incidents #1

...Something "special", eh?

by american_tabby_cat

Why you shouldn't fall asleep in class...

by cannonsmbt
Re@llY Cr@zY

I can detect danger from MILES away...

by sukuyumaruchan
Ironies of Neopia

Five, four, three, two, one!

by blubblub317
Neo Nutters

Keep an eye on it...

by nano_cat
Sutek Muffin

What's purple and fuzzy?

by thegreenmooseofdoom
Version: My Pets

That's it!

by blue_bunny_
Faerie Woes

"Loooong Hours"

by roller_coaster26
Jelly Woes

Now you're stuck with it!

by imogenweasley

There lived a... there lived a...

by kagura_the_wind
Tenshi & Zerhyr

I hate broccoli!

by championferret
And the Meepits Outgrabe

That is like such a boring book!

by kittylin
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"Parade of Light" by shadowcristal
"Now we'll just have to decide who will be first. Mind you, to be the lead, you have to be dedicated and willing to work hard..."

Other Stories


The Sock Puppets
"Well, I've won. So now, you've got to listen to everything I say, forever."

by mystics_magic


The Friendship Quest
"We are a great team at doing her quests," said the Zafara, whose name was Mitzi. The two friends smiled at each other as they finished eating.

by mistystar555


Zurroball Assistance
Zurroball is a game where you click a ball and it bounces up. You try and see how long you can get it to bounce until it touches the ground. Sounds simple, right? There is much more strategy involved.

by dark_cows


Is Gambling Worth the Risks?
Are you a gambling addict? Do you love the thrill of wagering your precious neopoints in games of chance like Bilge Dice, Double or Nothing and Dice-A-Roo? Do you know someone who does? I know I certainly do!

by nyvarras


Notable: Part One
"It was a really hard Holiday song, but I played it so well, didn't I?" Mala was oblivious to the fact that she stunk at clarinet playing.

by pandabearb


Change of Tune: Part Two
"I'll make you a deal then. If you get Fernypoo to like you," he leaned in closer and whispered in my ear, "I'll get you any paint brush you want."

by twirlsncurls5

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