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An Inconspicuous Guide: How to Write Well Pt II

For this article, I figured I would focus on some other common grammar errors including properly using commas and semicolons!

by pugnaciousilliterate
Top 10 Signs you are Addicted to

It can be very easy to get sucked into the world of Neopia…Collab with neogirl67890682

by hottendott
Famous Peophins Throughout History

Over the years, a number of famous Peophins have made their mark on Neopian history. Let us learn a little more about these notable Peophins!

by yellowflower7
Revival of Avatar Neoboard Games? A Guide to Playing

Fear not, if you wanted to play a round of either Avatar Simon or Avatar Survivor and you forgot where to begin, you have come to the right place.

by paulinale
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"A Fervent Desire" by fallingdaybreak
The sky had started to darken over the Meridell countryside, a clear signal that the day was coming to an end soon. Campfires for weary travellers were not uncommon throughout the land. Whether it was a resting point for someone on their way to Brightvale or even to the further away Faerieland, Hilda had never felt uncomfortable sharing a fire with strangers from lands far beyond. At this particular campsite, Hilda found herself surrounded by quite the motley group - on the rightmost log sat a green quiggle with a large backpack. If she had to guess, he was probably out to travel Neopia and all of its vast worlds. At the leftmost log sat a shadow buzz and a brown eyrie, and judging from the swords that hung at their sides, Hilda guessed they were mercenaries. But of the travellers that sat before the fire, one stranger in particular stood out...

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Kaia's Secret
Kaia stood at the foot of Shenkuu’s largest cave, young and determined. Whispers of the cave’s magical powers had tickled Kaia’s ears throughout her childhood, captivating her with stories of the mystical beings that supposedly lived at the cave’s heart...

by essees


A Fervent Desire
A stranger at a Meridell campsite brings intrigue to those who rest for the night.

by fallingdaybreak


The Adventures of Fanny in the Land of the Bizarre
Fanny strode up to the house. It was a very big house – or at least it appeared to her to be this way, because she was very small...

by rielcz


A Hero's Journey: Rivalry
The final chapter of A Hero's Journey: Rivalry!

by precious_katuch14


Discovery of Meridell Day Word Search
Make sure you stop by the symol hole on your way back from counting potatoes - don't trip on the slorgs!

by phlyarologist


Makeup is for the birds
I don't think you're supposed to... nevermind...

by draikinator36

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