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Petpet Underappreciation

Because of my desire to share my enthusiastic love of petpets with others, here are the top three items on my list of reasons petpets are great!

by kathleen_a_b
Historical Analysis of the Altador Cup

An in-depth analysis of the history of Altador Cup teams and their ranking based off of their average finishes.

by thegreatxandorf
A Spooky New Goal Scorer: Interview with Krell Vitor

Join us for an exclusive interview with Haunted Woods team captain Krell Vitor!

by akezis
A Slushie Slinger’s Take on Neopia’s Top Slushies

Hi! I’m Tara, one of Altador’s pro Slushie Slingers, and I’m here to dish out the juicy gossip around the coolest, rarest, and just plain best slushies in Neopia!

by weee5067
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Historical Analysis of the Altador Cup

Good morning sports fans! It is everyone’s favourite time of the year again – it is time for the ALTADOR CUP! This year’s event will be the sixteenth time that nations from Neopia duke it out for the coveted trophy. Personally, I enjoy analyzing data; therefore, this is an article discussing each nation that participates in the Altador Cup, analyzing their averages, and ranking them accordingly. Some things to discuss beforehand – every nation’s ranking has been rounded to the closet whole number; therefore, some teams might average the same finish, but their ranking is further determined by the actual decimal value. Also, when teams are mentioned to be in the top half of competitors or bottom half of competitors, remember that means 1st through 9th places (top half) and 10th through 18th places (bottom half) respectively.

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Because customers should be nicer to the slushie lady.

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Happy Petpet Appreciation Day!

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