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Species Customization: Moehog

In celebration of Moehog Day, I`ve put together a guide to how you may use their species clothing to create cool and creative customizations.

by aleu1986
Tyrannian Day Special: Top 12 Tyrannian Petpets

Comments: I am a huge fan of petpets, and I wanted to show them some love on this date! (This article is NOT sponsored by the Tyrannian Petpets store.)

by mellody_sou_10
The Wheel of Monotony... More Exciting Than You Think!

In honour of Tyrannian Victory Day! :)

by jackie247
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"The Loneliest Lurman" by 7_candy_girl_7
“Okay, Seaweed… time to say goodbye…” Seaweed the Lurman bubbled sadly as his owner, a young, yellow Kacheek named Bradley held him with a trembling grip. The boy wiped his teary eyes on the back of his hand as he knelt at the edge of the shallow pond, his other arm outstretched and prepared to drop him into the water. The knees of his blue overalls were dirty from the damp grass beneath him, his white t-shirt stained with tears. “M’sorry… I-I wish you could come with us…” he sniffed, giving the Lurman a pat on the head. “B-But Mama said you’ll dry up in Qasala… a-and I don’t want you to dry up…” With a slight whimper, Seaweed stretched one of his eyestalks to tap at the Kacheek’s hand, which prompted him to give a few head pats. He tried to climb up Bradley’s arm, but he was stopped by the boy shakily pulling him off.

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Random Oddness: My Petpet is Now my Brother #2
Oh my gosh mum, how embarrassing.

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Tyrannia Crossword Puzzle
Happy Tyrannian Victory Day!

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