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Neopets Kart Racing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see all of Neopia’s most important personalities compete in go-kart racing?

by abc94abc
Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

I think dumplings are wonderful because of their variety and versatility, and I hope to share my love for dumplings with you!

by lionzoo
Music Without Flash: Interview With A Twisted Rose

Catching up with a musician from one of Netopia's top bands!

by peacelovebliss
New Hobbies to Explore on Neopets

Now is the time to take the plunge and explore your untapped potential, cultivate new hobbies, and engage in a new community on Neopets!

by petpower14156
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"Lebrio's Story.."Change"" by mrsinvicta
How do you make progress in a world that doesn’t change? You don’t. Every now and then, though, I catch myself thinking about what my life would be like in a different world; one where progress hasn’t been declared an enemy of the people and locked away out of sight and — most people’s — minds. A world where I could change my destiny, or fate some call it. I am a terrible fisherman. I know this, my Mother knew this, everyone knows this. I don’t like water, I get seasick and I’m impatient. My market stall always has the thinnest offerings — unless the water had been uncharacteristically calm that day. Yet I am a fisherman by trade and will be one until the day I grow old just like my brother. That’s what it’s like on the islands, where you are no more than what you were born to be. Even the royals have no say in the matter.

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Lebrio's Story.."Change"
A downtrodden fisherman refuses to accept the fate they were dealt...

by mrsinvicta


The Cheating Flu
The Water Faerie must deal with an outbreak of Neoflu!

by itsokjake


A Hero's Journey: Masquerade
The thrilling conclusion to A Hero's Journey: Masquerade!

by precious_katuch14


When the End......
Dave and Baltoro's past is revealed...

by daveandbaltoro


A Fruity Fill in the Blank Word Jumble
Have a good good day with this fun word puzzle!

by eleganza_lights


Sleepless in Neopia: Part 3 EDITED
Guarded Secrets. Collab with T0tor0.

by elipsis4k

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