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Which Iconic Battledome Challenger Are You? Quiz

Gather your best weapons and get ready for a challenge!

by drgnswor
A Critique of My New Home’s Library

Since I know not everyone has an as excellent taste as I, I have decided to write this article to tell you exactly what to avoid.

by the_spirit_realm
Gearing Up for Gadgadsbogen with Tropical Foods

Are you ready to take a dive into the freshest fruit shop around?

by jackie247
3 Non-Flash Games To Hold You Over

This guide will walk you through the best non-Flash games to substitute into your daily routine.

by weee5067
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"Almost Friendly" by iamcjblack
"You'll never catch me sucking up to her like that, Illusen." "Excuse me?", replied the Earth Faerie, turning around and looking for the source of that deep, condescending voice. Her eyes scanned the horizon until they fell upon a slight, purple-tinged figure she was all too familiar with. "Oh. Jhudora." "I said," began Jhudora, with a smug smile on her face, "you'll never catch me wasting my time sucking up to Fyora during those ridiculous Faerie council meetings. She's far too much of a fence-sitter to ever actually make any significant changes." It was not uncommon for Jhudora to make a snide remark to Illusen after a meeting and this was certainly not the first time that Illusen had heard Jhudora undermine their Faerie Queen's abilities as a leader. She would normally turn around and tell Jhudora how it cannot be easy having so much responsibility and how the rest of the Faerie council...

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Almost Friendly
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The Kadoatery Wordsearch!
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The Secrets of the Magma Pool
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