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10 Ways To Have Fun Without Flash

A guide to things to do on Neopets while we navigate the site conversion!

by hamster_wolf
Avoiding Overwhelm after Hiatus Returns

Tips and support to help you Return to Neopets without eating an overwhelm sandwich

by pinkittygirl
Top 5 Dailies to Do

Dailies: everyone has their own list, and their own procedure to go through them.

by dragnipur
Welcome to the Vegetable Patch

Welcome to the most extensive vegetable chia guide this side of Neopia...

by carrotopian
Tonu Day: Hooray!

Tonu Day is fast approaching and there are so many fantastic ways to celebrate these playful, boisterous pets.

by honorrolle
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"Daiki's Dummy" by littledifferent
“Mama, my mana mo moo meh mark,” Daiki exclaimed, running into the kitchen. The young woman standing in front of the sink looked down at the ball of teal fluff that was her baby Yurble. “What was that dear? You know I can’t understand you with your dummy in your mouth.” Daiki sighed, pulled the blue ducky dummy from his mouth, and tried again. “I wanna go to the park!” he said. “Oh the park, well all right then, go and fetch your siblings and we’ll go as soon as I’ve finished the dishes,” his mother Aria said. “M’kay!” Daiki said, plugging the dummy back into his mouth before running off again. Upstairs, he barged straight into his big brother Ashnel’s room. “Ashy, me’re moin’ moo meh mark!” he said. The blue Bori looked up from the pile of neodeck cards he was sorting. “What?” he asked. Daiki scowled, but pulled the dummy out again. “I said we’re goin’ to the park!” he repeated. “Oh, okay,” Ashnel said. “Y’know Dai, it’d be a lot easier to understand you...

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