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Buyers Guide: Valentine's Day Cards

This guide will help you pick the card that sends the message you actually intended – good or bad...

by trubiekatie
How to Not Celebrate Jhudora Day


by amplificationsseasy
Jhudora: Truly a Good Faerie

Jhudora is considered a dark Faerie in Neopia. But let's be honest, is she really that bad?

by midnightsmores
Wearable Jewellery for Your Friend or Valentine

If you’re wondering what kind of gift to get your friend, family member, or valentine for Valentine’s Day, look no further.

by _brainchild_
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"Heart Of Hope" by harvestmoon66
What feels like 900 or 1000 years is only a few months. What feels like it will never be fixed will slowly with love, patience, and care. Here lies in your notebook a story you’ve been meaning to tell. You sigh heavily, and yet a smile still creeps on your lips. What would you really have done without your Xweetoks? Here lies a reason among many ~**~ Valentines Day. You can't believe how much time has passed. You stare at your username papers and sigh. Biting down on your lip, you trudge through the busy Neopia Central streets. What do you know about love and caring? After all, you have left your pets hungry and starving for months. If only you could change things to how they once were.

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The Protector
I was a protector, and it was my duty to watch over this little girl. I could feel it.

by sophieecanfly


The Tale of Two Artists: A Valentine’s Story
Happy Valentines Day! collab with honorrolle

by superkathiee


Neopia Central: The Musical!
Lyle gets a taste of stardom in Act 2!

by rielcz


Trouble in Paradise
Mipsy and Velm strike a deal with the Temple Monster and set out after the thief!

by parody_ham


The Off Season - Valentines
Happy Valentines Day!

by pokemon_master_a74


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
I knew it!

by crazy_mia

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