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This Play Went off Without a Hitch

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at Neopia’s newest play: The Fall, a dramatic retelling of the times before, during, and after Faerieland fell.

by parody_ham
The King in Emerald Review: An Aipoen Classic

Denagoth von Drachenfels reviews The King in Emerald production put on by Darkdale University.

by homsar_eggplant
EE`s Expert Edginess Guide

An edgy phase is just acting except no one knows you're acting and you can't stop.

by alli_draggy
The Art of Battling

Performance art takes many shapes and forms, even in ways you wouldn’t think...

by pikachu315111
6 Underrated NC Wearables for Performing Pets

This article will shed some light on 6 underrated items that are as beautiful as they are obtainable. Collab with phoenix79

by swordlilly
Aquamarine: Faerieland’s Hottest New Band

Although still detained due to a decade-long sentence, the Drenched have turned to music as a way to pass time.

by black_skull725
Review of Neobeth as Performed by the Meri Players

Illustrious critic Allegra Shadowvale reviews the Meridellian Players' interpretation of the famous play, Neobeth.

by chrisy_chan
Parkour About Neopia: Taking the Art to the Streets

Just as singing, dancing, and acting — the more common performing arts — express an individual Neopet’s artistic ability through physical action, parkour is the fast-paced, energetic movement taking Neopia by storm.

by halleycat2235
Post-Performance Routine Supplies

So your Neopet has moved into the theatre for the run of a new production...

by greyorangegrey
The Performing Arts: An Avatar Guide

This week is all about the performance arts—and what’s more of a performance than the avatar you choose to use while chatting on the Neoboards?

by superkathiee
My Life’s Consonance

Almost from the moment my eyes opened, music has been a vital part of my being...

by luigilink2
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Post-Performance Routine Supplies

So your Neopet has moved into the theatre for the run of a new production. They have brought everything they need for the rehearsals and shows like costumes and makeup and their lucky charm is already sitting on the dressing table in front of the mirror decorated with letters from Neofriends and photos from that trip to Kreludor you took two years ago. But what about their needs afterwards? Depending on your Neopet’s post-performance routine, these are some of the supplies you may want to buy them. Icing. The cold verb, not the yummy noun. This one is particularly for the Neopets who are dancing on stage. This process is to reduce swelling and stop inflammation.

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