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All of the Birthday Fun with None of the Calories!

Check out these birthday-themed items to celebrate Neopets’ birthday with none of the calories!

by _brainchild_
A Neopets Birthday!

This article lists out 11 things happening around the site on this fantastic day!

by profebest
Five Great Celebration Ideas

Various ways we can celebrate this special occasion!

by cuchatenador
Having a Hoot: The Vandagyre Way

The Vandagyre were released during the 15th year birthday celebrations, so let's celebrate vandagyre day and neopets' birthday together!

by roxi2rox
21 Neopian Years: 21 Things You Can Do in Neopets

This article will list twenty one things – in celebration of Neopets' twenty one years of existence – you can do in Neopia to enrich your Neopets birthday experience and live it the fullest! Collab with emanuelle_rockgirl and diblila

by mimiweasley
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All of the Birthday Fun with None of the Calories!

---Starring Chessangie the Royalgirl Draik, Chessella the Pastel Draik, Maldice the Stealthy Draik, Walda the Baby Kacheek, and Christine, their owner!--- Christine: Welcome! It’s that time of year again; Neopets’ birthday is coming up! Of course, Neopets far and wide like to celebrate, preferably by eating cake. However, a few of us refrain from eating cake--- Walda: WHY?! Who wouldn’t like cake?! Preferably chocolate cake. Christine: Because cake is full of sugar and calories. Also, some people are lactose-intolerant. Anyway, I have gathered some birthday-themed items which will allow us to celebrate Neopets’ birthday with none of the calories. Walda: I WANT CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! WAAAAHHHH!!! Maldice: No, you brat...

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