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Attention All Robots

I suppose organics could read this message using a binary to ASCII converter...

by dragon_trident
A strategic guide to Godori

How to excel at Godori!

by youi234
The Maraquan Lutari: An Interview with the Artist!

An exclusive interview with the artist herself! collab with dialasong

by riss_chan
Book Reviews & Recommendations: Altador Cup Edition

With the Altador Cup coming up, we thought this would be the perfect time to put together a list of book recommendations about the beautiful land of Altador and the exciting athletic events of the Altador Cup...

by panda_baby150
The Elusive Art of Trophy Hunting

Whether you are new to Neopia or an old and experienced hand, getting your paws on those elusive shiny trophies can be both frustrating and hard work. But no need to fear, for I am here to guide you in your trophy hunting...

by selfbetrayal
Reviewing Some Common Items

As you all know, Neopia is littered with common items, some are beloved everywhere, while as others are despised. So, here is a compilation of some of the most common items in Neopia.

by domdee17
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"Imiya's Stop in Faerie City" by bobajfett
Imiya’s eyes widened as she took in her surroundings. She couldn’t help looking up to take in all the beautiful, ethereal faeries and various flying critters that were buzzing overhead. So much so that she had to be especially careful to stay on the designated path weaving through Faerieland. It might be difficult to believe that there was lush greenery abounding so high up in the clouds but Imiya could see it now with her very own eyes. The trees and grass and flowers were vastly different from the ones from her native Meridell. There were pools and lakes and waterfalls in every direction she looked, crowned by a variety of wispy and swirly mists.

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Imiya's Stop in Faerie City
Imiya goes to Faerie Foods on her way to Poogle Racing and meets its lovely shopkeeper.

by bobajfett


A Shoyru's Quest for a Plushie Paint Brush
The golden light of the tropical sun filtered in through the windows, beaming onto the blue shoyru and kissing him awake...

by starishblue


The Move
I hated how mom shoved us all away. I hated the Haunted Woods! I hated that side of the family. They were so creepy and weird...

by hannahcreep


Harker's Story
The thrilling conclusion to Harker's Story!

by tanikagillam


Against All Odds
Turdle Betting 101! Also by sessduh

by cherokee165


Flash is no longer supported!
Virtupets updated early for this Altador Cup!

by neusita

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