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How to Get Lent Avatars Items!

Whether you are just starting out on Neopets, a returning player, or a very active player, you will soon realize that getting every avatar on your own can be an extremely difficult and expensive endeavor!

Written in collaboration with starscreamer54

by hansy900


Me! Me! *cough* I meant not me. I’m just singing that song to attract your attention to read my article. It not wrong, right? I once read that in order to get an attention, be it intentionally or unintentionally, you must do something out of the context, should you be embarrassed or not, it is a story for another times. Okay, I lied, that all just me, no one ever said that.

by xlorally
Superb Summer Reads

Summer is quickly coming to a close and what a better way to wrap up this month then with some good old summer reading! So get nice and comfy in your soft hammock underneath your favorite oak tree with a tall glass of iced cold tea because we will be starting this list off with an all time favorite!

by mewemy
Are Endless Salad and Bread Sticks really endless?

After a long hiatus from my Neopian writing career, I decided to restart it by attempting an important and nigh impossible feat: to once and for all determine whether Endless Salad and Bread Sticks truly lives up to its moniker.

by marzipan
Getting Ready in the Morning All Over Neopia

What do you feel about waking up in the morning? Do you like to sleep in? Are you an early riser? Or are you somewhere in between. Well, here I am, about to give you a rundown on how Neopets get ready in the morning in different parts of Neopia.

by thedancing
Neopian Events - How to Plan Ahead

It’s always great to see Neopians with accounts that show that they have been loyal members. However, I’m typically surprised when I see that they haven’t participated in many of Neopets various events or plots through the years and earned the trophies that accompany them.

by _polonius_
Caves and Corridors Guide: Swinging to a Gold Trophy

Have you ever wanted to swing from vine to vine, dodge poisonous darts, avoid falling boulders, and jump over lava in a quest to collect hidden gems and treasure? Or maybe you’ve always wanted a shiny trophy for your user lookup. Or perhaps you simply want a high score to brag to your Neofriends about. Whatever the reason, Caves and Corridors may be just the perfect game for you!

Also by devotedly

by nayana852

A Back to School Supplies List

Ahh, the month of Gathering. Summer is winding down and you know what that means… neoschool is back in session! With the first day of school looming in the weeks ahead, it’s best we get a move on and start preparing.

by sessduh
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"The Lost Tomb of the Old Kingdom:Part Two " by shadowknight_72
The siblings didn't say a word. They were frozen in place, paralyzed. After a tense moment, one of them mustered the courage to speak up. “What—I…I mean, who…are you?” Arthur stammered. The figure just stared at him. Though the bandages concealed most of her face, he could see from small slits in the fabric that he was staring into two wild looking yellow eyes, leering at the Zafara from a distance. “How ignorant you must be to not know who you speak to, child!” the mummy’s voice seethed with anger, “I’ll have you know that I am Rehema! Daughter of King Amit, and rightful ruler of Sakhmet and all the empires of the sands! And you will do well to remember it!” she outstretched her arm, pointing directly at the trio.

Other Stories


Usuki Singing Stars #45: It's Fun Without Scary!
That was so much fun, Patricia!” Sparkles gushed as she entered the living room. The pink Bruce turned to her friend and, with a wink, said, “With the perfect accessory, any girl can be a superstar!”

by downrightdude


Betrayal in the Snow
No one dares betray Galem Darkhand and Masila. All but one.

by fallingdaybreak


A Story of the Haunted Woods:Part Two
“Very well,” said the Storyweaver. “Let’s begin.”

“Once there were a brother and sister who lived in the Haunted Woods. The brother was a carpenter while the sister was a secretary. Each day, they’d walk the path to Neovia together, and each night, they’d return to their home in the woods.

by june_scarlet


Chronicles of the Darkside: Keys to Fantasia:Part Six
Chapter 6: It Was Worth It

by fire_earth_aqua__77


Bad House Guest
Stowaway Sting is always leaving a mess.

Collab with riggsy_reborn

by __adelaide__


Who's Bad?!
How many potatoes?

Collaboration with kayahtik

by kieselcamper

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