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Jurples!: How to Become an Ace at Word Poker

Word Poker is a very unique game which combines vocabulary skills with poker-style scoring.

by museikaze
Talek's Trophy Tips: Spellseeker Supreme

Ever wondered how to get that shiny golden trophy? Or chase up that elusive avatar?

by talekdolorn
A Proposal for Skalpo the Techo

We have all attended at least 5 concerts at the Tyrannian Concert Hall, who doesn’t love that screaming Chomby with the Fungus Balls (what exactly ARE they?) or attended the legendary Sticks N' Stones that had been reported to be “Tyrannia's hardest rockin' band, Sticks N' Stones have left a trail of bleeding eardrums throughout Tyrannia. “?

by midnight_spell360
My Guide to Fast Navigation Around the Site

I’ve decided to let all of Neopia in on one of the secrets to my recent Neopian success. This is a simple trick that I’ve developed over the years playing this game.

by mewemy
Goparokko Avatar Guide

Hello, welcome to my guide! Hopefully, this guide can help you get closer to that elusive Goparokko avatar.

by berzerkturtlez
Bouncy Dream Survival Guide

I had the most awful, bizarre dream the other night, more of a nightmare, really. Rather than finding myself in my cosy, wet home in Maraqua, I was lying on a wobbly, bouncy bed of jelly in a room also made entirely out of jelly.

by kathleen_a_b
Fast Neopoints: Ace vs Walein

Hi there, Thrifty Dark Faerie Kat here. Ever catch yourself in a pinch and need Neopoints quick?

by fire_earth_aqua__77
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work We Go

If you’re like me, you’d do anything for your Neopets. Buying them toys, curing them when they’re sick, feeding them when they’re hungry, taking them to Kelp (are you SURE you don’t want to take any leftovers this time? Welp, that’s 60k down the drain…)

by justamoose
35 spooky avatars and how to find them:

Oh boy is almost that time of the year again, you see people dressing up their neopets and decorating their neohomes for this very special occasion and surely you don’t want to miss out on it

by roquelfhis
Pixel Pets: Experiences of an 8-Bit Neopian

When it comes down to it, we are all pixels - some just happen to be more defined than others.

by daroop
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"Mars & Ruby" by gwizneo
Once upon a time there was a wooden boy called Mars Wolf. He was on the way to see his cousin Ruby Gil, when he decided to take a short cut through Faerieland. It wasn't long before Mars got lost. He looked around, but all he could see were trees. Nervously, he felt into his bag for his favourite toy, Dolly, but Dolly was nowhere to be found! Mars began to panic. He felt sure he had packed Dolly. To make matters worse, he was starting to feel hungry. Unexpectedly, he saw a fuzzy Vandagyre dressed in a purple top hat disappearing into the trees. "How odd!" thought Mars. For the want of anything better to do, he decided to follow the peculiarly dressed Vandagyre. Perhaps it could tell him the way out of the forest. Eventually, Mars reached a clearing. He found himself surrounded by houses made from different sorts of food. There was a house made from peas, a house made from chips, a house made from chocolates and a house made from fruit gums. Nobody replied.

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All the colors of the invisible
James knows how hard it is to be invisible. But at his first day of school, he faces all his colors.

by mehohara


Mars & Ruby
Once upon a time there was a wooden boy called Mars Wolf. He was on the way to see his cousin Ruby Gil, when he decided to take a short cut through Faerieland.

by gwizneo


The Flood that Brought Trouble:Part Five
Why do you seem familiar?” Lily asked as the giant koi entered the room.

by hannahcreep


Hello Fellow Traveler
Located in the sunny land of Altador, stood the ancient archives building.

by trishabeakens


Plumbing Plummets
I can help!

by carmen_lee123


What are they saying?
Aliens have their own language. O_o

by dynamic_junction

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