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Neoquest 2: Meridell Sprint Through

Welcome to my Neoquest 2 sprint through guide! If you’re like me and are interested a couple of avatars and a trophy, trying out Neoquest is for you!

by califorthehomeless
The Many Sacrifices of an Avatar Collector

Avatar hunters: a moderately sized, mildly neurotic subset of the population of Neopia.

by bouncyhanyou
A Review of Neopia’s Healthy Smoothies

’ll admit, before deciding to research for this article, I never really gave the Smoothie Store in the Bazaar of Neopia Central a chance. There were always so many other stores available, and something about the “health” factor of smoothies really put me off. I mean, why not get a bubble tea from The Coffee Cave in Roo Island or a slushie from the Slushie Shop in Terror Island? Sure, the boba was loaded with sugar. And sure, the trip to the Slushie Shop was long, inconvenient, and cold, but the icy drinks were always sweet, flavored with delicious syrups. But surely that was much better than drinking some...blended up broccoli and spinach or something.

But finally, one day, I decided to see what was really in the Smoothie Store...

by pinkcrown123

The Devilpuss: Is it the Petpet for you?

Need a new petpet? Missing a special little critter in your life? Searching for something to test your mettle? Why not get yourself a Devilpuss!!

by phoned
Tales and Details

Great fiction writers are some of the best magicians of our time. With a wave of their pens and some magic words – Presto! – the faeries suddenly dance and sway to the swirling voice of the wind as it passes through trees in the heart of the glade one Summer day. “Not to your liking?” with a flick of the wrist, a planet stops spinning and bursts open like a party popper, raining streaks of bits and rockets unto an unsuspecting sun.

by muuper
Easy Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring has sprung in Neopia!

Written in collaboration with sunshine482

by k3l26

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"Feeding Mr. Scary" by likelife96
A Baabaa darted out of the old barn screaming for dear life. Its bleating screech pierced the ears of a Usul nearby. "What's the matter?" she said as the Baabaa slowed down to a wobble. The Usul's green ruff scraped against the petpet's blue wool as she bent down to pet it. "Come on, Wooly, you really do make such a big fuss sometimes." "Wooly" was the name of this and all other Baabaas at the farm. He lowered his head, letting the girl's paw gently trail down its muzzle. He gave his head a few shakes, ignoring the question entirely. Sally sighed as Wooly stood doing... whatever Baabaas did, she supposed. Their beady little eyes never did show much intelligence, though she supposed that Baabaas must have been smart, somehow; otherwise, why would people use them to count? She took a few steps back toward the barn. The specter of night was just beginning to envelop the sky, and it wasn't safe to keep Baabaas out in the open right now. Sally didn't exactly know why. "Okay, come on," she said softly, inching closer to the wind-weathered building. Her hand reached into the sack hanging around her neck to procure a carrot that instantly produced little ruffles on Wooly's nose. She led Wooly through pumpkin patches, endless stalks of wheat, and a scarecrow which the Crokabeks remodeled to their liking each season.

Other Stories


A Difference of Opinion
“Many years ago, faerieland was in the clouds, high above Neopia. It was a city up in the clouds, kept aloft by the air faeries. Then one day it fell.”

An indignant Christmas lutari quickly interjected, “I know, I know! It wasn’t that long ago, I remember it.”

by chloezzz123


Feeding Mr. Scary
A Baabaa darted out of the old barn screaming for dear life. Its bleating screech pierced the ears of a Usul nearby.

"What's the matter?" she said as the Baabaa slowed down to a wobble. T

by likelife96


Of Silence: Signed and Sealed:Part Four
Alright, great news: I think it worked! (Don’t allow me to jinx things too badly, though.)

by werelupecookies


TWELVE Tips to Help You Succeed in Life:Part Eight

by downrightdude


Your Friendly Guide to Random Avatars: Part 5
Alright regular neopian, icy what you did there, well played. No bad pun intended.

Also by hatsuomi.

by drabkin


Just mutant things vol. 3
Sometimes you can't help being what you eat.

by jacquelineramrez

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