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3 Dailies You Should Be Doing Regularly

Why hello there fellow Neopians! I’ve got another great article for you this week. A lot of us work different "dailies" into our Neoschedules for a wide variety of reasons.

by rowdy420
Top 10 Food Avatars for the Hungry Neopian

As we welcome in the Month of Eating, what better way to celebrate than by changing your avatar so that your neofriends and people on the neoboards will know your love for all things edible? Here we rank ten of the best avatars that will put you in the mood to eat any and all of the best food in sight!

by kingfisherblue33
Neotune Entertainment: Fall and decline of an empire

Do you guys remember the great bands Neotune Entertainment had back then?

by aventador750sv
Shop limit change and the r99 economy

Greetings and welcome to my article.. or you may call it a rant! It's mainly a casually written article from an experienced Neopets player written in a way to vent my views at the changes and to inform other unknowing people.

by m0nster_rancher


by fantasiere
Talek's Trophy Tips: Whacking Wicked Wights

Ever wondered how to get that shiny golden trophy? Or chase up that elusive avatar? With guides abound, it has never been easier to get trophies. Everyone’s writing down tips, but you still can’t wrap your head around it? Talek will take you down the path towards the gamer superstardom.

by talekdolorn
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"Why can't babies fly?" by vic379
Why can't babies fly? A Baby Uni's story One morning of a year not that long ago all Neopian babies gathered to the shadow of a tree that looked suspiciously like the Money Tree if you were to ask me. Here were Baby Kois, Baby Gnorbus, Baby Buzzes every baby you could think of. Diapers, bibs and a little bit of cries, tons of goo and some jam, all what might need babies in order to have fun. The reunion seemed peaceful, they were discussing baby themes such as blankets, pacifiers and milk. Just like the previous reunion, nothing they haven't already seen. There was this certain Baby Uni with a dream, she was just a little baby but her dream was big. Why couldn't little baby pets fly? Just spread their wings and dance in the air. Her dream was so big, so intense and fiercely she wanted, she raised her paw and courage in hand started to talk to them all. *FLASHBACK* The sky so blue. The clouds so soft. The air so pure. She was tired of green grass of flowers and rocks, she wanted to reach the sky and dance around the stars. With that thought in mind Baby Uni went to bed and when her eyelids closed and dreamland came she just couldn't avoid going to the place she wanted most. Deep blue with a dusting of silver stars like freckles, some white clouds that looked so much like cotton.

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Why can't babies fly?
Why can't babies fly? A Baby Uni's story

by vic379


Taking a Trip
The Mountain Lodge. Again. Taliskerdragon sighed, his green tail twitching as he waited to check in. The pretty Strawberry Kacheek behind the counter was busy with a Magma Lenny fussing about the temperature of the sauna and hadn't done more than flash him an apologetic smile.

by jaydeed


Before the Fall: An Air Faerie Story:Part Three
We failed the project because I refused to talk to Jennumara when she tried to apologize in class.

by darigankat


The Aisha Twins:Part Five
After a difficult path with multiple setbacks, like being outbid on their lab map piece and losing hundreds of thousands of neopoints through a gambling incident, Milly and Lilly, the twin Aishas, finally obtained the final portion of their Secret Laboratory Map.

by imcatcrazy11


Hard at Work
Who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

by paperjeans


Beating the Big Boss
The strategy against Kaia that was (almost) a good idea.

by bfm12

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