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Thorn's Take On Free Speech: Meridell

Greetings. My name is Thorn, and I am a Gelert that hails from the outskirts of the Meridell-Brightvale borders, and I have the misfortune of living with a Meridellian knight.

by jrayeb3
Spell-or-Starve: An Advanced Strategy Guide

In this game, you play a Purple Mynci who has been captured by an evil computer called Neopets V2. Well, it isn't evil exactly; it's just lonely and wants a friend to play with. Except it doesn't value the biological life of its friend. So unless you play its word-game, it won't let you go, and you will starve.

by swordlilly
The Neopian Cookbook: Health Food Edition

The Health Food Shop in Neopia Central is filled with delicious and nutritious food that can be replicated in your own kitchen, provided you have the time and equipment to do so. I picked a few of my favourites to share.

by katehoughtonbeckett
The In and Outs of Adoption

Having noticed during my explorations that, with rare pets, comes rarely seen amounts of competition in the application process, I decided to host an interview with a user experienced at applying for pets, so that readers who may be interested in applying for their own up for adoption pets can get some inside tricks to the trade.

by dragondancer007
A Local’s Guide to Faerieland

Faerieland, with its bubbling brooks and roaring waterfalls, is another highly regarded summer destination. No doubt many readers and their Neopets are already anticipating the magical adventures they’ll have when they set foot on Faerieland’s enchanting shores this summer!

by symphonicdaybreak
Meaningful Ways to Use Your Rainbow Fountain Pass

Are you perhaps on of the lucky Neopian who have access to the Rainbow Fountain? Ever since the last Faerie Quest Event in March, there have been an increase in the number of Neopians on the chat boards wondering what to do with the Rainbow Fountain Pass they were lucky enough to obtain. As such, I have decided to compile a guide on what you can use your Rainbow Fountain Pass for.

by joan14121993
A Day Out In Neopia Central

If you and your Neopet are bored one day, and it’s sunny out, why not walk around Neopia Central and be entertained for the entire day?! Hopefully this article will remind you why it’s the most frequented Neopian world, and why everyone loves it so much!

by salutation
Custard: The Often Forgotten Edible Color

When you hear “edible pet,” what do you think of? Jelly? Chocolate? Biscuit? Fruit and vegetable Chias? There is one more option that is often forgotten about, that being Custard; a material consisting of egg yolk and milk.

by mbredboy31
The Three Hardest AAA Challenges for Daily Dare 2016

The fun yet stressful Daily Dare is finally over! Everyone’s hard work should now be rewarded with that shiny gold trophy if you have successfully beat AAA’s score in all twenty games. To cap off this year’s Daily Dare, let us recall some of those toughest challenges that had us on the verge of tears!

by feedthefrog
How Well Do You Know Tyrannia?

That’s definitely a day to be celebrated. However, in this guide I’m not discussing the war event itself, I’m trying to disseminate Tyrannia’s fascinating culture. Let’s get started!

by mazaii_3
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"A Beautiful Blumaroo and her Mystical Treasure" by _brainchild_
"Good morning, young Neopet," Naia the Fountain Faerie greeted Tivlia the Blumaroo. "Have you found the item I asked for?" "Certainly!" replied Tiv. "One Gypmu!" She placed the petpet in the palm of the faerie's hand. "I hope it doesn't bite." "It won't," stated Naia. "Gypmus are very timid." She set the petpet aside. "May I please have my reward?" asked Tiv. "Sure," answered Naia. "Which color would you like?" "Maraquan," Tiv smiled eagerly. "Of course." Tiv stepped into the fountain and grinned as the wondrous waters swirled around her. Rainbows danced across her skin as it changed color. However, something wasn't quite right. When the process was over, Tiv was horrified to find that she had been painted Maractite, not Maraquan. "What gives?" Tiv blurted out. "I asked for Maraquan!" "Maraquan?" replied the astonished faerie. "I'm so sorry! I thought you said Maractite, not Maraquan!" "Could you please repaint me?" requested Tiv nervously. "I would, but the magic has run out!" frowned the faerie. She thought for a few seconds, then added, "Raincheck. Please come back tomorrow when the magic has been replenished, and I'll repaint you. I'm so sorry about this!" "Okay," replied Tiv. She left, somewhat disappointed. However, the problem wasn't devastating to her because she knew it could be fixed the following day. The next day, Tiv returned to the fountain excitedly. "Good morning, Tiv," the faerie greeted her.

Other Stories


Testimony of a Thousand
Apollo was pounded for being a superfluous substance. His owner loved him very much, but LOVE was no bold enumeration on his birth certification. LOVE was not placed below AGE above FISHING SKILL; it only dependently existed, LOVE, a quantity slathered on the discriminating peripheral.

by dimartedi


A Beautiful Blumaroo and her Mystical Treasure
Tiv stepped into the fountain and grinned as the wondrous waters swirled around her. Rainbows danced across her skin as it changed color. However, something wasn't quite right. When the process was over, Tiv was horrified to find that she had been painted Maractite, not Maraquan.

by _brainchild_


Reign of Ice: Part Two
Brendon groaned. He had just been dragged into the middle of the one desert in Neopia that happens to be experiencing a blizzard as part of his sister’s daily rituals, and now he had to save the world? This was not his day.

by neolikepets


The Adventures of Trina: The Glass Key: Part Twelve
Aardo shook his head with sorrow. “Afraid not. Something went very wrong. You see, when you’re with us, battles just simply aren’t ‘won.’ There are always losses…”

“But is Trina okay?” Pat asked anxiously.

by ummagine3284


The Art of Giving...or Not
When best intentions meet worst case scenario....

by sn4zzeh


How To Beat AAA
Who'd have thought it'd be this easy?!

by hera203

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