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Protect the Snowmen!: A Snow Wars II Guide

Some tips that will hopefully melt away all your fears about Snow Wars II.

by typlohisioh
Welcome to Neopets: A Guide to Success!

Welcome to Neopets! I'm sorry you got sucked in. It's okay, though: Time to make your account pretty!

Also by choquis

by hideri

Can You Make A Million In A Month?

I wanted to see if the premise was flawed, or whether it actually was possible to make a million neopoints in one month.

by swimmingstar01
The Ten Avatars You Should Never Use

Your avatar and font choice are crucial to making a good first impression.

Also by caitit

by dogglefoxgirl

A Small World: Winning World Challenges

For a select few, those who take full advantage of these hourly contests, the World Challenges are not simply a pastime, but instead a massive profit engine, continuously chugging along, depositing piles of Neopoints into their bank accounts...

by daenerys__equestrian
Turning the Art Gallery Into a Dream Come True

Entering the Art Gallery could just be your thing.

by leopardsymptoms
Make Neopoints YOUR Way: Custom Tips for Success

I encourage everyone to explore the possibilities and carefully craft a plan that works for them, but I hope that at least some of my advice can come in handy.

by jazzehness
How to Never Make So Much as 10,000 NP

1. Never check the Shop Wizard.

by kelly_d60
Captain Limebeard Should Be in the Gallery of Heroes

You may also be wondering what he does for the greater good of Neopia. I shall answer this and much, much more, my friends.

by sugarypixiestix2
The Kadoatery: New Time System Explanation

I am here today to explain to you the new time system.

by vitorplemes
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"A Lost Bruce in the Lost Desert" by magicmango33
It was a scorching hot day in the Lost Desert, a sacred land filled with ancient cities and heaps of sand. The sun blazed mercilessly in the clear sky, casting harmful rays of burning light onto the ground. It would be a nightmare to be in the sand on that day. Unfortunately, a blue Bruce had gotten...

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Usuki Singing Stars #20: G.U.I.L.D.L.E.S.S.
"Would you two like to join my guild?" a pink Wocky asked from behind a bright yellow booth.

by downrightdude


A Day in the Life of an Aisha
"One round-trip Uni to the Lost Desert, please," she asked the Gelert at the Transportation Desk.

by goodsigns


The Lost Child: Part One
"Mother, may we please go to the park?" Zachary, one of the eight-year-old Gelert twins, asked Nisha.

by 77thbigby


Run on The Neopoint: Part One
They say the neopoint keeps Neopia running.

by rider_galbatorix


Random Oddness
Dartenne, master detective.

by mistyqee


Odd Logic: Yes Food :D
This is why pets are so eager to battledome.

by catt315

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