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Neopians Claim Oracle is Evil

This morning, the oracle of the obelisk was sighted doing "something suspicious."

Also by homsar_eggplant

by parody_ham

The Villain’s Editorial

Enjoy the rest of your precious editorial! Mwahahaha!

Art by june_scarlet

by june_scarlet

The Gallery of Lesser Evil

Those lesser known villains going about Neopia and causing trouble as well.

by noxlyx
How to Dress Like a Villain with NC

Which Neocash items will help your pet stand out and really pull off that villain look they are so interested in trying out.

by greenj12356
Six Reasons to Start a Kastraliss Fan Club

Brace yourself.

by flufflepuff
How to Dress Like a Neopian Villain

We chose some of the most famous Neopian villains – Jhudora, Hubrid Nox, Eliv Thade, and Mr. Krawley...

Also by amarillida

by martia_elior

Theories on the Origin of Meuka

Our thoughts on the elusive creation of Meuka.

Also by suspensiion

by therainbowsheep

Villains' Favorite Heroes

Here are villains to talk about their favorite heroes...

by pikachu315111
Neopia's Most Evil Eats

Neopia is known to be a fun and friendly place, but you can find quite the variety of villains if you know where to look.

by blessed_faerie
An Interview with Balthazar

I was able to sit down with Balthazar to talk, but not without the price of three bottled faeries. They'll be fine, though... I think.

by xiaolin10413
Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious: Emperor Razul

I wasn't going to let a silly thing like complete and total annihilation stop me from getting my interview.

by birdinggal
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"Mind and Matter" by sporty2443
Jhudora grumbled to herself as she trudged through the thick underbrush of the forest surrounding Glory Hollow. Normally, she would be sending out some Neopet with too much time on his hands to gather her potion ingredients for her. All it required in exchange was a cheap magical trinket that she could proceed to convince him was an "artefact"...

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Auction of Evil
Castle Nox had let to divulge its deepest secrets. Rooms that did not appear on the plans still held their treasures. Dark treasures.

by herdygerdy


A Villein's Best Day
One potato, two potato, 100 ton marrow, four potato.

by kadface


The Lost Prophecy: Part One
A startling prophecy, a mysterious conspiracy, and, above all, that green-and-white satellite in the sky...

by cursedpens


Faerie Wars I: The Six Kingdoms - Part Ten
Fyora abandoned her illusion, and was suddenly standing alone in her tower. She sank to her knees, and her hands shook terribly...

by kioasakka


Technical Terms
You asked for a coffee!!

by crainwater


Disturbing Quests
Those Haunted Wood Quests can be a little disturbing at times...

Story by brandon00000119

by mandypandy667

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