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Lessons From Neoquest II

The various things you'll have to deal with in Neoquest, along with comments from my own game.

by kelly_d60
Keeping The Creative Juices Flowing

There's no denying that there is a huge pressure that comes with writing.

by temari_san_no_hoshi
How to Tame Edna's Shadow

In this game, it's your task to help Edna and her shadow to collect potion ingredients to escape the dungeons and reunite with each other.

With help from viperlina

by asparagation

The Ten Best Peophin Colours

Ever wanted to own a Peophin? Well, look no further!

by nadira_cute
Top 10 Treats for any Zombie Neopet

Satisfy their cravings with a good piece of brain. Yes, I said it... BRAINS!

by prada_prince
Tantalising Teas and Choice Coffee, Bonus: Cakes!

If you've ever thought about some of the diverse flavours offered by Neopia's invigorating, aromatic selection of teas and coffees, read on!

by jmerrill
Guide to Switching Languages

Learn everything about switching languages at Neopets.

by sosunub
A Complex Guide To The Wheel of Extravagance

*drumroll please*

by hydro_thunder001
Wonderful Wocky Day!: Top 10 Wocky Items

Another week, and another pet day to celebrate! Wockies are Neopia's wily and adventurous species, always looking to explore and discover new things.

Also by pacificana

by dragoonhunter682

Terror No More: A Winter Wonderland

Gone are the nasty caves and the howling winds. Gone is the spirit of desolation and terror. Instead, there is a peculiar warmth that floats through the air...

by noxlyx
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Winter Wonderland

Suddenly Terror Mountain lights up with life as joyful laughter fills the air as fireplaces are lit and the smell of peppermint and gingerbread waft through the streets. It only happens once a year but once the Month of Celebrating arrives Terror Mountain is a Terror no more. Instead, it becomes a beautiful...

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Ludroth and the Cursed Bridle
The passage ahead of us stretched out of sight into the darkness.

by blackghoulmon


In the Spotlight! (From a Kadoatie's Perspective)
Hey there! I am the ever so famous Kitty. After hearing stories from my brother, Puppy, I am more than thrilled to finally meet you.

by kitty_power_2298


Deeper: Part Five
I looked over at the other desk in the room. It was Lynette's desk, I knew. I didn't know if any of her stuff was still there, or if Buzz would mind if I worked there...

by kristykimmy


One Way: Part Two
They weren't home.

by ellbot1998


Apple Bobbing Perils
And just when Bart thought he'd seen it all.

by tana1135293490934


Flying With Glumpkin
Just let him have his moment.

by ragecandybar

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