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The Grey Pet: a Forgotten Hero

The question is, who would inflict this torture on their beloved ones?

by appropinquo
Welcoming in the Year of the Dog

Though you, my fellow owners, are important, it is the pets that deserve the limelight, the Lupes, Gelerts, Wockies, Bori, Poogles, Zafaras and Kyrii.

by evony_cye
Warf Rescue Team - Let 'Em Fly!!!

So, there you are, minding your own business when suddenly you see a furry, errr - nope, a flurry of Warfs race past you with parachutes in hand. You wonder, where are they going...

by buddy__blankies
An Interview With a Snow Pet

The next morning, I set off on my journey to Terror Mountain where it's winter all year long. I've predicted that many snow pets live there.

by eternalapple
Jubble Bubble Guide

Now that frustration you were screaming about will all be over. Just read on and all your Jubble Bubble problems will be solved.

by annie737
Interviwing Hannah and Armin

How... interesting.

by little_hamsters365
Discovering Geraptiku: a Guide to the Lost City

According to the stone tablets and clay objects recently found, the city was actually quite prosperous around 400 years ago.

by mazoku_kuiin
The Art of Swabbing - a Deckswabber Guide

You play the deckswabbing Blumaroo, (who we will name Swabber) and your objective is to get all the spaces corresponding with the colour of the square located at the bottom of your screen. However, it is not that easy.

by feelingthedisco
14 Terrors of Typing Terror!

For starters, you would assume the avatar shouldn’t be THAT hard to achieve, especially if you type fairly well. That, however, was your first mistake...

by crazyginger83
Ogrin and Gnorbu: Innocent Migration or Conspiracy?!

Two new pets... Within seven to eight days of each other... Looking similar... Has anyone really noticed how quickly these two new neopets have come together?

by enji_musha
A Menacing Machine: the Unlikely Suspects Behind It

No one who has pulled the Lever of Doom would suspect these Neopians of creating such a menace...

by mike2003ekim
25 Things Not To Do At The Golden Dubloon!

As you casually edge your way to the food counter, you notice every other pet in there is staring at you. Scared yet? You should be!

by stone_dogs
A Who's Who of Neopia: Where Are They Now?

Where do they go? Through careful research and discreet following (which is clearly different than stalking), these probing questions now have answers.

Also by sunset_rose285

by sum41girl2k

Tyrannian Pets – Stones and No Combs

The common first conception of Tyrannian pets is that they are simplistic and, well, dumb. But let’s consider this for a moment.

Also by neox52492

by hello5346

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Behind the Lever

Then, without any sort of warning, a mechanical hand erupts out from behind this lever, reaches deep into your pocket, and retrieves 100 NP, leaving you in disbelief, feeling absolutely violated. Still, even though this mechanical contraption just stole your hard earned cash, you pull it again...

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