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The Tower Journey: Part Seven

by neonick19881988


Part Seven: Meridell; Corrupt Kings, Brave Knights, Dung Fields?

"And after fighting them off single-handedly," Toggerneo whispered to the amazed school kids, "I took all their treasure and brought it all to port! Well, I put some of it in my bag, to go back to the Faeries."

     "Wow!" exclaimed the kids at once, and Toggerneo smiled. He liked any sort of attention, even if it was based on a bit of an exaggeration.

     "Yep. You see, I'm a secret agent for Fyora, sent to spy on-"

     His grin vanished as two large Draiks grabbed him by the shoulders and started dragging him forwards, away from the ship and the captivated kids.

     "Hey! Get off! I have rights! I work for the faeries!"

     "Sure, mate, the faeries," snorted one of the guards, who wore large metal armour and had a sword at his side. "The faeries told you to break into the King's vault and steal money. The Faeries told you to knock out the hero Jeran and steal his sword."

     "WHAT?!" The Gelert was shocked. "I didn't do that! I only just arrived!"

     "From where we were stood you looked to be leaving." The Draik scowled, and rubbed his eyes. "And my eyesight is perfect."

     "Your armour is on the wrong-way around!" the Gelert exclaimed.

     "Shut up."

     Within an hour Toggerneo was stood in front of a huge throne in a vast, echoing hall. Hundreds of Draiks and Poogles were sat behind him, watching the events, and then many more pets of every kind were stood by the large doors, straining to catch a glance of the criminal.

     Suddenly there was a loud crashing noise as a heavy oak door swung open behind the throne. Two figures stepped forwards, one a tall, dark-blue Lupe that strode quickly, determinedly into the chamber, the other a huge Skeith with a scowl on his face. He was glaring at the prisoner as he sat down on the huge throne, Lupe at his side, and there was a slight 'parping' noise. He stood again to a round of laughter, produced a small whoopee-cushion from beneath the cushions, and then ate it.

     "If I catch who did that," he said as he swallowed the small toy, "they will also be eaten." The laughter vanished. "Now, I call this meeting to order. This pet is accused of stealing from my funds and knocking out my chief bodyguard, before stealing from his also. Now, Jeran, is that the Gelert that knocked you out?"

     The Lupe was staring with curiosity at the confused pet. He frowned.

     "They look similar… but something's different…" He shook his head. "I can't be sure, sir."

     "But he WAS running away, guards?"


     Toggerneo considered speaking up, but the threat of being eaten was not one he liked.

     "Have you found the gold or blade in his belongings?"

     "No, sir. His backpack was empty."

     "So basically, he looks the same as the intruder, was running away, but did not have the items. He could easily have sold them already, or hidden them."

     "I didn't!" exclaimed the Gelert, forgetting the threats of being consumed. "I only just got here! Check with the crew of the Krawk Island Crusader!"

     "We did. The Wocky Captain started babbling on about windy decks. He wasn't in any fit state to answer questions sanely, without babbling at the end about goats."

     "They put him back in charge?"



     The King rolled his eyes. "I find you guilty, and sentence you to work on the Dung Fields until you have repaid your debts." He grinned. "See you in 945 years."

     And so, within the course of an hour, Toggerneo had gone from happy, to confused, to annoyed, to sad, to smelly. It was like something out of a movie, or book, but of course this was real, and that worried the Gelert. He knew, though, that the Faeries would worry about him and rescue him.

     He waited about a half-hour, just long enough to realise that what he was working in was worth millions (Being Starry, Glowing and perfect for Battle) and shovelling as much dung as he could into his backpack. Then he gave up, and started trying to think of a way to escape the loose chains he wore, which made him feel like a ghost wandering around a huge mansion. Without the mansion. He'd been told off for moaning spookily, he got so involved in the idea of being a spirit. Unsurprisingly, throwing dung at the lock hadn't worked, nor had telling it off ('Bad chains! Unlock! Unlock!') so he was out of ideas.

     After a hard day of work, during which Toggerneo only managed to fit in four hours of dozing, the prisoners were taken back to the cells, which were tiny, cold and damp. The pet shivered as he tugged the small, rough blanket over himself, and with a sigh closed his eyes.

     There was a click, and his eyes flicked open again. The door to his cell had been unlocked, and he leapt to his feet to see Jeran, the hero of Meridell.

     "What's going on?" he asked, frowning as the Lupe slid some keys into his pockets. "Why are you letting me out?"

     "Hurry and you can find out," the hero whispered as he started walking back down the corridor. Toggerneo followed quickly, although still puzzled. The Lupe didn't speak again until they had gone through several sets of large oak doors and exited into the moonlit-outdoors.

     "Listen, I got word from Kauvara. I sent her a message, and she confirmed what I thought. Someone bought a Rainbow Gelert Morphing Potion earlier this week."

     "Rainbow? I'm red… oh, wait. The Swirly Potion."

     "What? Oh, never mind." The Lupe was still walking, making it hard for the colourful Pet to keep up. "A lot of strange things having been coming down from Darigan's Citadel recently, and strange noises have been heard. I think that would be the best place for a person to hide stolen goods- even I dare not go up there, amongst the demons."

     "You speak funny."

     "Shut up. You must get to the Citadel and find if someone who looks like you is hiding there. Proba- THERE!" Suddenly the hero was sprinting, and the Pet he had released gasped. Not far ahead, coming from the direction of Meri Acres Farm, was a Gelert that looked almost identical to Toggerneo. Upon seeing a tall Lupe running towards it, roaring angrily and tugging a large dagger from his pockets, the impostor turned and shot towards the general direction of Darigan's Citadel. It was amazingly fast, and soon out of sight, although Jeran didn't stop trying to chase for five more minutes.

     "So… what do you do in Meridell in your spare time?" the Gelert asked, to break the silence. Jeran looked down at him with a frown. "I, uhh, hear the Turdle Races are quite fun?"

     "I wouldn't know."


     A little more silence, in which Toggerneo thought about home. Suddenly he felt the Lupe at his side tap his shoulder.


     Up ahead was a large ladder, dangling out of the sky. The pair were finally directly underneath the Citadel, and staring at a the only way to climb up to the floating rock. Toggerneo gulped.

     "This isn't a good idea, is it?" the Gelert asked. "Climbing a poor-quality rope ladder, up to the centre of evil in Meridell, where I'm a fugitive, chasing a pet who has framed me for a huge crime."

     "Not a good idea? Don't be daft."

     "Oh, well, that's O-"

     And then the radish hit Toggerneo in the back, knocking him to the ground, and Jeran growled.

     "The guards are here! Get up there quickly, or they'll realise I've helped you!"

     The Gelert rubbed his head and nodded, before climbing to his feet. Quickly his paws were grabbing at the rope, tugging him higher as crossbow bolts and radishes hurtled past him. A sprout smacked into his leg, but other than that he managed to reach the top unharmed.

     On the surface the Citadel looked deserted, and dead, but every now and then Toggerneo thought he saw something move out of the corner of his eye. He shivered. A door slammed nearby, and he jumped. The Central Tower of the Citadel was the closest building, and so the pet hurried across to the stone structure, his feet making strange faint noises amongst the dead grass.

     The door to the Tower was heavy and old, but Toggerneo managed to tug it open. As he entered he saw a flick of a tail vanish up a curving staircase, and, shoving the fear to one side, gave chase.

     Every step took him higher and higher, until he was dizzy, but a faint flick of a tail or one long ear would draw him on, until-

     He emerged into a large room, where everything, all the ancient furniture and strange glass objects, was coated in dust. Strange shapes made by the moonlight, as it poured through the windows, made him shiver. The place looked like it wasn't lived in.

     And then Toggerneo knew the place WAS inhabited by someone. Because that someone was holding a large, dangerous sword against the Gelert's side.

     "Uhh, you know, I think I have the wrong evil fortress of doom. I'll just be leaving now-"

     A voice floated into his large ears, casual but with a strange tone.

     "So soon? That's no fun."

To be continued...

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