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The Dim Highlight of Kira's Life II: Part Three

by shadih_temporary


"Well," Ms. Owen started, taking a sip of coffee, "Principal Davis was actually late to work. Shame on you! You should know better,"

      "Lay off, Owen," Principal Davis sneered, unlocking the door to his office.

      Ms. Owen gasped and took another sip of coffee, "Tardiness AND rudeness? Excuse me as I go report you to school board officials."

      Principal Davis rolled his eyes as he stepped into his office. He shut the door behind him and sat at his desk.

      "Ugh, just another day of work," Principal Davis said miserably, taking the papers out of his briefcase.

      He stared off into space for a moment, "Wait, what am I doing here? Kira is in danger! I need to go help Alicia!"

      Ms. Owen, who was standing by Principal Davis's door listening in on him, gasped. "Oh, ho ho ho, Kira's got herself into a bit of trouble and he wants to help her, eh? I don't think so…"

      Ms. Owen pushed open the door and walked into Principal Davis's office. He had just finished putting his briefcase back together and sticking it under his desk.

      "Um… hello Ms. Owen…" Principal Davis said, confused.

      Ms. Owen had both her hands on Principal Davis's desk and was staring directly at him, smiling evilly. "Going somewhere?"


      "Meep!" Sidney exclaimed, urging Kira to try and move faster.

      She had just made it out of the Haunted Woods, and was walking extremely towards the school with that same blank expression glued to her face.

      'Ugh, I need to work on getting them to move faster,' Sidney thought, 'SPEED UP!'

      Kira continued to drag her feet through Neopia Central, slowly as ever. Sidney screamed.


      "Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I AM going somewhere," Principal Davis said to Ms. Owen. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be leaving."

      Ms. Owen blocked his way, "And risk getting fired? Over KIRA?!"

      "Yes, I am willing to take that risk, now move, Bird Brain," Principal Davis said scornfully.

      Ms. Owen merely stared at him in shock. "Er… erm… oh… uh…" she stammered.

      Suddenly, Principal Davis and Ms. Owen heard an electrical spark, and then the power in the school went out.

      "What happened?!" cried Ms. Owen.

      "I… I don't know…" Principal Davis whispered, using this time as an advantage.

      Principal Davis got down on all fours and crawled out of his pitch-black office and into the partly pitch-black hall. He stood up and fixed his tie. He then kicked the door to his office shut, and then turned around and locked it.

      "Hey! Let me out of here!!!" Ms. Owen panicked.

      Principal Davis laughed silently, and then heard glass shatter. He turned to his left to see a faint, shadowed figure, staring at him from all the way down the hall.

      "Hello?" Principal Davis called. "Is… someone there?"

      The figure started to move towards him very slowly.

      "Who---who are you?" Principal Davis said, beginning to walk towards the figure.

      The figure started running towards him extremely fast. Principal Davis's eyes widened when he saw the figure was coming towards him. He tried to turn around and run away, but he couldn't, because the figure running towards him was Kira herself. This time, she had no blank expression.

      "Kira?" Principal Davis said in disbelief.

      Kira stopped in her tracks when she reached him and panted, "Principal Davis, we HAVE to get to a place where we can hide!"

      "Hide? Why?" Principal Davis questioned her.

      "Long story, we have to get into your office!"

      "We can't go in there,"

      "Why not?"

      "Long story,"

      "Okay then, the janitor's close!"

      "Erm… okay…"

      Kira made he way over to the janitor's closet, which was placed directly beside Principal Davis's office. She opened the door, and she, along with Principal Davis, went inside the closet and shut the door.

      "Do you have a key to this closet?" Kira asked Principal Davis.

      "Yes, I'm the principal to this school, after all" he replied.

      "Lock the door!"

      "I can't see a thing, it's pitch black in here,"

      Kira extended her arm towards the wall behind her and discovered a shelf was placed there. She felt along the shelf until she found a flashlight. Kira grabbed the flashlight and turned it on. She shined the light on the keyhole of the door.

      "Lock it, hurry!" Kira ordered.

      Principal Davis reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring of keys. He selected a red key and stuck it into the keyhole.

      "Okay," Principal Davis said, "it's locked, now tell me what's going on."

      And at that, Kira told EVERYTHING to Principal Davis. She started with how she bought Sidney from the PetPet Shop three months ago and ended with her faking being hypnotized.

      "So, that's how you escaped the Meepit's clutches? You faked being hypnotized?" Principal Davis asked her.

      "Yup," Kira replied, grinning, "and I did a pretty good job, if I say so myself,"

      "Yes, but I think cutting the power at the school was a little too far," Principal Davis told her.

      "Well," Kira said, "to tell you the truth, I didn't cut the power,"

      "Then who did?"

      "My best guess would have to be that Sidney cut the power,"

      "But the main fuse box is in the janitor's closet,"

      "Is this the ONLY janitor's closet?"


      Suddenly, an empty can of Neocola rolled across the linoleum floor of the janitor's closet and stopped when it hit Kira's arm. Kira stared at the can for a minute, and then looked up to see Sidney the Meepit staring directly at her.

      Principal Davis and Kira gasped at the same time. The Meepit chuckled when he saw the two were frightened.

      'Hello, Kira', Sidney said to Kira telepathically.

      "No!" Kira cried.

      She hopped up from her sitting position on the ground and frantically tugged at the doorknob.

      Kira turned around to look at Principal Davis, "Keys!"

      "The red one!" Principal Davis exclaimed as he tossed Kira the ring of keys.

      She jammed the red key into the keyhole, and that's when Sidney reached behind himself and revealed a pair of rather sharp knife. He tossed it at Kira, and it slammed against the door, pinning itself to the wood right in front of Kira.

      She gasped, and then forced the door open. She bolted out of the closet and ran down the hallway. Sidney hopped over Principal Davis and ran after Kira.

      Outside, a Yellow Yurble and its owner were walking towards the school.

      "This'll be your new school!" the Yurble's owner said.

      "Do I HAVE to go to school?" the Yurble asked its owner.

      The Yurble's owner walked to the front doors of the school. The Yurble stayed behind to look through a window. He spotted Kira running down the hall, followed by Sidney the Meepit right behind her.

      "Mommy! Meepits are taking over the school!"

      "Nice try, but you're still going to school."

      Kira turned around to find Sidney was much faster than she expected. She needed a plan, and she needed one fast. Running down the hall as fast as possible, Kira spotted the girl's bathroom.

      "All right!" she exclaimed.

      Kira took a sharp turn to the left and zoomed inside the girl's bathroom. She stopped when she reached a sink, and then turned around. The bathroom was pretty darn dark, but it wasn't pitch black.

      Sidney slowly pushed open the door to the girl's bathroom. He smiled evilly when he found Kira was in the bathroom, and shut the door behind him.

      'Hello Kira,' Sidney said mentally, 'don't think you'll be escaping my hypnotism this time! I've got you cornered,'

      "Ya know, Sidney," Kira started, "I've been thinking, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be hypnotized. I mean, the least I can do is try it out,"

      '…really? Well! In that case, hold still!'

      "Wait! I'd rather have you REALLY close to my face. That way, I get the full blast,"

      'Well, erm, okay then…'

      Kira reached out and picked up Sidney. She held the pink ball of fuzz close to her face and smiled. Sidney shrugged, and his eyes suddenly turned large and glassy. That's when Kira ducked her head down low. She continued to hold Sidney at the same height.

      Unfortunately for Sidney, a mirror was placed right above the sink that Kira stood in front of. Sidney stared at his reflection with those evil, hypnotic eyes of his, and soon developed that annoying, blank expression.


      "Well, this is really it," Kira said, happily.

      When Sidney stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, he hypnotized himself.

      "And now that you're hypnotized, the only way you can do evil things is if someone tells you to! And no one would be that dumb."

      Kira finally arrived at the Money Tree. She had tucked Sidney under arm and walked all the way from the school to the Money Tree, planning to get rid of him once and for all. Kira let go of Sidney, and he fell to the ground and bounced twice.

      "May your new owner flush you down the toilet!" Kira exclaimed in a singsong voice.

      She skipped all the way back home. Unfortunately for her, General Kass just happened to be strolling throughout Neopia Central at the time. He spotted the drooling Meepit with the blank expression at the Money Tree.

      Kass picked up the Meepit and stared at it. "Well, I am a bit desperate for minions," he started, "oh! But this is just a silly, fat Meepit! It probably doesn't even have enough willpower to bite me,"

      The phrase 'bite me' rang in Sidney's head, until finally, he realized he had been given an order.


The End

A/N: The author would like to point out that most of this story was written during Social Studies class at school, because it's just so dang boring. ;)

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