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NeoQuest II: The Technical Part

by shadowcristal


GAMES ROOM – Perhaps you find yourself going to the Puzzles section and then choosing a little game called NeoQuest II, and entering a chaotic Neopia to slay monsters after that. If that’s the case, then this is article is perfect for you. If you don’t, go and try it out. It even has its own board!

By reading this, I assume that you already know the basic things about the game, like the skill point system and how you kill monsters. If you do not, go and check it out! Now, you may be wondering what I’m here to tell you about.

Contrary to what you might think, this article is not about how to spend your skill points, developing a strategy for four-monster parties, guiding you through the whole game or filled with bad maps. No, I’m here to tell you about the technical part of it all.

You may find joy in simply slashing monsters and drinking potions. But I’m sure you’ll get a lot more out of the game if you do some logical thinking first and plan the game to some degree instead of just killing bosses at random levels. Well, today is your lucky day. Below I have collected a list of things to keep in mind after you’ve decided that you like to play NeoQuest II. (Often shortened to NQII.) Planning the game (though not completely, some spontaneity is fun too) will probably let you enjoy the game a lot better than just getting irritated at the Four Faeries after losing to them for the fifteenth time.

Before Playing

First of all, decide what mode you will play in. If you have not played this game before, you are stuck with Normal. Once you’ve beaten Normal, you can play both Evil and Normal the next time and so on. Also, the mode will determine what prizes you receive after completing the game. Note that the battledome prize for InSaNe is only given out once, but battledome prizes for Normal and Evil will be given out for every game completed.

After that, do some research. Don’t whine and look like a lost Puppyblew, you’re going to need it. Research is a very important, technical part. If you’re playing for the first time and do not like stuff being spoiled, play the game however you want. Just don’t complain when you can’t find your way through the Lost Desert. As for the rest of you, research means information on how to play NQII. Reading a walkthrough is a good idea, especially if you do not want to be lost. Make sure you know which bosses that appear and get an idea of what level you should defeat them at. (There is a nice board that tells you this in the NQ + NQII board in the Neoboards, if you’re old enough. Check that out if you haven’t already done that.) A very, very important thing is to get good information on skill points. You’ll probably also want maps to guide you through the game. (Those can be found at some off-Neo sites.) If you’re new to this, start out by typing ‘neoquest’ in the search box up there and find some really good articles on the art of conquering the game called NeoQuest II.

One last thing to do before playing, perhaps one of the most important things, is to plan. Decide what levels you’ll be before beating bosses, if you want to be overleveled or not etc. But more important, decide on what you will spend your skill points on. As of right now, there are several good guides out there all giving you different tips for skill points. Decide what you think will work best for you or develop your own strategy, but make it effective. Work out the little details, like how much computer time you’ll get and when you expect to complete the game. If you know any NQII veterans, this is a good time to ask them questions concerning bosses and levels, so you can keep that in mind too while planning.

While Playing

If you’re new to the game, get used to the controls and system. If you are playing on a new mode, get used to the changes. After that, everything should go pretty smoothly.

Stick to your plan. Then you can just sit on the edge of your chair and click for your life as you watch your party knock the daylights out of the monsters. Enjoy the graphics. There is not a lot to be said while sitting and playing, because you should experience it all while still keeping your plan in mind. Especially when it comes to skill points. You cannot re-distribute them, so place them well (according to your plan) and don’t waste any of them.

Before battling bosses, you might want to level up to the next level so you will have full HP and a new skill point to increase your power. Try to find out their abilities beforehand so you won’t be sitting there and getting stunned round after round as a nasty surprise. Keep yourself cool and do what you know that you should do. For example, do not start attacking if you intended to throw a slow potion first. This should save you some frustration from dying just because you were not well informed or acted too hasty.

Take breaks. No matter how close you are to the next boss, if you’re tired and not concentrating perhaps you will click wrong and ruin the whole battle. If you plan to sit for several hours, it is a very good idea to take a break from the computer ten minutes or so after playing for an hour. Rest your mind and eyes. Of course, if you’re going for the speed challenge, this might not be the smartest thing to do. One word of advice: Snacks are nice while resting, but eat them away from the computer. It is not very fun to clean out the crumbles, trust me.

If you want some social interaction, you can go to the NeoQuest and NeoQuest II board in the Neoboards, provided that you are old enough. There will be boards like ‘chat and play’, where you can chat with others who play the same game. Perhaps you can get advice and tips for a boss, but don’t forget to stick to the plan. (To some degree, anyway.) You don’t need to do this, since it will probably take longer to complete the time if you do. But if you’re the kind of person who enjoys chatting, this might be the thing for you!

Upon Completion

Finally finished the game? Well, collect your prizes and gloat. Let everyone know your accomplishments, maybe admire that trophy in your cabinet and try out your new battledome weapon. (If you got one.) Be bouncing of happiness if you so wish, and brag about how you single-handedly beat Terask II.

Maybe it’s time to stop, or perhaps you want to play that wonderful game again. Well, I suggest that you distance yourself from it and gloat a while before returning to the wonderful world of NQII. That is, if you decide to play again, make a new plan, do some more research and get into it!

Playing the Game but Not Playing

Well, sometimes your mind might be there but you don’t have a computer connected to internet. This an extra section for those who can’t get enough of NeoQuest II. Here are some tips to help you quench your NQII thirst.

Try doing something NeoQuest II themed. Perhaps you can create an epic poem about the dangers those brave pets face when they go on this adventure or write about the day when Rohane and Velm started arguing with each other. If you’re bored, maybe doodling on paper would help. All of these NQII-related things can be polished and perhaps sent off to places such as the Art Gallery (scan in your darling doodles), the Poetry Competition and maybe even the Neopian Times! Now that’s doing something useful, NQII-related and still... useful.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to Neopets. Maybe you can make up your own song about NQII, some funny saying (like how Mipsy’s shoes are missing) , a couple of jokes and stuff like that. Write some zaney ideas down on paper on a rainy day; plan how you’ll play your next NeoQuest II game... Your imagination is the limit!

About NeoQuest II in General

NQII is a long game that takes lots of time to play for the average player. Expect to spend two months if you are an average player and play every day. (It took about 5-6 months on Normal for me, but I play on and off and write for the NT too.) Despite the long time it takes to complete the game (if you’re not playing the speed challenge), it is a very rewarding game. Through this game, which is a sub-section of Neopets itself, I’m sure you’ll learn new things. Just like how people view restocking, auctions, the stock market, the battledome and the Neopian Times as areas one can specialize oneself in, NQII one too. Not to mention all those spiff battledome weapons they are handing out at the moment (especially InSaNe, though playing that is really insane).

Well, that’s pretty much it for the technical part of the wonderful game called NeoQuest II. May luck be with you, adventurer. What are you waiting for? After having read this long article, isn’t it time to play some NQII? Go into the Puzzles section and play! :)

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Kat and Gav, the two NQII fantatics, for getting me hooked on this game. (And for the rest of you who hung out at the board and gave me all those helpful tips.) Also, the author is in no way responsible for any consequences of reading this article, such as one only playing NQII after logging into Neopets. Anyway, enjoy the game! Neomails will be appreciated, but if you have a question concerning the game, do some research or ask the veterans in the Neoboards first.

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