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A Quick Guide to Free the Crops

by s57v58


“Welcome to Meridell, home to some of the finest fruits and vegetables in the whole of Neopia!” reads a sign as you arrive at this wonderful place, full of games, crops, and SLORGS! Everywhere you turn, you can see those small, slimy petpets. It’s like an invasion. As you try to make your way through the path, trying not to squish any of them, you notice a Yurble that’s carrying a strange machine.

You go to him as fast as you can; amazed at the sight of the technology he’s carrying. “This is a ‘Slorgeriser X4’, an invention of mine. This machine spits out balls of Slorg-B-Gone,” he explains.

“Slorg-B-Gone?” you ask, confused.

“Yes, these balls that are thrown by the X4 are used to repel the Slorgs. I have decided that it is my duty to make crops Slorg-free,” says the Yurble. “But I seem to have a problem I can't resolve,” he says sadly.

“Anything I could do to help?” you ask him, edging him to keep on talking.

“Well, I need to make a quick visit to the Lost Desert, to buy some new items, to perfect the X4, but nobody in Meridell wants to take care of the Slorg situation, nor do they want to learn to use the Slorgeriser X4.”

You start thinking. Your mind spins in circles until you remember that the Neopets Team announced that there was an avatar for this situation, and what’s most important; you still need that avatar for your collection. “I could help you,” you tell the Yurble, and after these words left your mouth, you see how his eyes start illuminating.

“Thanks! You are a nice Neopian,” he says. “Though,” he continues, “I think the reason you wish to help is to claim the Attack of the Slorg Avatar, isn’t it?”

You nod shyly as you realize he read your mind.

“Worry not! I’ll still trust you with the Slorgeriser, and you can tell everyone you know, so they could use it too. You only need to aim the Slorgeriser right and left and press the Space Bar to fire the Slorg-B-Gone Balls. Match at least three Slorgs of the color at the same time to repel them, but if you fail to do so, they will increase in number - so watch out!” With this, the Yurble ends his explanation and leaves.

You start thinking of what he said and come up to the conclusion that it doesn’t sound too hard, and start working right away. However, after various tries, you find out that it’s too hard, because that tricky Yurble didn’t tell you that there were Special Slorg-B-Gone balls, and that the laser of the machine kept failing. You start getting depressed because you can't top 500 Slorgs, and you can't get the avatar… what could you do?

    This is where this guide begins. With it, I’ll try to guide you through the game, so you can find the easiest way to get a high score and get your avatar. So continue reading and good luck!

1. First of all, you need to know that there are special Slorg-B-Gone balls. You can recognize them because they seem to be glowing. These are the effects they produce: The Slorg Block (blue ones) divide the line of Slorgs in two; The Slowdown (green ones) obviously, like the name states, slows down the Slorg line; The Super Slorgeriser (brown ones) explode two or three Slorgs around the spot where you throw it; Multi Slorg (red balls) make your Slorg line get bigger; Puddle Water (the grey one) is a type of Slorg-B-Gone ball that makes your Slorg line all of the same color; and (finally) the Slorg Destruct (pink ones) eliminates all the Slorgs behind the spot where you throw it.

2. Second of all, you need to learn to aim so when you lose the laser, it’s not THAT HARD to get points. This can be done through practice alone.

3. Third tip: try to get combo bonuses. To do this, try to have in your Slorg line two Slorgs of each color, so when you throw the Slorg-B-Gone ball, you can destroy multiple color Slorgs. This gives you bonuses, depending on how many Slorgs of various colors were eliminated.

4. Another helpful tip is to try to kill most of the Slorgs when they are near the tube where they came from, since this also gives you a bonus.

5. During the game, Slorgs are NOT the only thing you can hit. There is also one Crazy Frog that appears from time to time below the Slorg Tube. Hitting it gives you 25 points. I suggest you hit it as much as you can.

6. As the game moves on, you may notice that many Slorg-B-Gone balls are not of the colors you need. What could you do? Simply throw them away! Either that, or throw them to the Slorg line (it’ll get bigger though), and try to get combos.

7. Get to know the Special Slorg-B-Gone balls, so you can discover which suits you the best. My personal favorites are the “Slorg Destruct” (color pink) and the “Puddle Water” (color grey), both previously explained. My suggestion for Puddle Water is to wait until the Slorg line is half-way to the crop so you have time to find the matching color Slorg-B-Gone ball, and then use it. For the Slorg Destruct, I would recommend using it when the Slorgs almost reach the crop. This gives you the advantage of destroying a great number of Slorgs in one single hit.

8. If you feel you need an ‘extra’ life in the game, it IS possible to have ONE! The only thing you need to do is type the word ‘marrow’ during the game, for an extra life! Use this wisely.

9. Try to memorize the path that the Slorgs will take in each level, and practice as much those in which you have the most difficulty.

10. Finally all I have to say, is BEWARE of a single event that may ‘curse’ your game: The Revenge of the Slorgs! This ‘revenge’ jinxes the Slorgeriser X4 making it turn the opposite direction of that you want (therefore, if you turn it left, it goes right; and if you turn it right, it goes left). Be extra careful, since it makes that specific level a bit harder.

These are some of the tips that I’ve discovered that suit me best while playing Attack of the Slorgs. Currently my high score is 6618 points, with a gold trophy. If you have any additional comments, feel free to Neomail me.

But before I end this guide, I just want to remark that the best way to get better at the game, once you know what special effects the Slorg-B-Gone have, is to practice a LOT! Good luck helping Meridell and good luck getting the avatar and a trophy if you aim for it!

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