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Hubrid's Hero Heist - The Guide

by undeadfortune


LOCKED IN NOX’S TOWER, HELP – I was just recently directed to this game, and I’m surprised at the lack of people who seem to play it from day to day. While the points rewarded for a successful game may be low, the replay value alone should appeal to even those that normally cross the street to avoid Flash games.


The game itself is separated in multiple levels, each with increasingly difficult challenges and gradually tougher enemies to face from floor to floor. With the abundance of different adversaries that stand in your way, the game rarely feels like a chore.

From stage to stage you almost want to see those shadow Shoyrus blocking your path, just to get your heart pounding as you move in to attack with your miniature wand. Which is also something to keep in mind. Your character’s wand has a very limited distance, and will only shrink Neopets that are no more then a squares distance from the Poogle.


While tricky at first, directing your Poogle takes nothing more then a few minutes of work to grasp. There are a few special moves that help to progress farther into the later stages, and without them, you’re a sitting Negg.

Basic movements are controlled with the directional keys, with the left key causing the Poogle to move left, and right key to move right, respectively. All specials are executed with the space bar, and timing with each move is crucial.

By pressing the space bar, your Poogle will perform a Shrink spell, and allow you to move past the enemy. Once you move over a bad guy, an item at random will appear on the stage and give you a small boost in points. Be careful while playing, as enemies will only remain in their altered state for approximately ten seconds.

Teleporting is also very useful, and almost needed in every stage later in the game. Teleporting works both ways, in that you may transfer your character up a floor, or down, but not if you try teleporting upwards on the top floor, or downwards on the bottom. To perform a teleport, hold the up, or down button on the directional keys and press spacebar.


From stage to stage, you will encounter many Neopets that Nox has ready to stop your assault on his tower. Each Neopet has their own power, and this guide will cover the basics of these Neopets until the third level.

Kacheeks – These Neopets will mindless walk around regardless of where your character is positioned. They will walk up and down ladders and walk until they bump into a wall. The only problems anyone may have with these Neopets are when they travel in groups, or when they drop from higher floors.

Lupes – Lupes are much smarter than Kacheeks, and favor attacking from afar. They will not throw bones on sight, but they do tend to toss them enough to become a problem if not kept in check. When travels about a stage, Lupes will also tend to move faster than Kacheeks.

Chias – While much smarter than Lupes, Chias will not move towards your character unless you are within range of their diving. Diving happens to be their only attack, and can allow Chias to move great distances very quickly. If you’re not careful, and quick with your wand, Chias can easily get the better of you.

JubJubs – These Neopets tend to favor ladders, and will always be found jumping. They are about the same speed as Kacheeks, and are inclined to wander about stages. Like all enemies, these Neopets can cause problems in groups, or when falling from higher floors.

Shoyrus – One of the toughest of the normal Neopets you’ll face, Shoyrus can really cause problems in pairs or groups. These Neopets will only travel in horizontal paths, and fire blue blasts of energy in twelve-second periods.

Faerie – First seen at the end of the first level, this Faerie can be not only distracting, but dangerous when not paid attention to. She’ll fire energy blasts at your current location, then disappear, only to reappear somewhere else on the stage. She does not have to be defeated in order to complete the level.

Bonus Items

Bonus items will appear after successfully casting a shrink spell on an enemy, and squishing them. These items, while helpful, are not necessarily needed to complete the game in one piece. For those attempting to win a high score, or find themselves on the trophy list, then every item rewarded is a must. Here is a basic outline of these items, listed in no particular order.

Gummy Aishas – 1,500 Points

Organic Turnip – 100 Points

Potato – 150 Points

Chokato – 400 Points

Green and Blue Negg – 800 Points

Peachpa – 350 Points

Teal Juppie – 200 Points

Asparagus – 500 Points

Scabu – 300 Points

Grey Negg – 1,000 Points

Pinanna – 250 Points

Box of Spyders – 3,000 Points

Starberry – 1,000 Points

Everlasting Apple – 5,000 Points

There are many more rare items that will appear throughout the levels, and offer 2,000 points and up. Keep a watchful eye out for these, as they only show up once or twice a game.


In all, this is a great game, with a lot to offer. While one of the better-kept secrets in the stash of Neopets games, I’m glad to have stumbled upon it. With a little practice, anyone can master the first few stages, and find the hidden fun waiting for them in the latter levels. It’s worth more than just a look, and more then just one attempt. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy squishing things?

Well until next time, good night. - Fortune

(Just a quick note or two. I’d like to thank jeffc_7227 for his help in identifying the many random fruits and veggies that appeared in the earlier levels, and helping to point out their names and value. I’d also like to thank a certain gaming contest who pointed out this game to me, and in a way helping this article be written.)

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