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Illusen vs. Jhudora

by hwtennisgirl6


"You have completed Illusen's Quest 3 - Congratulations!" Illusen's voice rang out through her Glade, and the words were joyously heard by the yellow Chia in front of her. "Oh... and before I forget... here's a little something for you..." Illusen handed the Chia an Illusen's Potion. The Chia avidly clutched the potion in his hands, considered drinking it, and then decided to sell it.

      The Chia stepped out of Illusen's Glade and jumped back, startled. He dropped the potion out of shock, but he managed to catch it again before it hit the ground. In front of him, a purple and black gown ominously twirled, blowing in the breeze and creating an unreal shimmering effect. This managed to completely terrify the small, now cowering yellow Chia.

      A threatening sounding female voice echoed into the Chia's ears and through his head, jumping at him from deep within the purple and black mass. "You are…Sharpett, correct?" she asked harshly, drawing out Sharpett's name in a vengeful fashion. Not only that, she stated the question rather than asking it, to show the Chia that she did in fact know the answer, she was just toying with him.

      "Y-y…yes, y-yes," Sharpett stuttered in a low voice, staring at the ground and not daring to look up at the rapidly swishing purple and black entity that faced him.

     "And…you have just completed an…Illusen's Quest," she said with disgust, glaring at the Chia evilly. "CORRECT?"

      Sharpett flinched away from the furious voice, and the one who made the voice. Although he could not see her face, and her fuming purple eyes, he seemed to have felt them piercing through his skin and quivered, frightened. "Well…well, ac-actually…"

     Her foot impatiently tapped on the grassy ground surrounding Illusen's Glade, and Sharpett saw the movement out of the corner of his eye. He responded by hurriedly rushing onwards with his answer, "Well, ye-yes, actually…"

      The Chia gained some confidence after she did not reply for a second or two, and asked, rushing and fearful of retaliation, "Are-are you Jhudora?"

      Jhudora was amused, but she made sure not to let Sharpett know that. Instead, she finally showed Sharpett her face, and, trying extremely hard to sound kind (but failing miserably), she said, "Yes, I am. Don't worry. I will do you no harm." Even this she said with a sarcastic overtone, despite all her efforts to the contrary, and the Chia's eyes reflected absolute skepticism that she would do anything of the sort.

      "Really. I just wanted to enlighten you as to why my quests are so much better than Illusen's." Jhudora snapped out the last word with her typical contemptuous, malice-filled growl, and she observed Sharpett's reaction, another flash of fear running through his black slits of eyes.

      "Control yourself, Jhudora," she thought to herself angrily. "You need to be kind to this inferior creature, much as it may disgust you and pain you to do it. Now, let's see what the Chia here most wants…"

      Jhudora now continued, as though she had never paused. "My quests are much more fulfilling to the soul…" No flash of longing or recognition appeared in Sharpett's eyes; he still appeared frightened, and he slouched as though bored. Jhudora moved on.

     "…and more profitable for the bank account." Sharpett suddenly looked up, paying much more attention to Jhudora now, his fear gone and his mind now somewhere else.

      "Ah-hah!" Jhudora thought triumphantly. "This one will be extremely easy to convert indeed. And she thought I wouldn't be able to…"

      Jhudora almost cackled to herself at having the Chia right where she wanted him, but by exerting a lot of effort, she held it in. "Yes, much more profitable!" continued Jhudora. "For example, the Purple Blob Potion I give out after completion of Quest 8 is worth about 35 Neopoints. Not that much, true, but the corresponding prize from Illusen on Quest 8 is worth only 2!"

      Sharpett nodded, and waited for more. Jhudora was perfectly willing to give him more, and did so.

      "If you can reach Quest 26 and complete it, I give you a 95,000 Neopoint item. In contrast, Illusen gives you only a 1,500 Neopoint item!" Jhudora announced, neglecting to mention that Jhudora Quests were much harder, and it was very difficult to reach Quest 26.

      Jhudora continued telling Sharpett her prizes, and the amazing profit they garnered in comparison to Illusen's. As she went on, Sharpett's eyes seemed to light up, getting brighter and brighter as his hypothetical profits grew greater and greater.

     When Jhudora finished her speech, Sharpett was quivering with anticipation. "Oh Jhudora, it sounds wonderful! When can I begin?" The Chia suddenly remembered something, and murmured doubtfully, "But…but…don't you not allow pets who have done an Illusen's Quest to do your quests afterwards?" At the thought of all these prospective Neopoints slipping away, Sharpett almost screamed, his ears and tail shaking miserably.

      "Well…" Jhudora said, pretending to consider it, although she already knew what her decision would be. "If you swear you'll never again take an Illusen's quest, or even venture into her Glade…"

      "I swear!" Sharpett quickly interrupted. "I swear, never again!!!"

      "I guess then I could make an exception, and give you your first quest right now, if you wanted it…" Jhudora said, and she waited for the Chia's reaction.

      "Yes, yes please!" Sharpett gleefully replied. "Thank you, thank you so much!"

      "Find me my Usul Bedtime Stories, then," Jhudora commanded. The yellow Chia rushed off, his tail quivering with excitement.

      "Finally, that annoying…thing…is gone," Jhudora murmured to herself.

      Jhudora stepped next to the door to Illusen's Glade, swung it open, and stepped inside with a grimace.

-- --

      Illusen saw the frown Jhudora wore, and smiled in triumph. Illusen gloated, and said, "Lost again? So I expected," smiling at Jhudora.

      "That is where you are wrong," Jhudora announced smugly, smirking. "My grimace was at the thought of having to see you." Illusen frowned, glaring at her nemesis, green eyes glowing with contempt and disgust. Jhudora continued proudly, "And my Leaf Taco as a reward?"

      "And the Chia even swore that he would never enter this beautiful glade again?" Illusen questioned Jhudora, hoping that Jhudora was lying although she could sense the truth behind her words.

      "Yes, yes," Jhudora gleefully remarked. "He swore. You can sense the truth in my words. Now, can you give me my prize?" Since Illusen could sense the truth, she had no choice but to give it up, and she handed it to Jhudora.

      Jhudora took a bite of the Leaf Taco, closed her eyes as if in bliss, and licked her lips slowly, relishing the taste of it. Illusen muttered to herself, disappointed, "I thought I would win that bet; the Chia seemed truly happy to fulfill quests for me, and not the kind to give in to Jhudora…" She stopped, thinking about her options and shaking her head to rid her ears of the contented noises Jhudora made while she ate.

      "Although it makes me sick to have you contaminating my Glade and in my presence," Illusen uttered in disgust, "I really need that Portable Cloud for a spell of mine." She sighed and told Jhudora, "I'll bet you two Leaf Tacos against the Portable Cloud and a Bartamus that you can't get Roldit to swear that he will never enter my Glade. He, unlike that traitorous Chia, is truly loyal to my cause…"

      Jhudora looked up from her food at that, although she was only half done with the taco, and met Illusen's eyes, the purple meeting the green with a clash.

      "Deal," Jhudora answered, excited about the prospect of winning two Leaf Tacos. "Now, I must go, since being in your presence for much longer may tempt me to use a spell on you very soon…" She grabbed the remnants of her Leaf Taco, and with an extravagant flourish of her gown, she vanished.

      "Show-off," Illusen announced in disgust, getting up and walking to her kitchen to cook two more Leaf Tacos.

-- --

      The reason Illusen and Jhudora do sometimes meet and talk (although rarely), loyal reader of the Neopian Times, is now to be revealed to you. You see, the legendary tales about Jhudora and Illusen, and their rivalry and hatred of one another, are absolutely true. Except for one small fact the legends conveniently forgot to mention. Jhudora's absolute favorite food, which she would kill for (and has in the past), is a food only Illusen can make - the Leaf Taco.

The End

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