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Mystical Insight into a Mystical Mind

by youkos_lil_fox


MYSTERY ISLAND - I decided to wander through Neopia today. No particular reason, but my travels took me back to Mystery Island. I remembered visiting the Tombola earlier that day, and had to smile since I had gotten a Booby Prize, a somewhat rarity for me. Then, my gaze settled on a small hut off the coast of the island. Suddenly I found myself walking towards the hut and into the door.

“Ah! Came here for your fortune, didn’t you?” the Mystic greeted me, sitting me down on a reed floor mat.

“Well, actually, I wanted to see if you’d answer some of my questions,” I stammered, for it was quite a while since I last visited him.

“Okay then! Just remind me to give you your fortune before you leave!” he exclaimed, sitting across from me. I wasn’t sure what I was exactly going to say, but I took out a few pieces of paper and a pen, and got right down to it.

Me: “Well, first off, how have you been? It seems like forever since I’ve been here!”

Island Mystic: “Oh, it’s been great. Lots of people visit every day to hear what the day holds for them.”

Me: “I see. Do you think your predictions are accurate? I’ve heard some Neopians complaining about their fortunes… I wanted to know if you’ve had problems with them.”

Mystic: “Really? Well, I would explain my technique… but I just can’t. :) That’d take all the fun out of it! “

Me: “Yeah, I don’t blame you. Someone might read this and try to steal it and charge Neopoints for fortunes.”

Mystic: “Exactly. I don’t believe I have to charge anything. I enjoy offering my advice for free.”

Me: “Do you think your popularity has anything to do with the avatar you give out?”

Mystic: “It might…but it may take a while before a Kyrii comes into your fortune. It’s not my fault if you don’t get it right away. I only tell you what I get according to my secret technique I mentioned earlier.”

Me: “Makes sense. I remember getting the avatar. It was so long ago.”

Mystic: “It’s basically luck. I can’t lie to you for the sake of an avatar. What if you got attacked by Meepits and I didn’t warn you? Then I’d be liable.”

Me: *Nods* “How did you end up on Mystery Island anyway?”

Mystic: “It was a LONG time ago, believe me. I think the first time I was here was with my parents. They were a bit surprised when I decided to tell fortunes for a living. I enjoyed this island so much I knew I just had to move here and set up my hut, which we’re sitting in right now.”

Me: “Awesome. Another question, how would you describe your fashion sense?”

Mystic: “My fashion sense? Hmmm….I find it very practical. It gets awful hot here often, and it’d be such a pain to wear hot, sticky clothes all the time. I hate if I put something on and have to take it off again when I get hot. It just doesn’t work for me.”

Me: “Where’d you get your nose done then?” *Gestures to pierced nose*

Mystic: “A very kind Kougra did it for me. He was super nice, and even let me pick out what size of a bone I wanted. It only hurt a little, I could handle it though. But I don’t recommend it for everyone.”

Me: *Nods again* “Very wise words. So are you a self-taught mystic or did you get trained?”

Mystic: “Completely self-taught.” *Beams with pride*

Me: *Smiles* “I see… Have you ever thought about passing on your wisdom and technique to a student to keep the fortunes coming after you retire?”

Mystic: “Retire? I’ve never considered that! I can’t even imagine taking a break! I suppose that’s not a bad idea though…”

Me: “If you do retire, would you consider moving again?”

Mystic: “Not at all! I love this island, I’ll never move away.”

Me: “Again, if you do retire, can we still come and visit you?”

Mystic: *Grins* “Absolutely! I’d miss the visitors, anyone’s welcome at any time! Just drop by.”

Me: “I’ll have to come by more often then. What’s the purpose of the little skull thing you hold onto?”

Mystic: *Holds up skull thing* “This? I must say it is a secret. :) I just can’t tell you that, sorry.”

Me: “Oh, no problem. It’s rumored that sometimes your predictions include trousers. What are your thoughts on that?”

Mystic: “Trousers? I feel sorry for some of those people! It’s not my choice what your fortune for any particular day will be. Take it as warning and you should be fine.”

Me: “Excellent advice. Why do you give out the avatar only when you tell a fortune dealing with Kyrii?”

Mystic: “What a silly question! Because I am a Kyrii! I find that to be a fitting reason.” *Laughs*

Me: *Laughs also* “Why didn’t I think of that! It’s brilliant!”

Mystic: “Thanks for saying so. Are there any more questions you have for me?”

Me: “Yes, one more I can think of. What’s my fortune for today?”

Mystic: “I love that question. :) You will have unusual luck at the Food Shop.”

Me: “Time to go shopping! *laughs* Thanks for answering my questions.”

Mystic: *Laughs too* “Good luck shopping. Come back if you think of anything else you need to know. And don’t forget to find out your fortune every day.”

I waved good-bye as I left the hut, returning to the main part of Mystery Island. Surprisingly, I felt compelled to run back and ask one last question.

Me: “Oh! One more question: Why don’t you tell us lottery numbers or which Poogle or Turdle to bet on?”

Mystic: *Winks* “I can’t tell you. Why, you want to ask me? Simply this: If I gave out winning Poogles, Turdles, and lottery numbers, I’d have to start charging for my predictions.”

That was the biggest question I had, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any numbers out of him. :( Maybe he’ll start giving them out if we visit him every day, regardless of the avatar. But hey, would we really want to pay to hear our fortunes and only have a chance for some numbers? They may not even be the right ones! If I didn’t ask him a question you want the answer to, go ask him yourself! He’s really not that bad, and the fashion and nose piercing should catch on….someday.

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