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A Gift for Fyora

by hottamale0774


Fyora knew today was Fyora Day. When she had woken up that morning and checked her calendar, it said in big, bold red letters 'Fyora Day today!' It didn't feel like Fyora Day, though. Crimes that she had to solve went on in Neopia Central, in Meridell and Brightvale Kings Skarl and Hagan still fought and Fyora had to help them make amends, riots started in the Carnival of Terror because of all the rigged games, riots started in Mystery Island because pets said that Tombola was unfair, wars started in Krawk Island because of stupid things, like someone saying their eye patch was the best, pets from the South froze on Terror Mountain and Fyora had to rescue them, snow pets melted in the Lost Desert and Fyora had to get them back to Terror Mountain refreeze, Fyora had to make sure the giant omelette was always refilling, and even in Faerieland, the Faerie Queen had to stop the little bickers that aroused from her subjects, the Faeries, about who was the prettiest and things like that.

     So when Fyora returned home to her castle after her normal and exhausting day, a day in which not one pet wished her a happy Fyora Day, she was disappointed and sad. All her maids asked her what was the matter, but Fyora just sighed, shook her head, and whispered, "Nothing."

     Fyora went up three sets of stairs and had to answer three sets of maids before she reached her bedroom. Once inside it, she shut and locked her door. Even on days as glum as this one, seeing her bedroom made Fyora perk up a little. It was a small room, the smallest in the house, that was overcrowded with a huge purple bed with three pink pillows on it, a purple dresser that had an over sized mirror hanging above it, a long closet that took up the whole left wall, and a tall bookshelf filled with books. On Fyora's bed sat her Ona, Percy.

     Fyora leaped onto her bed, threw her pink high heels onto the floor, and hugged Percy tightly to her chest.

     "Oh, Percy today has been horrible! No one remembered it was Fyora Day. I just had to work, work, work!" Fyora sobbed as she said this to her petpet.

     The Ona kissed Fyora on her chin. Sniffing loudly, Fyora smiled down at Percy and Percy smiled back up at her.

     "At least I'll always have a petpet who loves me, right Percy?" for a reply Percy kissed Fyora again.

     There was suddenly a knock on the bedroom door.

     "Come in!" Fyora called.

     "Ma'am, the door's locked!" came the voice of one of Fyora's maids, an Earth Faerie named Leah.

     "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot! One second!"

     Fyora gently set Percy back down on the bed and walked over to the door. She unlocked it and opened it to reveal the short Earth Faerie who was holding a square package wrapped in brown paper.

     "Somebody just dropped it off at the front door. I'm not sure what it is," said Leah.

     "It might be something interesting. May I have it please?" asked Fyora.

     Leah held it out hesitatingly. Fyora could tell she was afraid it was something dangerous inside.

     "You can leave, Leah. I'm a big girl," Fyora whispered.

     Leah grinned and waved goodbye as Fyora closed and locked the door yet again.

     "Look, Percy, someone sent me a package. I wonder what it is," wondered Fyora as she went to sit next to Percy on the bed.

     The first thing Fyora examined was the outside. On it was a short note written in blue marker.

      Queen Fyora,

     Happy Fyora Day!

     Fyora grinned at seeing someone remembered it was Fyora Day. She tore the brown paper off hurriedly to reveal a white box. On it was another note in the same blue marker. It was actually a poem.

           We look up to you

     When you help us out

     We love you

     Day or night

     We long to see your face

     Because you're a pretty as can be

     You give us gifts every day

     Now it's time for yours

     So Happy Fyora Day

     Here's a gift from me

     The faerie queen reread the poem three times, and then read it aloud for Percy to hear.

     "This is beautiful, Percy, and not only because it's about me. After I open the box up, I think I'll tape this poem on the wall."

     Now eager to see inside the box, Fyora carefully opened up the lid and peered inside. There was absolutely nothing in the box.

     Disappointed, Fyora started walking over to her trash can next to the dresser to throw the box-part away; she was still keeping the lid to tape onto the wall. Just as she was about to get rid of the box forever, she saw a note in the blue marker on the very bottom of the box.

      Queen Fyora,

     Did you think I could just let you go without a present? Meet me at the tree on the right side of Faerie Furniture at 7:00 NST to get your present.

     Fyora glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 6:56! Giving Percy a quick kiss on the forehead and pulling on some fluffy pink slippers, Fyora ran out of her room and down the stairs, her maids giving her strange stares. On the second floor, the seamstress maid stopped her.

     "Fyora, about that new dress for the Faerie Ball..." the maid started, but was cut off by Fyora running away.

     "Sorry, I've got to run! Tell me about it later!" shouted Fyora as she ran down the last flight of stairs and out the front door.

     Neopets and faeries alike stared at Fyora as she sprinted down the street, knowing that 7:00 couldn't be less than a minute away. Finally, she saw the huge store that was Faerie Furniture and a huge tree next to it that had to be the one her mysterious gift-giver had talked about.

     Fyora put on an extra burst of speed and ran up to the tree. She then stopped and laid one hand on the tree, panting. When she was recovered, she looked around for the pet. The only pet there was a scrawny green Kacheek dressed in rags who was sitting against the tree.

     "Excuse me; have you seen someone else by this tree?" Fyora asked the Kacheek.

     "No, ma'am," the Kacheek replied.

     There was a pause for a few minutes.

     "Are you looking for someone who gave you a present?" the Kacheek asked suddenly.

     "Yes, how would you know?" questioned Fyora.

     "That was me," the Kacheek whispered.

     Fyora glanced at the scrawny pet. It didn't look like he could afford a decent meal, let alone a gift box, brown paper, and a blue marker.

     "What's your name?" Fyora asked.

     "Konnie," the Kacheek replied.

     "Konnie, will you tell me something?"

     "Of course, Queen Fyora."

     "How could you afford to buy me something?"

     Konnie stared at the ground for a few minutes before replying,

     "I really wanted to get you something for Fyora Day, so I didn't eat for a week to save up enough Neopoints to get something. After I got the box, paper, and marker I only had two Neopoints left, enough for only a pile of dung. I decided to just give you the box and tell you to come here so I could give you the present of...of..."

     Konnie broke down crying, his head in his hands. Fyora knelt down next to the Kacheek, rubbing his back and making shushing sounds.

     "I just wanted to get you something special," mumbled Konnie through his tears.

     "You did get me something special, Konnie. Not one other person today wished me a happy Fyora Day. You did that and so much more. You put me before yourself, something I've never seen anybody do before. You were completely selfless and I will be forever grateful for that. You have given me the best gift ever, Konnie."

     Konnie smiled up at Fyora through his tear-streaked face.

     "Goodbye, Fyora," Konnie whispered.

     "Goodbye, Konnie," Fyora whispered.

     As Fyora walked away, she thought about what she said. Konnie had given her the best gift ever. She knew she had given him the best gift ever also: a friend.

The End

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