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How I Saved Neopia From the Gleep: Part Two

by tambourine_chimp


When they had finally reached Neopia Central, the Gleep hovered a few inches off the ground, taking in the sights and sounds of this brand new planet. They were more or less ignored, and those that did spot them merely put them down to new Petpets or escaped experiments of Doctor Sloth. And anything to do with Sloth was reason enough for the two strange creatures to be left well enough alone.

      When Holly the Faerie Ixi had finally caught up with the two alien life forms, they hadn't moved much at all, but instead were constantly revolving to see everything they could. "Well, where do you want to start?" she asked in an attempt of bored tones, though really, in the depths of her mind, she was still plotting how best to get rid of the invaders.

      "Hmm?" Previously unaware of her presence, the Gleep jarred to a halt from all their turning to look up at her with demanding authority (or how best they thought they could manage it given the circumstances). "Oh, yes, well," Conqueror One began, thinking hard as to what he would like to do first. "I believe it is traditional for you to…take us to your leader? Yes, that will do fine for starters…so, Neopian! Take us…to your leader!"

      "I heard you the first time," Holly muttered darkly, thinking fast. Looking around desperately, she spotted a kind soul donating a large sum of NP to the Money Tree, giving her a great idea. "Our leader…? Oh, why, of course! Our leader! Well, you just happen to be in luck because our leader - no, our ruler is right here, right now!"

      "Well, then take us to him!" the Conquerors snapped impatiently, preening themselves as best a floating egg-shaped furry green alien with three fangs and two eyes atop each other possibly could. "And less dawdling, whilst you're about it; take us to him immediately! It is urgent that we speak to him and present him with our demands."

      "If you insist, O Great and Mighty Gleepians!" Bowing mockingly, Holly picked the two aliens off of the floor and onto her back (gritting her teeth as their greasy green fur stuck to hers) before setting off in the direction of the Money Tree.


     With a sigh, the Money Tree accepted the large Neopoint donation with a tired attempt at gratification. Not that it'll hang around long, he thought glumly to himself as, sure enough, a wide-eyed Wocky urchin picked up the bag of NP before shooting off like a spark in the general direction of the Hotdog Stand. Would've been interesting had it been a world record…but I don't think anyone will ever beat the time it took for that Meerca to take the Fire Paint Brush. I ask you, how anyone can take a donation two seconds before it's even been donated defies all the laws of Time…

      No, once - just the once - the Tree wished dearly that something interesting would happen instead of the normal 'Pet Make Donation, Other Pet Take Donation, Ghosts Steal the Rest." Was it really too much to ask for just a touch of variety in his life, a touch of class and originality that would make him stand up (well, straighten his trunk, at least) and say, "Yes, that was new!" What was wrong with wanting something interesting to happen once in a while?

      This, of course, was when a certain female Faerie Ixi and her two little 'friends' turned up.

      "This is him," Holly announced to her passengers, who seemed slightly nauseous from their trip. "This is our leader, so I'll just let you three do what you have to do, and…"

      "Not so fast," groaned Conqueror One it floated down to the ground and began inspecting the Money Tree carefully. "This is no leader, it is but a tree! A wooden-based plant with a leafy crown, and you try to mock us by saying it is your leader? Now, either you're lying to us, or you race are so primitive they still think fire is the best thing since sliced Grinkle Roast!"

      "No, no, no, no! No lie, I promise! This here tree is so powerful that we Neopians fear it above all else on this planet," the Ixi told the alien hurriedly. "In fact, we are so scared of its power that we pay it tribute every minute! Look!"

      Upon spying a Bori about to donate a Super Toy Sail Boat, Holly snatched it from the pet's perplexed grip, turned back to the Money Tree and knelt before it, Boat raised above her head. "Oh, merciful tree, spare me from your wrath! Please accept this humble offering I present to you…"

      "But I was going to," the Bori began desperately before being pushed away by the Faerie Ixi's foot.

      "Begone, wretched creature, and hope the Tree does not smite thee with heavy vengeance and…erm, bark!" So saying, Holly laid the Boat down amongst the rest of the Money Tree's donations, as her two strange partners looked on with bewildered fascination. "Now it's your turn," she told them with a sly whisper as she turned back to face the two aliens.

      "Pardon?" asked Conqueror Two in awed surprise, his gaze fixed upon the face of the Tree, which looked upon the proceedings with something that strangely resembled regret.

      "Offer the mighty Tree something, or suffer the…planty consequences!" Holly told them with another furtive whisper. "And hurry, for the Tree does not like to be kept waiting!"

      "Oh, yes, of course, only…what should we offer?"

      "That 'Obliteratron ZL68,' of yours would make great tribute to the mighty Tree; a sign of peace from across the stars." Holly stated, pointing at the weirdly shaped ray gun clenched in the tentacle of the first Gleep.

      The two Gleep seemed to mull this over for a short time. Sure, it meant handing over the only weapon they'd brought with them, but they didn't wish to anger this amazing being. "Very well!" muttered Conqueror One reluctantly, hovering over to the Money Tree and depositing it amidst the rest of its donations. "There, be fruitful and…erm, bear fruit, Oh Wise and Great Tree!"

      As soon as he had retreated back to join his partner, Holly leapt upon the Obliteratron with a whoop of delight. "Now I have you!" she cried victoriously, spinning around to face the two startled and now very well confused aliens. "It's back to your own planet for you, you bug-eyed freaks!"

      "You dare take tribute from the Mighty Tree?" the first Gleep asked with seething outrage.

      "Oh, come on! He's not our leader, you dopes! He's just a Tree that looks after all our donations to the poor and the needy!"

      "Then…then you tricked us!"

      "Uh-huh," Holly nodded proudly, the Obliteratron gun clenched firmly between her hooves. "Guess us Neopians aren't as primitive as you thought, huh?"

      "Indeed," Conqueror Two muttered in dark defeat before his horizontal eyes lit-up with hope and realisation. "However, there is now one flaw in your plan."

      "Really, and what's that?"

      "With those clumsy hooves of yours, how can you ever hope to use the Obliteratron ZL68? You can't even touch the trigger, let alone pull it!"

      "Wanna bet?" growled Holly in her best shot at assuming to be in control, "Just watch me…"

      Fumbling around, the Ixi struggled to get a firm grip on the gun, trying desperately to push her hooves through the gap and pull the trigger. When she finally managed this, the gun was pointing upwards and a stream of aqua-blue energy shot up into the air, singeing the Money Tree's branches and burning holes in the low-hanging clouds.

      The two Gleep screamed in panic, throwing their tentacles into the air and hovering away as fast as they could. "Away, Conqueror Two!" shrieked One as they tore through Neopia Central in the vague direction they had arrived. "Back to the ship! The inhabitants of this planet are far too mentally unstable for us to control! Cancel all plans for domination, this nuthouse will never be part of the Gleep Empire!"

      The Faerie Ixi followed close behind, firing warning shots into the air just in case either of the aliens happened to change their mind.

      And as for the Money Tree…? Well, he stayed more or less where he was, thinking how awful a sense of humour the fates had, and that he would be more careful what he wished for in future.


     Holly re-entered her bedroom just in time to see the two Gleep shoot out through the window. Leaning out, she watched intently as they floated up the roof and into her Neohome's chimney, screaming like little girls who had just seen something crawl out of some dung. Before she had time to wonder if they were trying escape down the chimney, the Gleep spaceship rose out from where they had hidden it the night before. So that's why the fireplace seemed to be blocked this morning, she sighed with a slight smile as the round metal orb rose higher and higher, its three metal legs sliding back into it as it reached the clouds…where it remained, hovering mysteriously.

      "On second thoughts," the voice of Conqueror One screeched shrilly from the ship, "maybe we will conquer your measly planet after all. Yes, yes…we'll just go home and amass our war fleets and then, and then you'll be sorry! We'll civilise you mad lot if it's the last thing we do, just see if we don't!"

      With those last threatening words, the spaceship shot into space with a loud 'Pop!' and Holly - and the rest of Neopia, for that matter - was once again alone.

      She wasn't alone for long, though, as a few seconds later her owner popped his head around the door, frowning. "I thought I just heard something weird…something about conquering a planet?" he asked with a confused mutter. "That wasn't you playing one of your silly little games, was it, Holly? What have you been up to?"

      "Oh, nothing, Dad," she sighed happily as she took one last look at the skies, "just saving the world, that's all…"

  The End

Author's Note: Will the Gleep be back for a full-blown invasion? Or will they arrive home to waffles and forget the whole thing? I don't know, do you? Feel free to Neomail me with your thoughts on this story, and if you think you've had any encounters with the Gleep yourself ;)

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