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An Interview with Jimmi and Woogy

by puregold0


GAMES ROOM - You know Jimmi and Woogy, and you love Jimmi and Woogy. But do you know the real Hasees behind the game? I got a chance to interview Jimmi and Woogy, and well, let's just say they're not the perfect little cute Hasees you think they are.

Me: Hello Jimmi, hello Woogy. I'm here to interview you. The title of my article is going to be, "An Interview with Jimmi and Woogy." Does that sound okay?

Jimmi: "An interview with Jimmi and Woogy?" Wow, you're creative...

Woogy: How come Jimmi's name has to be first? I mean I am obviously more important than him. I pick up the orange doughnutfruits, and FYI: orange is better than purple.

Jimmi: Let's not argue, Woogy. Everybody knows purple is better, so there's no use in discussing it.

As Jimmi and Woogy babble on, I begin to get quite impatient.

Me: I am going to ask you my first question now.

Jimmi: Okay, you do that.

Me: What is your favorite doughnutfruit?

Woogy: I like rainbow doughnutfruits. Man, those things are good. Every yummy flavor imaginable, combined into one doughnutfruit. It's genius.

Jimmi: Personally, I think rainbow doughnutfruits are overrated. My favorites are silver doughnutfruits because there's one in every game. I guarantee it.

Woogy: Whatever. You’re just jealous because I always get the good doughnutfruits.

Gosh, do these two ever stop arguing?

Me: Do you two have to use teamwork to collect the doughnutfruits?

Jimmi: Yes, because when I jump, he has to jump.

Woogy: No, when I jump you copy me. I’m the first one in the game to jump, because I’m on the left side. It’s all about me!!!!!

Me: But you two do cooperate to make sure nobody eats something gross like a pile of dung…

Woogy: Well, somebody by the name of JIMMI always purposely jumps so I fall into the gross stuff.

Jimmi: I can’t help it, Woogy. I’m trying to get the doughnutfruit. Maybe if you weren’t so clumsy…

Woogy: Hey! I’m not the one who misses my cues!

Me: Settle down, guys. There’s still more questions to answer. The next question is… Have you ever gotten hurt when jumping or landing?

Jimmi: Yeah, it’s tough jumping and landing. Sometimes Woogy and I make plans to jump, but sometimes we have to jump on really short notice.

Woogy: Yeah, good thing we’re squishy.

Finally something they agree on!

Me: So you wouldn’t recommend jumping for doughnutfruits to anyone else?

Woogy: Definitely not, they might get hurt.

Jimmi: I would recommend it. It’s fun and tasty. You get to eat all the doughnutfruits you catch.

Woogy: True, but it can really hurt.

Me: So are you saying you would rather do something else?

Woogy: Well, I’ve always wanted to be in Hannah and the Pirate Caves. She is my idol. We could fight crime together and… wow, that would be so cool!

Jimmi: For future reference Woogy, we are trying to make ourselves look good so people will play our game, not Hannah’s. Don’t you think puregold0 would interview Hannah if she wanted to hear about Hannah’s game?

Woogy: Oh, er, you all should play Hasee Bounce because…

Me: That was my next question. Why should people play Hasee Bounce?

Woogy: Because it’s fun! It’s really entertaining!

Jimmi: No, they should play it so that they get lots of Neopoints.

Woogy: No!

Jimmi: Yes!

Woogy: No way!

Jimmi: Yes way!

Woogy: No…

Me: You guys act like enemies, but do you enjoy the company of each other?

Jimmi: Well, uh, you see… I guess, I mean it’s fun jumping with you, Woogy.

Woogy: Yeah, I wouldn’t want to collect doughnutfruits with anyone else.

Me: Aw, that’s so cute.

Jimmi: We are not cute. Don’t call us that. We are not angelpusses.

Me: Uh, okay, whatever you say. So… what is your opinion on neggs?

Woogy: Yuck. Those things are gross. Doughnutfruits are so much better. Neggs have that gritty…negg taste.

Jimmi: Wow, Woogy. That was just about the dumbest thing you ever said.

Me: What do you think about neggs, Jimmi?

Jimmi: They are okay, I guess. I visit the Neggery a lot. The Negg Faerie is so amazing. Did you know that she takes care of hundreds of neggs and everybody is always bothering her about what they can get for this negg and what they can get for that negg.

Woogy: I still think Hannah is better. She rescues people and saves stuff and gives to the poor.

Jimmi: The Negg Faerie takes care of neggs. It’s a big job. Not like, “look, I’m Hannah, I just have to look pretty.”

Woogy: Let’s ask puregold0 what she thinks. I’m sure she’ll agree with me.

Jimmi: Yeah, right.

Me: Well, I, uh, gee… what happened to that thing you guys said about enjoying each other's company?

Jimmi: I never said that.

Woogy: Yeah, you did. Don’t lie.

Jimmi: No…I don’t recall it.

Woogy: Yes…

Jimmi: No…

Woogy: Is this going to be in the newspaper?

Jimmi: I don’t know… ask puregold0. Is this going to be in the newspaper?

Me: Yes…

Woogy: Okay.

We all sit in silence for a couple minutes. I’m surprised that I don’t hear Jimmi and Woogy arguing. It seems to me that they argue about anything they can argue about. Deep down, I know they love each other. Jimmi begins to tap his foot. It is a slow and steady rhythm.

Me: Okay, my next question is, in what ways are you two alike and in what ways are you different?

Woogy: Hmm…I know! We’re both Hasees!

Me: Right…what else?

Jimmi: Well, Woogy and I both love going to the Tyrannian Concert Hall.

Woogy: Oh yeah, and a way we're different is that I like Hannah and Jimmi likes the Negg Faerie.

Jimmi: Which, by the way, the Negg Faerie is so much better than Hannah.

Woogy: Is not!

Jimmi: Is too!

Woogy: Is not!

Jimmi: Is too!

    So there you have it. Woogy and Jimmi aren’t so perfect after all. They’re just like any ordinary siblings. Well, it looks like that’s all I’m going to get out of them. I’ll leave them to solve this one on their own. Why waste more time listening to those two bicker? Get out there and start jumpin’ for doughnutfruit!

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