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Go, Go, Go, but How Far???

by deandco


I'm sure everyone knows about the game Go! Go! Go!, but how far can you really go in this game? From personal experience, it took me a while to get the bronze trophy in this game, and it is a very confusing card game, so I have a couple of pointers and tips for when you are playing Go! Go! Go!.

First off, you need to know that practice makes perfect. Without practicing, you won't be able to get far in this game, let alone in any game. Now, I'm not saying this to put you down, but all the experienced Neopians practiced a lot before they mastered a game. So, even if you use these tips and pointers, you will never get far without practicing that game first!

The object of the game Go! Go! Go! is to get rid of your cards. You start out with 3 cards in your hand, 3 cards in your Face Ups pile, and 3 cards in your Face Downs pile, and the rest of the cards are in the Draw pile. Then you have to put your cards down in order to make the other players not go and pick up the pile. You will keep going throughout the game with 3 cards until the stack pile and the draw pile have run out.

There are three trophies you can achieve in this game; they are the gold, silver, and bronze trophies. You receive the bronze trophy after you win the second round, you get the silver trophy after you win the fifth round, and you get the gold trophy after you beat all the players.

Now, here are the players you will be going against:

The first opponent you will go against is Bacheek. He is the easiest player out of all the other players. The next opponent is Myncha. Once you beat him, you will receive the bronze trophy. It says that he and his friends watched other people playing Go! Go! Go! and they've been playing ever since then. The next opponent is Tekeli-Li. It says to watch out for him because he is known to use magic when playing. The next opponent is Plesio. It says that he was just like Myncha, and with lots of practice, he has become very good (remember what I told you about practicing). The next opponent is Sargug. When you beat Sargug, you will receive the silver trophy. Don't sit too close to him because it says that he gets very angry when he loses. The next opponent is Uggsul. She breaks her day into playing Go! Go! Go! and grooming her long hair. Next we have, Sabre-X. He is in charge of the Giant Omelette, and when he is not on his shift, he plays Go! Go! Go!. You better watch out for him because he knows everything and will not be easily surprised. Then we have Grarrg. It says that he is a very good card player, and it is very hard to beat him.

I know you are getting bored, but we are almost done with the players!

Now we have Uggaroo. He is a very good gambler, and he got his own Go! Go! Go! course, and just to keep up with his reputation, he is very good at the game and very hard to beat. Finally, we have Kyruggi. She got the nickname "Grand Elder" because she is VERY hard to beat. I suggest you practice A LOT before you go against the Grand Elder.

    Now here are some pointers to help you throughout the game:

When you play one round of Go! Go! Go! it costs you 50 NP, and since this game is a bit hard and will take a couple of tries to actually beat one round and advance to the next one, I suggest you have at least 400 NP out when playing.

You can clear the pile by playing 4 cards that have the same rank. For example, 4 tens. When you do that, you clear the Stack pile, and you get to go again.

The cards 2 and 10 are magic cards; if you have a 2, it takes you back to the start again if you are stuck on a high number, and 10 takes your pile away and lets you go again. You can only use these magical cards when you have to. Remember, since these cards are magical and very useful, you shouldn't use them unless you have to; use other cards, and save these for when you REALLY need them.

If on the top of the Stack pile, there is the card 3, the next player has to play an odd-numbered card. For example, 3, 5, 7, 9, Jack, and/or King.

If on top of the Stack pile, there is the card 4, the next player has to play an even-numbered card. For example, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Queen, and/or Ace. It is kind of like the card 3, except this is even.

The ending to this game is kind of like all other card game endings: The game keeps going until there is one person left that has cards in his hand. But, this part is a bit different then the other card games; that person is the loser! The only way you can win that round, advance to the next round, and win some NP is if you get rid of all your cards before all the other players do. If you did get rid of all your cards, but other players got rid of their cards before you did, you will get a little amount of NP, but you will not advance to the next round.

This is the biggest tip of all; don't get frustrated when you lose. I've had personal experience with frustration on this game, and it's not good; frustration slows you down. Just keep practicing, and when you win, you will be very happy, and not frustrated, and you will do better and better every time you play.

I hope these tips and pointers help you in this pretty difficult game and I hope that you do well in the game, but remember, if you practice a lot, this game won't seem too hard anymore!!!

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