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A Very Simple Guide to Sutek's Tomb

by kitokat_mh


Salutations! Welcome to my humble little guide to wonder, that is…Sutek’s Tomb! I must admit, it has to be my FAVOURITE game not only in the puzzle section, but out of every game in Neopia! What can be more relaxing than skillfully swapping symbols on the colourful playing screen while bopping to the funky beat of the theme tune? I enjoy every second playing it, and have managed to reach the stage where I can score past the 2000 point boundary every time I play. That is exactly why I have created this simple guide to help other Neopians out there to obtain the avatar they have been struggling to unlock!

First of all, let me explain why I like this game so much. I find it both entertaining and rewarding. It’s deceptively simple; the idea of matching three of the same symbol to make them disappear and earn points seems just too easy to be true. However, as I will explain later in the article, it is never that simple.

I urge you, as a daily Sutek’s Tomb player, to NEVER play with the sound off. The addictive music that has a rhythm which you never tire of, and the cheerful “ting” as you match up three scarabs and get an awesome combo always brings a smile to my face. The tune stops me from getting frustrated when I make a foolish mistake, and persuades me to keep playing rather than restarting the game instead.

If you are unsure how to play Sutek’s Tomb, or have never really been interested in the game, it’s all rather straightforward, and is very enjoyable. You must swap two adjacent tiles in order to score points by getting three, four or five tiles in a row. You earn bonus points if you manage to get a combination (where a single move leads to two or more rows of tiles being matched up), which is the easiest way to get a much higher score.

Now, here is the part of the article which I’m sure is the most important to you. Sure, you’ve started playing, you’re having fun, but you keep running out of time before you even reach the 1000 mark! This can often lead to players banging their heads against their keyboards and cursing the good name of Sutek in anger. However, here are my top 5 hints and tips that will lead to you showing off that Sutek’s Tomb avatar in no time!

1) Bottom to top

It’s always a good idea to start playing from the BOTTOM of your screen. This way, you have more chance of getting a high-score combination, and time won’t run out as fast!

2) Don’t be distracted!

No matter how much chaos is going on around you, stay purely focused on the game, carefully scanning the screen for matching tiles. Distraction is the easiest way to run out of time, which of course leads to a much lower score.

3) Helpful phrases

The Wheel of Knowledge has allowed Sutek’s Tomb players to discover two fantastic ways of aiding your game.

“plzsutekcanihavemoretime” – this phrase must be typed into your keyboard ONLY when you are running out of time, to give you a 60 seconds boost. This can allow you to double your score, but must only be used at the last moment! Many people make the mistake of typing it in too early, and wasting this one-use cheat when most of the time it isn’t even needed.

“pyramibread” – this is the one that I never use. This allows you to see the solution to a match-up that you have failed to spot. You can use it as many times as you like, and unfortunately many people do. Many players don’t seem to realize that your time is actually increased when you match three or more tiles up, and combos can keep your time at the same level for most of the game. Typing this rather unnecessary word will simply use up all your time finding ONE solution for you. Instead, it is much better to take a few seconds moving away from the screen and looking over the whole game before deciding that you need to use it.

Alternatively, sometimes you can use these two codes directly after each other so that the time loss from using “pyramibread” doesn’t affect your game much. However, as I said above, ONLY use this as a last resort! These “cheats” only work if used properly, and at the appropriate times.

4) Prioritize

If you spot some tiles that can easily be matched up, take a quick look around for an opportunity to match up 4, 5 or possibly 6 tiles. These obviously give you more points, and you should always take advantage of such an occasion. Also, some players find it helps if they match every set of tiles together. For example, first they match up all the scarabs, then the shrines etc. This isn’t guaranteed to give you a higher score, but can help make your game more organized and easier to cope with.

5) Relax

My top tip is to stay relaxed. The pressure can really build when time is running out, but take a deep breath and still take time to fully scan the screen before choosing which tiles to match up. Don’t let the pressure prevent you from reaching your high score, but if you are finding it tough you can always pause the game (by clicking on the timer) and take a break. Being calm when playing is one of the easiest ways to get the score you’re aiming for.

Well, it’s been a long and bumpy road but my article is drawing to an end. I hope these tips will benefit you as much as they did me, and you will soon pass the 2000 point mark and go on to one day achieve a trophy in this fantastic game. I know that if you follow everything I said you’ll easily get the avatar, and I honestly think that no matter how low your score was before reading this, it will now greatly improve.

Thank you very much for your time, and good luck at the Tomb!

Thanks a lot to my good friend Morgan (a gold trophy winner in Sutek’s Tomb) who suggested some of these ideas, and _shakky_ who helped me to get this article entered.

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