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Neopia's Twenty Toughest Trophies

by wporygon


GAMES ROOM — Everyone loves trophies; those gold, silver, and bronze figures on our user lookups that proudly tell everyone how great you are. Neopians from all over compete to get on the top of the high score tables and earn trophies to display. Many of us even collect them, trying to fill our page with every trophy in Neopia. Not all trophies are equal, however, as many are harder to come by than others. For example, just about anybody can get a Cheat trophy, or a Snow Wars runner-up medal. After all, all you need to do is beat a couple easy computer opponents; not compete against everyone else in Neopia for the high score like most trophies require.

But what are the rarest, most difficult trophies to obtain? The ones that are the crown jewel of a trophy collection, that many Neopians rarely ever see? Well, here are twenty of the most difficult non-retired trophies available.

20. Meerca Chase II: The only action game trophy in this list, and for good reason — just about everyone plays the game. And, like most of these rare trophies, getting it is, in large part, luck. If you get stuck with low scoring neggs, you aren’t going to get a score high enough for a trophy no matter how well you play. It can take a long time to get a game with a high enough score to pick up the trophy.

19-18. Mystery Pic and Lenny Conundrum: It isn’t enough just to come up with the right answer; oh no, that would be too easy, especially given how the answers typically get leaked on the NeoBoards. So to get a trophy, you need to be one of the first 250 to submit a correct answer. You’ll usually need to be available when the contest updates in order to stand a chance, unless it happens to be one of the Lenny Conundrums where there’s no real way to figure out the exact answer and everyone just has to make an educated guess — those often have less than 250 winners throughout the whole week.

17. Shapeshifter: This is a very hard puzzle game. The rules are not complicated, but it takes a lot of practice and the ability to think far ahead about what you‘re doing. Many players have enough trouble making it through level 10, but you’ll usually need to get to 30 or higher to make the cut for a trophy.

16-15. NeoQuest and NeoQuest II: The mega-popular RPGs award trophies when you complete them. It’s no easy task, though, and requires a lot of time and effort.

14-13. Tax Beast and Sloth’s Invasion Tax: These trophies hinge entirely on you getting a random event in which many of your hard earned Neopoints are taken away. And even when you do get the random event, you have to be robbed of enough NP to make the high score list. If you really want these trophies, all you can do is keep millions of NP in your pocket and wait.

12. Dice-A-Roo: One of the most popular games, Dice-A-Roo’s trophy is hard to get because you need to win the jackpot — and not just any jackpot, but one of the largest ones to make the top of the high score list. As if that’s not enough, you’ll need to get lucky enough to hit the x10 jackpot multiplier, as well.

11-8. NeggSweeper Cumulative, Pyramids, Sakhmet Solitaire, and Scarab 21 Cumulative: The games themselves aren’t hard; it’s the massive time and effort needed to accumulate the millions of points necessary that makes these trophies so elusive. Racking up 6 million points worth of NeggSweeper wins, a few hundred points at a time, for a single trophy is simply not something most people are willing to do; and the same goes for Pyramids, Sakhmet Solitaire, and Scarab 21 as well.

7. Double or Nothing: You’ll typically need to flip heads at least 8 times in a row to make the trophy range, and you’ll also need the guts to keep risking it instead of taking the NP while you’re ahead.

6. Grarrl Keno: The odds of matching enough numbers to hit it big are slim. You can expect to lose a lot of NP on this game before you have a lucky enough round to get yourself the trophy.

5. NeoQuest II Race: This trophy is extra difficult to get, because not only do you have to put in the time and effort to complete NeoQuest II, but you have to have one of the 10 fastest times for your difficulty setting. You’ll have to play exceptionally well to beat the times that are already posted.

4. Test Your Strength: Like many of the trophies on this list, getting it is pure luck... and being allowed only one opportunity every six hours, you can’t do much to get the trophy besides to pay up and hope for the best.

3-2. Neoboard Avatar Collector and Stamp Collector: Both of these trophies can be very expensive to get. Items always shoot up in value when an avatar that uses it comes out, and there are lots of rare stamps out there that cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of NP. Unless you’re super rich (possibly from winning the Test Your Strength jackpot and getting that trophy), you shouldn’t expect to get the Stamp Collector trophy.

1. The Neopian Lottery. The ultimate luck game. It’s so simple... just pick six numbers from 1 to 30 and hope you match more of the winning numbers than anyone else. All you need for a trophy is to win... but that’s easier said than done. The chances of matching all six numbers are nearly 600,000 to one, and while five or four numbers matched gives you a good shot, it’s no guarantee that you‘ll win.

There you have it, twenty rare trophies to be on the lookout for. Next time you see someone with a huge trophy collection, take a look and see how many of these they have.

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