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Collecting Stamps

by iwantyours


All kinds of Stamp types albums and sorters (No such thing, I made it up), are collected by enthusiasts, but Stamps suit all budgets and there are collectors’ guilds all over Neopia.

Stamp collections vary from less than a dozen stamps to hundreds. Stamp collections are built up according to budget, resources and enthusiasm of the stamp collection. Some stamp collections are housed in shops or even museums, but most collections have been put together by private collectors who are simply stamp enthusiasts. Millions of stamps were manufactured right at the start of Neopian history, which dates way back, and many different types of stamp were produced in such large numbers that they are of little value to the collector. However, the most exclusive stamps were made in very small numbers – sometimes there are less than five of specific stamp held in collections through out the whole of Neopia. Such stamps are for serious, wealthy Neopians, who are extremely ‘into’ stamps. Some stamp enthusiasts collect stamps from a specific group, for avatars. Each group can get you an avatar. Well, not every group, but Haunted Woods, Tyrannia, Mystery Island, Virtupets and some others… Although this is the main reason why stamps are collected, some people still like to collect stamps just for the fun of it! Also, some collectors sell rare stamps for Neopoints. A stamp reaches up to 10 million Neopoints! Woo, that’s a lot.

Rare and Expensive

Stamps in the best condition are the most collectable. As stamps were made to be used, some stamps have been used to much, and stamps have fallen apart, and looked like those old, frayed Lost Desert stamps that Neopian Historians find. Fixing them is either extremely expensive, or impossible, for the only way is to sell or tape them back together, which is too fiddly. It’s better to look for stamps that are already in a good condition (although these can cost much more than those in poor condition). Finding a stamp with its original presentation box (if they even have one) is also an advantage. Stamp prices range from hundreds of Neopoints, to millions of them for the rarest examples, such as the ‘ARGH!!!! DONNA STAMP’ and the ‘Scary Tree Stamp’. These cost well over 5million Neopoints. The ARGH!!!! DONNA STAMP is a small stamp, with is a triangle shape, with a picture of Donna on it, grinning in her weird little way. The Scary Tree Stamp is a black stamp, with a silver design of a tree on it. These stamps are both from the Haunted Woods part of the album, which I am hoping to get an avatar from.

Limited Editions (or in other words, Rare Stamps)

Rare Stamps have been created by most Avatar Companies or by TNT themselves. I don’t know. Anyway, we are never sure whether the Virtupets part is made by Sloth himself, or the Lost Desert made by Coltzan… The possibilities are endless. I was going to say that most stamps are dedicated to famous Neopians, like Illusen, or Darigan, or maybe Skarl. Stamps produced in limited editions are often marked with their own number, and the total number of stamps in the series. Neopian countries might have hired special stamp makers or stamp artists to create stamps for them. An Aisha from the Lost Desert designed the Grackle Bug Stamp, and I think Grarrg himself created the Grarrg Stamp. Also, the Stamp Shop can sell rare stamps, if you are lucky enough to catch a restock. Stamps at the Stamp Shop can be expensive, and are still popular with quite a few collectors today. Some stamps are used to commemorate special events. In Tyrannia, there is a stamp to show the Discovery of Fire. I think stamp should be made into an avatar, for some reason. I looked up the price of this stamp on the Trading Post, and the highest was 9 million! Wow, that’s a lot. There were also only seven lots with this rare stamp in it. If you have it, then you are lucky!

Holographic, Misprint and Foil Stamps

Some of the most beautiful and collectable stamps were made when stamps were released. This was… I don’t know. But, anyway, all these stamp types above, (the Holographic, Misprint, Foil part) were pretty cheap. This was until the first war in Neopia started, which I think was the Meridell versus Darigan war. I missed this war, so I don’t know much about it, though I did flick back and saw the whole plot of it. After the war, the prices based on Meridell versus Darigan stamps had shot up to just over 1 million, or more. Then, somewhere, TNT said the ‘rare Holographic, Misprint, or Foil’ stamps were actually pretty rare, there prices shot up too. Holographic, Misprint and Foil stamp collecting has become pretty popular, since it is extremely hard to gain these stamps, but also extremely rewarding once you have the pride of sticking it into your album. These stamps reach up to record prices in the Neopian auction and various stamp collecting societies becoming increasingly popular and being listed and recommended by stamp collectors. Launches of Holographic, Misprint and Foil Stamps were backed up with advertisements in the Note board section or in the newspaper (in this case the Neopian Times, but I’m not sure if there has been any stamp articles in there). Stamp collectors also collect related stamps memorabilia such as advertising places for stamps.

Stamps Created Avatars

When I came back to Neopets after my over a year break, I discovered avatars. Little tiny squares with pictures and small text in them. It was quite a while after that I discovered stamps too, and then another long while after before I discovered avatar help pages. Using all my ‘discoveries’ I started to collect avatars. After reading a few avatar pages and web sites, I found that if you collected enough stamps, you could get a rare avatar. I didn’t actually care about stamps just then, but then, around 4 months from now, I started to realise people’s interest in them. Hard work, but rewarding. But, after obsessing how ‘poor’ I was, I only collected cheap stamps, and spent all my Neopoints on avatar items. I still debate whether I should by expensive stamps or not, even with my number of 120 avatars. Around a week or so ago, I decided that stamp collecting was a little bit of a hobby. I now try and save up for expensive stamps, and try not to bother with my Neopoints. It’s only a game after all… Isn’t it?

Authors Note

Thanks for reading, and I hope you start to like stamps after reading this article. Any mail is welcome.

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