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The Case of the Lying Letter: Part Three

by playmobil_is_my_life


Also by tambourine_chimp

From the case-files of Kojak Hommes, Lupe Private Eye…

"This is awful…" TigerWing was muttering, "this is so awful…"

     We stood under the awning, me sniffing at a tuft of blue fur in my paw. What was that scent? Frustrated at myself for not being able to recognize it, I stormed out into the rain.

     "Well, this brings us even closer to solving this case. At least we know we're talking about a blue-furred Neopet."

     "Well that's obvious!" TigerWing yelled, in attempt to follow Cali and I.

     I knew that she was upset so I tried to give her my sympathetic look, but I ended up saying triumphantly, "And at least we know where they've headed." I picked up the torn ferry ticket, "Mystery Island. Wow, what a case…" I mumbled, "A kidnapped Wocky, a blue-furred Neopet in charge of it and a ferry ticket to Mystery Island. This really takes the Iced Chocolate Lupe Cake!"

     "Don't you even care about my brother?" TigerWing sniffed.

     "No time to chit-chat, we've got to catch the ferry," I started to run out in the rain again, knowing that Cali and TigerWing were close behind.

     Oh, yes, I was pumped. I got that feeling in my stomach… you know the wow-what-a-case-I've-managed-to-snatch feeling. The rain had slowed to a light drizzle and the skies were beginning to clear. I splashed down the street, my green paws spraying up water behind me. I was thinking so deeply about the letter and the ferry ticket that I didn't even hear Cali yell,

     "Uhh… Mr. Hommes? Wait!" I skidded to a halt and Cali ran up to me.

     "What about our owner?"


     "Our owner. She thinks we're staying at the Neolodge all day with Wiseguy. What happens when we don't return in the evening? I don't want her to be worried about us!"

     "Look, Cali, this is what we call an emergency situation. Kidnapping isn't common around here. She'll understand once we've got this case wrapped up, okay? I know she'll understand." Cali nodded tentatively, her eyes glossy again.

     "I can take care of my sister without any of your help, thank you," TigerWing cut me off.

     Wow, that Pteri was getting on my nerves. But hey, a client's a client and I wasn't going to turn down this case just because of her. I just shrugged and said, "Okay. Now that we've got that little problem cleared up, we can continue."

     So we once again splashed down the street until the sign "Neopia's Ferry Service -- One way to Mystery Island" came into view. We paid three hundred Neopoints for the three of us to get on, and we took our seats.

     I was sitting between an Elephante and a Kau, so it was a little tight, but I knew I could tough it out for an hour or so. TigerWing and Cali had taken seats across from me. Cali was wringing her paws nervously and TigerWing was staring out to sea. She looked frustrated.

     I turned my thoughts back to the case. Closing my eyes, I started to review our clues and our suspect. The blue fur had been the biggest clue yet. But how many blue-furred Neopets would be interested in kidnapping? As I started to think about it, I realized that the blue fur didn't help too much.

     How else was I supposed to find the kidnapper? Stand on the top of Techo Mountain with a megaphone shouting, "Attention natives, attention! I'm looking for a blue-furred Neopet who has kidnapped a glowing Wocky!" No sir, it just didn't work that way. Mystery Island must be huge… what should I do? Search the entire island by nightfall?

     Then again, I had never been to Mystery Island, so this would be a good time to see all of it and do my favorite thing in the world: solve cases.

     I leaned back in my seat, grinning: life was good.

     The next thing I know I'm starting to doze off, but not for very long because the ferry hits the sandbar and the Tonu tour guide is saying,

     "Enjoy your stay at Mystery Island. Thank you for choosing Neopia's Ferry Service."

     Like we had another choice, I thought, rolling my eyes.

     So I climbed out with TigerWing and Cali. At least it wasn't raining anymore. Everyone around us was oohing and aahing over the lush foliage, the soft sand and the gentle breeze. We waited for the other Neopets to clear out and the ferry to depart before I said,

     "Okay, here's the plan. We're going to split up. I'm going to the right side of the island, you two go to the left side. We meet back at Techo Mountain at dusk."

     TigerWing's beak dropped, "And how are we supposed to find Techo Mountain? This island is huge!"

     "Relax," I told her, "I've got it covered. Plus, there are signs and friendly natives everywhere that will give you a hand. Okay? Remember what we're looking for… blue furred Neopets, any signs of glowing Wocky fur and anything that looks suspicious."

     "Okay," mumbled Cali and she and TigerWing started down the beach to the left.


     "You know, I really don't see the point of this…"

     Cali and TigerWing were heading through the island forest on a deserted walking trail. Cali was up ahead, her purple eyes darting about for clues, while TigerWing was sulking. She swatted a Vernax that was buzzing in her ear.

     There were Vernaxes everywhere: buzzing all around them.

     "Ugh, I hate these Vernaxes."

      "Less talking," Cali said quickly, "more searching." Her small fire-colored body zipped in and out of the bushes, so she appeared on the path every now and then, sending swarms of Vernaxes up into the air.

     "We should be searching the common areas. You know," she skimmed over the island map that she had found on a bench, "The Tombola Game, The Training School, the Cooking Pot."

     "Mr. Hommes is searching those places: they're all on the right side of the Island."

     "Apparently we're coming up to the Trading Post. But why would Wiseguy be there?"

     "Maybe the kidnapper is going to trade Wiseguy!" Cali yelled.

     "Don't be silly, Cali," said TigerWing, "you can't trade Neopets on the Trading Post. Just items." She and Cali came to a fork in the trail and they took the left path.

     "I hope Kojak's having more luck than we are," Cali muttered as she swatted at another Vernax.


     So while the girls took the left path, I took the right.

     Lucky for me, there aren't many other Neopets on this path, I thought. The last thing I want to do is appear suspicious. As far as anyone knows, I'm just an average green Lupe on vacation. I know my keen sense of smell will be a big help in this case.

     I was searching for the same scent as the blue fur... there had to be more of it around here!

     And I was right.

     After many twists and turns, I spotted a few tufts of fur near the Training School. And it was the same glowing fur mixed with the blue fur. I thought about the blue fur on the floor of the Neolodge room and this fur matched. I picked it up and sniffed it… the scent started to become clear. The light blue fur, mixed with dark blue fur… the thick, yet soft texture… I finally knew what Neopet we were looking for:

     A blue Kougra.

     Ha! I thought victoriously to myself. This little bit of information was going to make things a whole lot easier.

     I was about to run to Techo Mountain when something else caught my eye: a black claw. The Kougra must have lost a black claw in the struggle. I picked it up and examined it. It definitely was a Kougra claw.

     So I rushed to Techo Mountain to find Cali and TigerWing. The sun had disappeared below the horizon just as I made it to the mountain. I saw TigerWing and Cali sitting there talking. It looked like they had found nothing. I bounded over to them and skidded to a stop before smashing into them.

     "It's a Kougra."

     TigerWing frowned, "Huh?"

     "A Kougra kidnapped Wiseguy."

     Cali gasped, "Are you sure?"

     "Yes, one-hundred percent sure. I found more blue fur, and this time I was able to identify it."

     "That's wonderful, Mr. Hommes!" Cali said, her eyes shining, "Now we can find Wiseguy, right?"

     "It definitely makes us closer."

     "Yay!" Cali shouted.

     But TigerWing was in her foul mood again, "A blue Kougra? I saw millions of blue Kougras at the Trading Post. Kougra's come from Mystery Island, so it barely narrows the kidnapper down at all."

     "Hey, I said we're getting closer, right?" I snapped, "Besides, that's not the only thing I found," I revealed the black claw, "The blue Kougra we're looking for has a black claw missing."

     Cali's jaw dropped. "Oh, Mr. Hommes, that's brilliant!" TigerWing even smiled a little, which I thought was a good sign.

To be continued...

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