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Reviewing The Tax Beast And The Problems he Supplies

by tropicanadude107


...This evil little imp seems to think that he is owed a portion of your money. In fact, when he arrives demanding his fair share, with his teeth bared and his claws drawn, most people usually just give him what he wants!

Of course, this is the first paragraph in the Gallery of Evil about the Tax Beast. Yes, surely you all know about the Tax Beast, the one who steals 10% of your Neopoints. Why, this happened to one of my very close Neofriends, disneylandlover670. I'm positive a lot of users here have a bank account at the Neopian Bank, but for those of you who don't, be warned! The Tax Beast is, as I mentioned before, in the Gallery of Evil, for everyone who hasn't seen. Some tips for the Neopian Bank are:

1. Put ALL of your Neopoints into your bank account. It is the best way to ensure that all of your earnings are safe.

2. Another advantage is that you WILL receive more Neopoints each day from the interest the bank gives you.

3. Always make sure you choose the right size for your bank account. If you don't have an account and you are logged in, usually it will offer you a chance to start an account. It shows the ranges of Neopoints you need for certain accounts. (Remember, playing games is a super way to make Neopoints!)

4. Make sure you update your account, that way the Tax Beast won't get the satisfaction of stealing your Neopoints.

disneylandlover670, whom I have mentioned before, had just built a NeoHome right before the Tax Beast came (NeoHomes aren't important now). She had bought several pieces of furniture and life was going very good. Until the Tax Beast attacked. He took 10% of her Neopoints, like he was supposed to, and did not leave a trace, all but the missing NPs.

How to find out about the Tax Beast even more:

*Make sure to read the Neopian Times constantly, checking here and there for updates.

*Watch for commercials about the Neopian Bank, they usually feature the Tax Beast.

*Check with your Neofriends to see if any of them have recently had an encounter with them. Get their advice, also, protecting your NPs very thoroughly.

More about the Tax Beast:

*He likes: stealing NPs, (of course;)) his saying: "I'll never stop getting even MORE rich!(I mean it!)

His looks:

For all of you who are unaware of what this beast looks like, here is his description:

*He has deathly horns.

*He is medium sized (rather fat though)

*This beast is green.

*The Tax Beast also has short legs and arms.

*He always has an evil grin.

Most of the time this, description comes in handy most when you are surfing this sight, and you see the Neopian Bank commercial.

Having not experienced the Beast's wrath myself, I took disneylandlover670's advice and simply started a bank account. No worries if your Neopoints read 0 when you put them in the bank, that simply means there are no Neopoints not in the bank. If you don't have any Neofriends, just look up the beast in the Gallery of Evil, like I mentioned. To get there, go to Pet Central, and you will spot an icon that says, Gallery of Evil. What a surprise! (Just kidding)

There you can find all kinds of evil creatures, most you can view on the site. AND you can fight some of them in the Battledome. The Tax Beast is pretty much merciless-- either you give him his "dues", or OUCH! Need I say more? The only way to say no to him is to actually be there when the catastrophe happens. Yet, that isn't the greatest idea ever, is it?

Never ignore the commercials because many a time, somebody has lost a lot of NPs because of ignoring the commercial. If you only have 1,000 NPs, put them in the bank ASAP. Who knows how much you would have left if the Tax Beast paid a visit? It is all right if you are new to Neopets and are unaware of all the trouble the Tax Beast supplies, just make sure you find out as much as possible about him AND the Neopian Bank. A miracle is that he is a random event-- you are pretty unlucky if he gets a hold of you NPs. Be sure you can not be that unlucky person... it can be pretty miserable if you are new. disneylandlover670 was not very new at all, luckily. If you ever get other advice about this matter, never turn it down. The Tax Beast is considered by some to be worse than the Snow Beast.

Surviving the Tax Beast attack:

For those of you who have also been unfortunate Tax Beast victims, follow this advice. It will ensure you get back on the right track.

You come back to find the Tax Beast has stolen 10% of your money. Almost immediately you can assume the Tax Beast paid you a "little" visit. (Never worry if you have a Bank account, it will make it the pain in the nose for the Tax Beast) Simply concentrate on 2 things: earning your NPs back and getting a bank account. First, and most importantly, get a bank account, getting the right size, mentioned above. Then, concentrate on getting your NPs back. You can do this easily by playing games, especially the featured game. Also, in the Shop of Offers, you can often do little polls and such to earn some extra NPs. It is usually very easy and worthwhile.

Also, for everyone who has had some NPs taken by the Tax Beast, please let me know. That would be wonderful to hear about a lot of different experiences with the Tax Beast. You can contact me (tropicanadude107) or disneylandlover670 if you have any questions.

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