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Clay - Could it be the New Grey?

by pyrosgf


Fads in Neopia run rampant and then just fade away. Can pet colors do the same? I suppose so. So does that mean that clay will be the new grey? Let’s just ponder that for a moment.

As soon as the grey pets came out everyone had to have one. This was furthered by the avatar craze that hit soon after. They were sweet and sad and everyone wanted one. I would estimate that there are more grey pets out there than some of the older paintbrush colors that have faded away into Neopian history. Stone is a good example. Could grey too join the fate of the stone paint brush? Yes, it’s still out there but no longer the new exciting look for the season.

What do we actually know about these clay pets that could make them the new grey? Well, they have a matching avatar even though you don’t need a clay pet to get the avatar it would still make a perfect match. I’m assuming by the fact that I can’t find a clay paintbrush on the Trading Post, that it means these new flattering pets can only be obtained through a Fountain Faerie quest or by the Lab making these hard to obtain pets a rare jewel, in turn causing a high demand. These new fragile pets could in turn be the sensation of the Neopian summer. In theory that would make them the new fad and possibly take grey out of the picture.

This is all just a theory of course, but I do think that clay could in fact be the new grey. It’s stylish and with all the Neopets in Neopia it has the potential to be offered in many different species. We all know everyone wants all the colors available to their favorite species. How could anyone resist their squishiness?

Grey or Clay no matter in which species all have their very own charm. Though I pose the question to all the Neopians out there which color do you like best? So I’ll now go to the boards and get a feel for how the users out there feel. With their permission I will post their comments to the age old question (okay so maybe not) grey or clay which is best and why?

This is what a portion of Neopia had to say:

2short777 - “I think clay is better because grey is so commonly used and clay looks more unique compared to grey. I also think clay Kikos are cuter then grey ones.”

darksnowman12 - “Grey is better. The look is more unique and some of the pets look even better that way in my opinion (as mean as that sounds...just look at the Yurble)”

amrtlj - “I personally think that grey is a little better then clay. But some of the grey pets are ugly, and some adorable. Clay is nice and different, and more rare, but I think grey is better.”

dallasanko - “I would say grey is better because it can get you a way rarer avvie and I personally think they are much cuter. But also, some grey pets are really ugly…”

pixiebright - “I like the grey pets better. They seem so sad you just want to hug them till they smile. (I like the avatar as well, which you do not get with a clay pet.)”

reminiscences - “I'd say Grey is cooler; I'm not a big fan of the light brown in clay pets.“

maydeemouse - “I prefer grey for the simple fact that although quite dismal, it seems to exhibit far more creativity than the clay. And although widely used, I believe it still retains its sense of originality despite its dejected appearance. The clay to me seems that it will vanish into oblivion just as the stone and glass designs did.”

anaboop - “Grey, they are cute, gloomy and so sad.…”

I suppose my fellow Neopians aren’t as excited about clay as I thought they might be so I thought I would check with the Help board to see if the avatar boards were just so in love with the grey avatar that it might make them partial to all the grey pets.

Here’s what they had to say:

blackheart53090 - “Grey because the pets look like they actually have emotions”

yourbedofthorns - “Grey is better than clay....clay just makes the pet look well...dirty....grey, well, at least depressing can be cute?”

sweetiepie4 - “Clay I think grey are just all sad and creepy there not even cute! (In my opinion)”

colejordan123 - “Grey, for there is more selection, and look better than the clay pets.”

velvet_revolver - “I like grey pets better in general they look better and there are more species available in that color.

Kikos and JubJubs are currently the only pets that can be colored clay, and I’m not really fond of them..”

guild_making_account - “Grey pets because the grey ones actually change however clay is like the same pet with mud on it.... watch mud is going to be a new paintbrush.... and she has proof that I said it first.... MwaHHHhhhAAAaaa”

speedy6239 - “Tough decision, but I'll go with clay. There's way too many grey pets around, and clay pets look like they have emotions other than depressed.”

tripsy69 - “Grey pets are better.. Clay looks... boring plus with the grey pets you get more options as to which pet you species you would like to have to paint it grey.”

There you have it. Maybe grey will stay but clay has it’s very own day to shine now. It looks like most of Neopia avatar collectors and non collectors alike seem to favor grey to clay. So maybe clay won’t be the new grey but we all know that clay is definitely here to stay . (Wow I must be channeling Dr. Seuss) Anyway if one thing is for sure no matter if clay isn’t the new grey there is always something new and exciting to yet come from Neopets. We can only dream for now as to what paint scheme they’re going to slap on our Neopets next. Until then I suppose we wait and see.

Special Thanks: To all those who contributed their opinions in my first ever attempt in and Neopian Times article.

Comments and Suggestion are welcome through Neomail.

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