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50 Secret Avatars That Will Never Be Released: Part Two

by harper_1618


This is Part Two of the article series. If you are interested in reading the first half of the article, please refer to Issue 157. Thank you!

25) The ‘Traumatized’ Avatar: This avatar will magically appear if you take your poor Neopet to the secret laboratory one too many times and they happen to change gender.

24) The ‘Bugging Fyora’ Avatar: Poor Neopians can get this avatar by repeatedly trying to buy items from the Hidden Tower, all the while knowing they can’t afford them.

23) The ‘Nobody Likes Me’ Avatar: Ever wonder why so many guilds only have one member? It’s because they are trying to get this secret avatar.

22) The ‘I Neomailed Donna!’ Avatar: Adam must have thought up the idea for this avatar as a cruel joke. Poor Donna is going to log on to about 12 million Neomails from Neopians craving this new avatar.

Okay, I need someone to translate this one for me...I don't speak gibberish:

21) The 'I am leet' Avatar: For people who seem to be able to carry on conversations using nothing but gibberish.

20) The 'Coltzan is my Chiropractor' Avatar: For all those who get a tingly feeling in their spine after visiting his shrine.

19)The 'Emo-crazy' Avatar: For people who use no less than ten emoticons per post.

18. The '0 Avatars' Avatar: The actual existence of this avatar has been called into question; only those who have no secret avatars are awarded this avatar, however once they get it, it immediately disappears since it's only given to people with 0 avatars and the mere possession of it brings up your count to 1.

17) The 'My pet was retired' Avatar: For owners of 'Fleyes', 'Bruce Forsyth's', Cerpull's, Mellishes, Frogstomps, 'Macy Gray's', etc...

16)The 'I invented Neopets' Avatar: Unfortunately there are only two of these in existence and it's been retired...

15) The 'Edible' Avatar: Well, you had it but your pet ate it. Oh well.

14)The 'Neopets is Down' Avatar: Only available for use when Neopets is down for maintenance...Wait, there's something wrong with this theory.

13) The 'No Confidence' Avatar: You've never entered any contests or competitions nor do you possess any trophies... but we're sure you're talented.

12)The 'Underachiever' Avatar: Similar to the 'No Confidence' avatar, although this one is given to those who have entered every competition but never actually won.

11) The 'Unlucky' Avatar: All your stocks crashed, your pets got sick, the Tax beast took all your Neopoints and the Pant Devil stole your Wand of Ultra Nova - again! You're having a really bad day, aren't you?

10) The 'Fruity' Avatar: Okay, to get this avatar, you have to win a Bagguss from the Fruit Machine on three consecutive days in a row. Yeesh, who comes up with these silly avatar ideas, anyway?

9) The 'White Weewoo' Avatar: Can you find one? *wink*

8. The 'I visited Mystery Island and all I got was this dumb T-shirt' Avatar: Well, you could have got advice from the Island Mystic while you were there, but I think you were better off with the T-shirt personally.

7) The 'Pharmacy Reg' Avatar: Is your pet prone to coming down with the NeoFlu? If you visit the pharmacy often enough, you'll be awarded this avatar out of pure pity.

6) The 'Iced in Action' Avatar: For loud, clunky Neopians who just can't seem to sneak up on the Snowager without waking him up.

5) The 'Vacant' Avatar: For the millions of Neopians who own a Neohome- but have nothing inside of it.

4) The 'Huh?' Avatar: Shame on you for knowing NOTHING about Neopets!

3) The 'Neo-bore' avatar: You actually figured out the airspeed velocity of an unladen Pteri (both Meridellian and Sahkmetian). Go you! Too bad no one else cares.

2) The 'Invisible' avatar: This clever avatar was released to commemorate 'Invisible Day', unfortunately no one can actually prove they have it.

1) The 'I have too much time on my hands' Avatar: Wow, you actually sat down and thought up 50 different avatars that will never be released...you must have a really dull life.

Thank you for reading Part Two of our article everyone! We hope you enjoyed it. Please don't go trying to actually get these avatars- as of the present, none of them are real. Happy avatar hunting!

~pseudo and harper_1618.

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