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Lola's Love

by sunrise1234


Robin stood near the sleeping Turmaculus in Meridell, her hands shoved in the pockets of her red sweatshirt. She gazed at the mass of purple and green that had eaten her beloved Lola. She didn't blame the Turmaculus, everyone's got to eat, but the loss of the lively little Angelpuss still hit her hard.

     Yet, Robin had never cried. No tears, no reaction. Just……numb. Numb, all over. Or maybe that was because it was raining. She stared at the reflection of the White Lupe in a puddle of water, thinking of how Lola would turn the page for her when she read a book, and how Lola demanded attention every waking moment.

     Robin sighed and trudged back to her owner, Sam, who had just finished a quest with Illusen, carrying a Cucumber Eye Cream in her hands. Robin's little brother, a Red Shoyru named Daniel tagged long behind her. "You okay, honey?" Sam asked gently. Robin nodded. She followed Sam back to their home in the woods near Illusen's glade.

     Robin went to her room when they got home. She sat down on her Zen Bed, and sighed, "Will it ever be the same, Lola?" She was cut off short by a woozy feeling surging through her. She started feeling weaker and weaker until she lay on the floor, her sight clouded and her brain fuzzy.

     "What's happening?" Robin whispered. But even whispering was a workout.

     ~Relax, Robin. You will find out soon enough.~

     Robin was too weak to shriek at the voice she was hearing in her head. Finally she broke down and passed out.


      Robin came to under a tree by the Turmaculas. "What was that?" she asked, puzzled.

     ~You have just traveled through time.~

     Robin would have screamed were it not for the absurdness of what the "voice" said. "Travel through time? That'd take a really powerful Faerie!"

     ~Can you think of no one?~

     The voice seemed amused. Robin's eyes widened. "Fyora?" she whispered unbelievingly.


     "WHY have I gone back in time?" Robin asked.

     ~For the reason of you and your Angelpuss, Lola. Angelpi are rather independent and are never really attached to other beings. You and Lola have changed that. She loves you, Robin.~

     Robin took in this news as best as she could. Lola loved her?

     ~The other Faeries agree we cannot let this miracle go by unnoticed. I have sent you to prevent Lola from being the Turmaculus's meal.~

     Robin nodded. But something bothered her. "What about the me that's in the past right now?"

     ~You remember how the accident took place?~

     "How can I forget?" Robin said bitterly. Lola had run away from their Neohome into the path of the Turmaculas. It wasn't until dusk that Sam had noticed that Lola was missing, and the neighbors who had witnessed the incident told them the awful truth.

     ~Then you know that you were in the woods on a walk at the time. There won't be any interference.~

     Robin thought a moment, then took a deep breath and said, "Okay, I'm ready."


     Robin climbed the tree she was under to see all sides of the Turmaculas. It did look like it was in a light sleep. However, she didn't have to wait very long. She saw a speck of white that was her beloved Angelpuss, Lola. Oh, how Robin ached to see that Petpet again!

     But Robin stayed focused. She clambered down the tree, and dashed after Lola. But the Angelpuss was getting nearer to the Turmaculas. The King of Petpets looked like he was just about to wake up when Robin snatched Lola up and dashed away. But the Turmaculas woke up.

     It stared at the pair blearily. It yawned and reached out a paw the size of an Elephante. Robin gasped. The Turmaculas was too lazy to do that! Robin slowly backed away, but Lola would have none of it.

     She got angry when she saw her owner scared. Lola wriggled out of Robin's arms and hissed at the Turmaculas. The King of Petpets Lashed out its tongue and curled it around Lola. The Turmaculas was about to suck it's tongue back I when---

     Everything froze in time. All but Robin. She looked around and saw the Turmaculus, about to devour her precious Petpet. She saw Lola, her teeth bared, her halo in mid-quiver. She even saw a leaf that was falling from a tree frozen halfway to the ground.

     ~Sorry about that. Jhudora thought it would be fun to bewitch the Turmaculas to be perky.~

     Robin was astonished. "But if you KNEW Jhudora would do this, why didn't you warn me?"

     ~Even Faeries forget, Robin.~

     Robin laughed. She walked over, wrenched Lola out of the slimy grasp of the tongue, and waited for Fyora to lift the spell Jhudora used.

     ~You must get on your way to your Neohome, Robin.~

     The Lupe nodded. Fyora unfroze everything. The Turmaculas went back to sleep.

     Lola purred. Robin smiled and took her back home. On the way through the woods, Robin heard some rustling. She froze, terrified. But it was only Fido, the neighbor's Warf. Lola mewed at the sight of him and jumped out of Robin's arms.

     Robin laughed and watched them frolic in the moonlight. She leaned against a tree and sighed. Robin's first thought that she was dreaming. But after a hard pinch, Robin dropped the theory. She took a while to rest while Lola and Fido said good-bye.

     Lola curled up in Robin's arms and fell asleep. Robin smiled and continued home. She placed the sleeping Lola in the backyard, and then ran off in case the past Robin happened to look out the window.

     But wait… hadn't Robin taken a walk last night? Her heart thumping madly, Robin didn't notice until too late the person she ran into. She looked up, rubbing her head, when her heart seemed to stop.

     There, looking startled was herself. The past Robin said, "Huh? What's going on?" Robin hesitated. This wasn't in the job description! There was nothing about what to say when confronted with yourself!

     Robin thought quickly and replied in a squeaky voice, "Hi, Robin! Guess who?" The other Robin looked confused. "Daniel?" Robin nodded. She imitated her brother's voice again. "Look what I found at the costume shop! A White Lupe costume!" The other Robin fell for it. She rolled her eyes and sighed, "The things people sell these days! Daniel, when you're done being weird, put back my red sweatshirt!"

     Robin nodded and said, "This smells too Lupe-ish-like, anyway!" It was the best idiotic word she could come up with. The other Robin walked away and called, "See you at home!" Robin sat down hard and breathed a sigh of relief. This was more nerve than she'd had all year!

     ~You've done well, Robin.~

     Fyora sounded impressed.

     ~Are you ready to head back to your own time?~

     Robin nodded. And as she felt the weakness take place, she didn't care.

     Robin came to with tiny claws in her tail. She scooped Lola up in her arms and hugged her tight. When the Angelpuss had been dead, Robin had never cried. Now, with Lola in her arms, the tears came.

The End

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