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Harmless Wishes: Part Eight

by ladyariel32


"Are we there yet?" Nadashikoh whined. Her lovely pink wings were starting to droop. If we ever get out of this alive, I'm hitting the grooming parlour.

     "Not yet," Yannagiba answered earnestly, "but the Zafara said all we have to do is walk until we spot a black building."

     "Yeah?" Nadashikoh said, raising an eyebrow. "Well, we've been walking for what seems like hours and I haven't seen a hint of any black building yet."

     "You guys?" Chi barged in. "It's really dark out here." He shivered. "I don't really like the dark…"

     It was. There was no sign of the moon or even a lone star in the sky. It was also amazingly hot and humid. They were walking down the street the Zafara had pointed them to. It was more of a dirt path, actually, with authentic grime and everything. None of them were enjoying the little stroll. No one said it aloud but they were all thinking the same thing: they wished they hadn't even heard of the wishdust in the first place. Oh, and Nadashikoh secretly blamed Yannagiba for everything that had happened to them. Oh, wait. Now that I've thought about it a lot, it wasn't much of a secret, really…

     "Did I tell you THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT already?" Nadashikoh practically spit out. She glared at the striped Gelert.

     "Loads of times, Nadashikoh. Loads of times," Yannagiba said with a sigh.

     "I don't think I have," Nadashikoh said with a malicious smile. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, YANNAGIBA!"

     "Ouch, you're going to burst my eardrums."

     "Well, it is!"

     "I know…"

     "Stop bickering already," Chi said jadedly. "Don't you guys get tired of arguing over the same thing again and again?"

     "NO!" Nadashikoh and Yannagiba both replied.

     "Ha!" Yuki cried out triumphantly. "There's our black building straight ahead."

     Nadashikoh, Yannagiba, and Chi all stopped talking and looked.

     "Whoa," Nadashikoh said in awe. "Are you sure that's the Neolodge?"

     "It must've gone through major renovation," Yannagiba followed up.

     "I wouldn't mind staying there for the night," Chi said dreamily. "Not that we're planning on staying or anything like that."

     A pretty sight, the Neolodge was. It was taller than they remembered from their last visit. It was also much more beautiful. It had four turrets now with dark pink roofs. And, a moat with real water in it. Let's not forget the dark pink drawbridge (which was currently lowered) and the cute matching flags flying from each turret. In other words, it was pretty much a castle.

     "I bet the old hag just wished to have her very own castle and she got it immediately," Yuki said spitefully.

      "Yeah, well. She does have the wishdust," Yannagiba said.

      They were quiet for a moment, all thinking of the task that lay ahead.

      "Do we really have to do this?" Chi asked them.

      "The fate of Neopia lies in our hands," Yannagiba said dramatically. He faced his siblings. "We're going in…"

      They all swallowed involuntarily. Gathering their courage, the four Neopets stealthily tiptoed (or tippawed) into the castle by way of the drawbridge. As soon as they stepped into the castle proper, they were hit by a rather malodorous smell.

      "Is it just me or does this place stink?" Nadashikoh said. She held her nose with a paw.

      "Oh, believe me…it does," Chi replied with a half-hearted smile.

      "Ssssshhhh!" Yannagiba whispered. "I think I hear someone…"

      They sneaked behind a black pillar and peered in front. The Wocky shopkeeper sat on a sleek black throne. She was no longer clad in scarves and her giant turban. Now, they could see that she had rich black fur with a ring of dark pink near her neck. There was no sign of anything silvery on her head unless you count the brilliant tiara she was sporting. She was wearing a velvet gown now and get this…glass slippers. And, let's not forget the bottle of wishdust that was on top of a black table beside the throne.

      "So…?" they heard Mistress Xenia say, her voice sounding nothing but old and shaky.

      She was talking to an electric Kougra who sat on a red pillow beside the throne, battling with a ball of blue yarn.

      The Wocky cleared her throat.

      The Kougra looked at her and batted the yarn with one paw.

      "Well, which is nicer, Zeirn, this black throne or the golden one I was sitting on a while ago?" Xenia asked.

      Zeirn scratched his head. "Let me see the other one again."

      "I wish I was sitting on a golden throne." Mistress Xenia blew on some wishdust grains. Her throne changed from black to a rich gold.

      "I like that one better," Zeirn said. He gave her a satisfactory nod. "You thought about what I asked you yet?" He rolled over and bit into the end of the yarn.

      "Yes, I have," Xenia said, trying to look like she didn't care.

      "What's your answer?" Zeirn asked.


      "WHAT? But, it's such a simple request!"

      "If I wish for another bottle of wishdust and give it to you, then we'd both have powers beyond compare," Xenia reasoned calmly. "And, I don't want to share Neopia with you."

      Zeirn rolled his eyes. "You are so selfish. You always were."

      "Watch what you're saying, little brother. I could turn you into dust if I wanted to…"

      Zeirn looked at her as if to say, "See?"

      "I think I've heard enough," Yannagiba told the others.

      "Me, too," said Yuki. "Come on. We've got to figure out what to do."

      They treaded softly to a dark corner of the room and started talking in hoarse whispers.

      "I say, let's grab the wishdust," Yannagiba said. "Then, we just make a few wishes."

      "That won't work," Nadashikoh said. "Xenia's its master now."

      "I don't think it matters," Yuki offered. "As long as the wishdust isn't in her paws, Neopia is safe."

      "You guys," Chi said worriedly. "I wonder how Belle's doing. We haven't even checked if our Neohome's still whole."

      Yannagiba waved a paw. "We'll check on her after this. Now, here's what we'll do…"

      So, the foursome concocted a plan in order to get the bottle of wishdust back. In a few minutes, they were done and ready to put their plot into action.

      "Hey, witch!" Nadashikoh hollered at the top of her voice. "Remember us?" She walked to the front of the throne together with Chi.

      "YOU!" Xenia screamed, outraged. "I…I…you disappeared! I saw it with my very own eyes."

      "Yeah, well," Chi said bravely. "We're here. So, deal with it."

      "Never mind," Xenia said. "I'll take care of you in a jiffy." She reached for the wishdust.

      "No, I'll do it," Zeirn said with a smile. He flicked his paw in the air. A raging cyclone sprouted from his paw. It headed towards the two.

      "Oh, he's that Zeirn," Chi told Nadashikoh as they ran away. "You know, Zeirn the Electric Kougra? With the power of the storm and all that…"

      "Who…cares…" Nadashikoh managed to got out in between gasps. "Quick, behind this." She pulled her brother behind another pillar. The cyclone bypassed them and flew to the next room. "Whew." She peeked out at Xenia. "Hey, witch! Lookie here."

      "Zeirn," Xenia said dangerously.

      "On my way," Zeirn replied. He flew towards our hero and heroine, holding a mini whirlwind in each paw. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed when he reached them and simultaneously released the winds.

      Meanwhile, Yannagiba and Yuki were about to grab the bottle of wishdust. Yuki stared at Xenia who was busy cheering Zeirn. He nudged his brother. Yannagiba nodded and slid his paw on the table. Just a little bit more…

      "AAAAAAAHHHHH!" Chi and Nadashikoh screamed. They held onto each other as the twin gales hurtled in their direction.

      Yannagiba blinked and turned to look at where the voices came from. "NADASHIKOH!" he growled. "CHI!" He was about to dash madly towards them when he felt Yuki's paw on his arm.

      "I'll go," Yuki said determinedly. "Grab the wishdust." With those words, he rushed towards Nadashikoh and Chi.

      "Where'd he come from?" Xenia said in a bewildered tone as she saw Yuki running. She turned to look at the wishdust and found Yannagiba standing there. "You!" She reached for the bottle.

      Yannagiba quickly lunged at the bottle, too. Luckily, his reflexes were much faster than the Wocky's. "Got it!" he exclaimed.

     Yuki reached Chi and Nadashikoh when the hurricanes were a few feet away. He hugged them protectively.

     "Stop the tornadoes, Xenia," Yannagiba threatened, "or I'll…"

     "You'll what?" the Wocky replied with a smirk.

     "Er…drop the bottle of wishdust!" he finished.

     Xenia laughed. "So, what if you drop it?"

      Yannagiba balled his paw into a fist. What am I going to do? He kneeled on the floor. They're going to get hurt. He looked at Xenia determinedly. "Stop the tornadoes and I'll return the wishdust."

      "Don't do it, Yannagiba!" Yuki shouted.

      I don't have any other choice, the striped Gelert thought.

      "You heard him, Zeirn," Xenia said with a nod.

      Zeirn the electric Kougra shrugged and twirled one of his paws. The hurricanes were gone. Xenia looked expectantly at Yannagiba.

      "Make a wish…" Yannagiba heard someone whisper in his ear.

      It won't work, he answered the voice.

      "Make a wish," it repeated. "It wouldn't hurt to try."

      "I wish," Yannagiba began in a murmur, "my brothers and sister were standing beside me right now…" He blew.

To be continued...

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