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Chia Bomber 2 – The Guide

by undeadfortune


THE VAST FIELDS OF TYRANNIA – Poor Geoffrey. What is a Chia to do when groups of angry Neopets come storming into town, with mud slinging bazookas! Why, retaliate with water balloons of course!


Yes, Chia Bomber 2 is finally here, hot on the heels of the original Chia Bombers trip to the depressing game graveyard. With smoother graphics, improved artificial intelligence, and loads of bazooka firing action, Chia Bomber 2 is turning out to be a real hit!

While everyone who is anyone is after the newest of Neopet’s trophies, there are those like myself who just want to be beat all twelve of CB2’s levels. All twelve of the fast paced, mud slinging, water balloon tossing, mine laying, hide and seek playing levels. If you’re here to learn more about one of the newest games to hit Neopets, read on. If you’re here for stock tips for asparagus based corporations… you’re at the wrong place.


The game is quite easy to learn, but hard to put down. The addictive, fast paced gameplay delivers quick points, and a fancy avatar for those that really try. Just keep the following in mind, and everyone should have no problem receiving a trophy.

The enemies of the game come in different colors, and for a specific reason. While they not only look cool with their own personalized look, the Chias can either be more dangerous with their weapon, or tougher to take down. Whereas all the Chias are worth 10 points (at the time of writing the article), not every Chia takes the same amount of health.

  • Green Chias take one hit, and have a limited field of vision.
  • Blue Chias take two hits, and have a better field of vision then green.
  • Yellow Chias take three hits, and have a better field of vision then blue.
  • Red Chias take four hits, and have a better field of vision then yellow.
  • Black Chias are the hardest, and take five hits. They are also the smartest of the Chias, with the best field of vision.

Level Overview

Here is a quick run down of the types of Chias on each of the twelve levels. Plan accordingly as the variety of Chias changes drastically from stage to stage.

The points awarded for each stage is also listed at the end of every line. To be placed on the high score list, most players normally have to complete all twelve levels for the 200 point bonus.

Level One: 8 Green Chias – 80 Points

Level Two: 7 Green Chias, 1 Blue Chia – 80 Points

Level Three: 6 Green Chias, 2 Blue Chias – 80 Points

Level Four: 5 Green Chias, 2 Blue Chias, 1 Yellow Chia – 80 Points

Level Five: 4 Four Chias, 2 Blue Chias, 2 Yellow Chias – 80 Points

Level Six: 3 Green Chias, 2 Blue Chias, 2 Yellow Chias, 1 Red Chia – 80 Points

Level Seven: 2 Green Chias, 2 Blue Chias, 2 Yellow Chias, 2 Red Chias – 80 Points

Level Eight: 1 Green Chia, 2 Blue Chias, 2 Yellow Chias, 2 Red Chias, 1 Black Chia – 80 Points

Level Nine: 2 Blue Chias, 2 Yellow Chias, 2 Red Chias, 2 Black Chias – 80 Points

Level Ten: 2 Blue Chias, 2 Yellow Chias, 2 Red Chias, 2 Black Chias – 80 Points

Level Eleven: 3 Yellow Chias, 3 Red Chias, 3 Black Chias – 90 Points

Level Twelve: 5 Red Chias, 5 Black Chias – 100 Points


There are different ways to go about this game, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. While it is very important to save your “lives” for the conclusion of the game, it is equally vital to have a working tactic as to how to reach the end. Each strategy uses the basic idea of protecting yourself with your mines. Here are a few strategies that I myself use.

The Corner (Endorsed by oeroesmoeloevoe) – Right at the launch of the level, place your mines around the corner rock you start next to. This tactic is best to use near the end of the game, as the computer enemies will be more likely to come towards you, instead of running around in circles.

Warning! If you do not like pitching a tent and camping in the same spot, do not use this approach.

The Square – As soon as the level begins, make your way towards the middle of the map. While avoiding the enemy Chias, place a square of mines around a rock, as to form a square. From here, make your way around the square, and pick off Chias whenever you have a chance. Try and save the mines for the more dangerous foes, such as the Red and Black Chias.

Warning! This is a risky tactic, and has the possibility of putting your character in danger. If you do not move fast enough, and you can see the enemies swarming the middle, use one of the other approaches.

The X – This is a more condensed version of the Square. As you make your way towards the middle, choose four rocks that are corresponding to each other. Then, place your mines in between these rocks, and use your last in the midpoint of boulders. From here, make your way around the rocks, dodging Chia attacks, and firing off your water balloon gun whenever you have a chance.

Warning! As with the Square maneuver, this tactic can lead to a loss of a life. Only use this approach if you can move your Chia quickly, or if you decide to stay closer to your corner.

The T – This is one of the sure fire ways to beat any of the first six or seven levels. You can use this maneuver against any of the four walls, but it works best with the West or South. Near the middle of the rock formations, place mines in any opens, and in a sense, create a T shape. Then, while using the rocks for cover, you have plenty of spots to attack back.

Warning! Hmm… hmm… There’s something bad about this tactic, but we haven’t found it yet.

Running and Bazookaing – If you’re like me, and can’t seem to sit still, this is the way to go. If you’re confident in your water-balloon bazooka skills, and you’re quick with controls, you’ll be able to rush through the first six with little to no problems. But once the Black Chias start to make their appearances, it might be time to tone things down.

Warning! Well, the problems with this form are obvious. While you may quickly overcome your foes early on, the later levels will eat your lives up. It may be best to use this tactic, and then switch to something more “safe.”


And there you have it! Following this guide should have you on the high score list in no time, or in the near future. I’d like to take this time to thank oeroesmoeloevoe, who I stumbled across on the Neopets Game boards, and assisted this article with information on some of the games later levels and various strategies.

We would both like to wish everyone good luck on their quest for collecting the CB2’s trophy, and also add that you should never give up, even if you’re covered with buckets of filthy, slimy mud. Until next time, good night.

- Fortune

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